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Wake Up Lucid

Wake Up Lucid
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Band Members: Wake Up Lucid is Ryan Baca, Ian Baca and Jamie Baca.

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Wake Up Lucid doesn’t make nice. Not musically, anyway. The band of cousins — Ryan, Ian and Jamie Baca — mete out scuzzy blues you imagine sprung from gear that barely works, seething with emotion and crackling with defiance toward those who would water down rock ’n’ roll for the digital age. After thundering onto the scene with the EPs “Look Alive People” and “Sugar,” the Bacas found an ally in producer Joe Cardamone (the Icarus Line), who worked with them on their debut full-length (due in August). The album is titled, fittingly, “Feel It,” and the title track implores you to do just that: Feel it, ’cause it’s going to hurt a little. – Kevin Bronson (

Gone With The Night is a sampling of the fruits of the group’s determined efforts to develop further as song-writers, offering songs that are much more focused and realized, and diversely dynamic — a departure from the band’s usual M.O. of grit and groove hammered-out at high volumes — while still maintaining the inimitable Wake Up Lucid vibe that has crept around L.A. for the past few years.
Their authenticity and immediacy as writers and performers is rooted in their experience of growing up together in the same extended family—a musical one to boot. After pursuing their respective musical aspirations in other outfits, they formed their own some six years ago, distilling their now matured, ripened abilities into the woozy juggernaut that is Wake Up Lucid.
Early on, cousins Ryan, Ian, and Jamie set up home base at Silverlake Lounge on Sunset Boulevard as a challenge to themselves, honing their writing and performance skills in front of one of the most demanding audiences in the world. What resulted was…being offered an album release party, then a residency, followed swiftly by media acclaim from the likes of Rolling Stone, LA Times, Vice/Noisey, Filter, Nylon, MOKB, KEXP… and plenty of others!
Much of their crucial development as a band has been facilitated by Joe Cardamone who has acted as producer and assisted in the fine-tuning of the band’s sound on three releases, operating out of his studio, Valley Recording Co. in Burbank. Joe has this to say about Wake Up Lucid:
“Each production that I have been a part of with Wake Up Lucid is proving to be exponentially more expansive than the previous. I heard a confidence in their sound this time that was really exciting. Providing them with an environment to take chances has paid off and Gone With The Night is a testament to that. This EP is a warning to what will be coming on the new LP. One of the best bands with guitars in their hands.”

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