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Waste of Denial

Waste of Denial
Hometown: Gothenburg, Sweden Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Dario Biagiotti - Vocals
Reinhold Österlund - Guitar
Julius Dellås - Lead Guitar
David Baltzersen - Bass
Lina Anderberg - Drums

Waste of Denial Bio:

Waste of Denial is the final spawn of a death metal project formed by Dario Biagiotti (vocals) and Emanuel Tägil (rhythm guitar) in late 2008. Vidar Ahnfelt the drummer of Emanuel's black metal band Teratolog, David Baltzersen (bass guitar) and Julius Dellås (lead guitar), two friends that had played together with Vidar and Emanuel on other occasions, joined what was to become the band Disemboweled. Though after the release of Disemboweled's first three demos, Emanuel and the current drummer Vidar left the band in order to focus on Teratolog. This led the remaining members into trying out several drummers for audition. Finding none that lasted, there was no option but to put the band on ice. Though later, during april, Dario met guitarist Reinhold Österlund and shortly thereafter introduced him to the rest of the band. There was no question, the hole that was empty had been partially filled and as the chain of reaction expands the rest were to be filled shortly.. In september Dario found out that the drummer Lina Anderberg had quit playing in the black metal band Vrede. Immediately he asked her if she wanted to fill the spot as drummer and she accepted, allowing Waste of Denial to rise from the ashes of Disemboweled. The name Waste of denial points to the idea that the reality man has created for himslef over the years has been built upon lies and deceit instead of truth and honesty towards his peers. That we cant rely on a world that is foul and corrupted by hidden agendas, something corporations and the leaders of our race are trying to deny. But it's pointless to deny, in short, a waste of denial.

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