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Winds of Plague

Winds of Plague
Hometown: Upland, California Current Label: Century Media Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Jon - Vocals
Nick E. - Guitar
Nick P. - Guitar
Andrew - Bass
Alana - Keyboard
Art - Drums

Winds of Plague Bio:

WINDS OF PLAGUE return with their much anticipated new full-length release, The Great Stone War, which is going to quickly propel the band to the forefront of the American metal scene. The group has crafted their most angst ridden and unrelenting offering of their already stellar career and this effort is going to serve as a much needed wake up call to the masses.

The Great Stone War is the product of a band maturing greatly and coming into their own throughout two years of unrelenting worldwide touring experience. This new album also marks the recording debut of drummer Art Cruz and keyboardist Kristen Randall adding a whole new layer of dynamics to the band’s already devastating arsenal of metallic fury and angst. The disc was recorded once again with Daniel Castleman (As I Lay Dying, A Love Ends Suicide) and mixed by the legendary Tue Madsen (Himsa, The Haunted). This offering could be best described as the soundtrack to Armageddon with each track becoming extremely epic in scope. WINDS OF PLAGUE encompasses a juxtaposition of Scandinavian black metal, classic American metal and overall brutality, which will have them reign supreme among their peers.

Johnny Plague (vocals) further comments on the band’s newest effort and rapid evolution: “I decided as a challenge to myself to write this new album as story. I have always been a fan of concept albums as I feel it adds an overall depth to an album. Bands like Blind Guardian and Dimmu Borgir have been big influences on my decision to run with this idea and I hope to achieve the same affect on others as their albums had on me. The idea of The Great Stone War is that civilization as a whole will digress and in time inevitably end with one final battle. This battle will not be fought with technology but with stone. Over the course of eleven tracks the listener hears about a journey foreseen through the eyes of a heathen in a religious world apocalypse. Even in the world’s darkest times you always have to take a step back and see life for what it is and not lose sight of what is most important.”

WINDS OF PLAGUE are currently one of the hottest bands in the genre, which was further cemented by the fact that they were hand-picked by the legendary Glenn Danzig for his 20th anniversary tour this past fall. The massive North American trek, dubbed the “Blackest of The Black,” also featured Dimmu Borgir, Moonspell and Skeletonwitch. The group capped off the worldwide touring cycle for Decimate The Weak with a much-anticipated co-headlining run with Emmure dubbed The Atticus Metal Tour. The trek, which kicked off on March 12th also featured support from Terror, All Shall Perish and The Ghost Inside.

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