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Winter Deluge

Winter Deluge
Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand Current Label: Pest Records Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Arzryth - Guitars
Autumus - Drums
Destragus - Bass
Grant Dover - Guitars
Hildolfr - Vocals

Winter Deluge Bio:

Winter Deluge was formed in Auckland, New Zealand during mid 2005 by brothers Nathan Baylis (Autumus) aged 17 at the time and Aaron Baylis (Arzryth) aged 15 at the time, with the passion to start a Black Metal band. The band was formed originally under the name Desecrate with Autumus playing bass guitar, Arzryth playing guitar/vocals and Xaphon on drums. Three songs were created and a demo was recorded but in late 2005 Xaphon left the band in which Autumus switched to drums right away, this was a better step for the band as songs could now be sped up. Dean Ramanauskas (Nekasarof) was recruited as the Vocalist and the name was then changed to Winter Deluge. All of the Desecrate songs were forgotten and new material was to be created.

In early 2006 Tommy Gibson (Destragus) joined the band as bass guitarist and not long after Phil Kingham (Incinerus) joined the band as rhythm guitarist, this was the first established “deluge” Line-up. Five songs were created and several gigs were played in Auckland and around the rest of the north island. Nekasarof included themes of paganism and destructive nature into his lyrics with the ideal of nature destroying the human race. The concept fitted the sound and feel of the songs perfectly. In October 2006 a four track EP was recorded and released under the title “Vehement Visions of Nihilism” after this Winter Deluge went on to play more shows. More songs were created and a following had began to form.

In early 2008 Incinerus was asked to leave the band for personal reasons so the band carried on as a four piece. The composition of songs became greater than previous songs and the drums and guitars became more fast and intense allowing Winter Deluge to finds its ground. Eventually Nekasarof left the band and Amonarda (ex-Morbathinus) moved to Auckland to join the band as Vocalist, he was booted after a short period as commitment was lacking.

In late 2008 Aaron met Grant Dover, who had impressed him with his piano playing and musical ability, so he was immediately asked to join the band as the second guitarist.
Not long after Alex Mayo-Smith (Hildolfr) stepped in to become the Vocalist.

The Band has since been in preparation to release the debut full length, which is due to be released around mid-late 2011.


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