Cruz del Sur Music

Cruz del Sur Music Bio:

CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC is an Italian HEAVY METAL label established in 2003.

The reputation of the label has grown quickly thanks to the release of some of the most interesting and audacious bands around, with a special link to the US METAL scene. It’s no doubt indeed that some of the most-classic US METAL bands and releases are or have been on CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC . We have had the honor to work with such bands as HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE, SLOUGH FEG, PHARAOH, TWISTED TOWER DIRE, WHILE HEAVEN WEPT and many others.

CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC still believes in traditional audio supports for its releases, and therefore will continue to produce its bands on a real, physical, touchable format. It’s very important for us to give metal fans the chance to savor the details of our records, smell the freshly printed booklets and inlays, and be mesmerized by the fine details and concepts of artworks provided by some of the best artists and painters around the globe.

At the same time, to keep up with modern technology and change of trends, CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC has been one of the first independent metal labels to embrace the world of digital distribution, in order to offer to the widest range of people possible some GOOD METAL MUSIC: this is why we are here for, after all.

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