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Fysisk Format is a record label started and run by Tiger, a Norwegian independent record store in 2008. Our main focus is to bring the primary talents of the norwegian underground to the biggest possible audience.

Our view is that is the duty of every generation of labels to nurture the contemporary music scene and make the most of its potential. As this is being written, the music of our generation is being stolen by computer-imperialistic multinationals that grind everything good into easily digestable entertainment and advertisement. Not since the time of Thomas Edison has it been more important to stand up and preserve music on a Fysisk Format which is Physical Format in norwegian.

Fysisk Format take pride in spending time and effort in manufacturing uniqe releases. We fold, glue, assemble and number most of our releases by hand, trying to avoid the "bulk"-feeling of so many standard CD-releases these days. We believe that bringing back the hand to hand feeling of underground music is a firm defence against commercial degeneration.

Through our daily work in the record store we encounter endless numbers of local bands and enthusiasts that make music and release stuff themselves. All of our releases so far has featured regular customers and friends that has been selling self-released albums or demos in our shop before stepping up to Fysisk Format. We belive that the fertile soil we tend and nurture on a daily basis in our shop, make Fysisk Format unique in a time where labels tend to spend too much time on remastering and repackaging past glory.

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