No Idea Records

No Idea Records Bio:

No Idea Records is an independent label and distribution company from Gainesville FL. No Idea started as a fanzine in 1985, and released their first 7" in 1988 with No Idea Fanzine .6. No Idea is still hell-bent on putting out quality independent music by true independent bands. No Idea has released records from Hot Water Music, Against Me!, Less Than Jake, Small Brown Bike, Floor, Atom and His Package, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Fifth Hour Hero, Combat Wounded Veteran, Swarm, Dillinger Four, Coalesce, Strike Anywhere, Twelve Hour Turn, Grabass Charlestons, Gunmoll, Strikeforce Diablo, Assholeparade, Rehasher, J Church, Glass and Ashes, No Choice, The Holy Mountain, Radon, Whiskey & Co., True North, Rumbleseat, Trapdoor Fucking Exit, I Hate Myself, Stressface, and lots more!

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