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Osmose Productions Bio:

Osmose Productions was founded in April 1st 1991 by Myriam Lozingue who is the director and Herbaut Hervé, manager of the label. The first album who see the light was Samael "Worship Him" in the same year after so many problems wit the financial side. Then come out the first Masacre "requiem" from colombia and Blaspherion from belgium. It's in year 93, that everything turn out in the right way with the release of Blasphemy "Gods of war" from Canada, Impaled Nazarene "Tol corpmt norz norz norz", Master's hammer "The Jilemnice occultist" and Rotting Christ "Thy mighty contract". in Autum same year, the real forces of Osmose started with good sales. Then the machine of osmose started to run in the right way with distribution in the whole europe with SPV gmbh at the beginning and start to get request for the distribution all around the world. Some mighty releases we put out are all Immortal from Norway records such as "Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism" (55000 copies), "Pure holocaust" (65000 copies), "Battles in the North"(1000000 copies), "Blizzard beast" (45000 copies), At the heart of winter (80000 copies) and Damned In black (65000 copies) ! As well as really good sells on Marduk "Nightwing" and "panzer Division marduk" with respectively 42000 and 58000 copies sold. And of course Dark tranquillity "The Gallery" (62000), and "Mind's I", Impaled Nazarene with "Nihil", "Suomi Finland perkele", "Ugra Karma" and the so famous "Tol Cormpt Norz norz norz" who have sold so far in the world 65000 copies.

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