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Year of the Sun Bio:

Established in 2003, Year of the Sun Records has been responsible for discovering and developing some of the best underground bands in Canada and beyond. We are the most independent record label operating inside Canada today which allows our artists to release truly honest music. Uncompromised by the limitations of government grants and review boards, this is the true pulse of Canadian music and we’re humbled to be able to bring it to your doorstep.

Originally birthed as an outlet from which independent bands could voice their own visions, our goal has always been to harness, help, and highlight the bands that we believe should at least have an opportunity to reach the next level. By launching the careers of Farewell to Freeway (who have successfully gone on to sign with Victory Records) and the enigmatic What’s He Building In There, Year of the Sun has continued to grow and expand in order to bring you the best music possible from the bands that you want, and need, to experience.

Through our close working relationship with independent film house Black Fawn Films and director Chad Archibald, (whose resume includes video clips for Kottonmouth Kings, HED p.e., Arise and Ruin, and Eyes Set To Kill), Silent Q Design, and Kerosene Media we’ve been able to provide our entire roster with a unique visual foundation. Combined with a strong DIY work ethic, we have continued to build a much bigger stage from which to amplify from.

Most importantly, we’ve always acknowledged that Year of the Sun wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for the ongoing support from music fans from every scene in every province, state, country, and continent. With your help, our goal of putting out the best records we possibly can becomes stronger and more defiant with each new release. We truly thank you for your support and we’re looking forward to bringing you many more great records from many more great bands.

We hear what you hear.

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