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Acheron re-unite, set to resume work on new material

Posted by Tommy on Monday, December 27, 2010 at 10:38 AM (PST)

After more than half a year apart, Ohio Black/Death/Thrash Metal group Acheron have reunited, according to a statement released by founder/bassist/vocalist Vincent Crowley. The band separated in May, but have since been able to work out all the issues that existed between the band members.

Crowly writes,

“I really didn’t think I would do Acheron again. Before the band broke up I was working with a talented bunch of new musicians, but the vibe just wasn’t there. I couldn’t play without having that vibe. Now that almost everyone from the last studio lineup has agreed to work together again, I am totally on board and open to any ideas regarding this musical entity! I am happy as hell that we were able to put aside the unfortunate B.S. band politics/drama that sometimes can arise; hell, even worse when you’re not even sure why it even happens. Especially when Vince and I, who have been jamming together for 10 years and have been friends even longer, are able to continue to go forward. It is a great metal pleasure to announce that we are going to be able to play for the Acheron friends and fans and to continue working forward on the next piece of pure aggression that we call Acheron. Yes, we will be moving at our own pace, but the important issue is that we will be moving forward. Late last year we were working on new material and can’t wait to bust out the rehearsal tapes and start reviewing our next installment of Blasphemy and Apocalypse.”

The band has announced that they aren’t rushing into anything and are taking things a step at a time. The band’s latest album was a cover album titled “Tribute To The Devil’s Music,” released in 2003

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