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Hometown: London, England Current Label: Goat of Mendes Records Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Jason Mendonca - Vocals/Guitar
David Gray - Drums
Peter Benjamin - Bass
Martin Bonsoir - Keyboard

Akercocke Bio:

Infusing death metal with electronics , AKERCOCKE was formed in early 1997 by guitarist Jason Mendonca and drummer David Gray, friends since their teens and bandmates in the demo band Salem Orchid. When that act split in 1992, the pair went their separate ways, reuniting in 1996 to form AKERCOCKE with a new agenda of Satanic vigour. Influenced by Possessed and Suffocation, along with keyboardist and sound engineer Martin Bonsoir the band gained a live following, creating a distinctive visual image for the band by dressing in suits. "Rape of the Bastard Nazarene" was issued by the group through their own label, Goat of Mendes, in early 1999 to solid reviews. Attracting the attention of underground label Peaceville, they were signed and Akercocke's debut release for the label, "The Goat of Mendes", was issued in mid-2001. They toured the UK and made videos for "Infernal Rites" & "The Horns of Baphomet". 2003 saw the release of "Choronzon", mixed by sonic genius Neil Kernon on Earache Records, with a video for the song "Leviathan". They toured the US and UK to promote the album in 2004. Brutal stunt shredding guitarist Matt Wilcock, of Australian metal band The Berzerker joined the band in 2005 when they released "Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone" to great critical acclaim. To promote the album, Akercocke went on tour with Death metal legends Mortician through Europe. Prior to this, they had played shows in Britain to promote the new album supported by fellow British metallers Ted Maul. Akercocke released their fifth album, "Antichrist", on the 28th May 2007, with Peter Benjamin from Corpsing joining on bass, a video has been released for the song "Axiom". They toured the UK & Australia with The Berzerker to promote the album. Currently, the band have returned to the rehearsal studio with Martin Bonsoir to write new material and are slowly working on the ultimate AKERCOCKE dvd "A Decade of Devil Worship".

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