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Album Review: Jagged Vision – Harvest Earth

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Friday, March 28, 2014 at 3:33 PM (PST)
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Jagged Vision from Norway are the latest band on Kylesa‘s new label and are definitely the most rough and tumble. Like your rock real dirty but don’t want to go near any of the punk n roll bands cuz they just aint metal enough? Jagged Vision are your solution. The group play “stoner hardcore”, which pretty much is the perfect form of music and fairly describes their mission to dominate the electric empire. Violent, fuzzed out and aggro but with a serious nod to rock n roll riffs and even a little Iron Maiden marching here and there. Vocalist Ole Urk Wik is the new favorite earth scorching vocalist on my short list of awesome front-dudes. The guy sounds like he is vomiting hot whiskey tumbler shards into your face from Purgatory.Seriously every song makes you want to forget your worries and just mosh it up aggro rock n roll style. This is great music to speed to or when you need a reminder that life is fucking intense and gone in the blink of any eye. Grab the moment!  I haven’t seen them live but if they are half as crazy as on record…look out.

The slow, Nausea heavy grim and ponderous intro of “No Peace” sets the tone for shove your neighbor while pumping the other fist tomfoolery. Think Kvelertak with more metalcore and less rock, but a near militaristic sense of purpose to the riffing. These guys are relentless. Shit just hammers you over the head like Motorhead and real early Kylesa on a deathtrip. While the music can be repetitive and the vocal approach never changes, the band
don’t ever get tiresome. There is just way to much punch packed onto this platter of rock. “Path Of Bones” and the punk rock intro of “Shadow’s Glide” could serve as the soundtrack to a bar fight on any good HBO show (or in real life). The Sword worthy power of “Trapped Forever”(with near Skeletonwitch vocal grim-ness) brings an old school heavy metal charge to bear on your last attempt at resistance before this band shovels the dirt on your inner wuss and you punch yourself in the forehead and scream as loud as you can. “Spiritual Invasion” features some of the best characteristic shouted Philip Cope (Kylesa) guest vocals this side of Time Will Fuse Its Worth, a tad more aggressive than he sounded on Ultraviolet (which is a good thing, even though I love that album). The song is mid paced and features big, swallow you whole chords that sweep you up like a tidal wave befroe black metal drums carry us into the final last blood gargling statements to squeeze out through Ole’s gritted teeth. By the time it is over, not only will you “Lose Control”, but you might have a new favorite band.

Stream the FULL fucking album HERE.

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