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Album Review: Ramming Speed – “No Epitaphs”

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Monday, August 24, 2015 at 11:27 AM (PST)
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East Coast smashers Ramming Speed are one of the more chaotic, thrashy bands
around, like their label mates Exmortus often sounding like one big evil as
fuck party. Ramming Speed have really dogged it out to get to album number
three and have a lot of cred in the crust punk scene as well. They just seem
like an awesome band and can really play a good, rough around the edges more
punky version of thrash.

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The band recently relocated to the metal fertile Richmond, VA scene and cut
this new record with Kurt Ballou of Converge. I have to say that I have mixed
feelings, if few. I love so many Ballou-touched records and the songs on this are
awesome. But I was shocked to find it sounds a little clean to me. The songs
kick totala fucking ass but I felt the final production sounded a bit thinner
and slick than I expected from a Ballou tracked release.

Sometimes a hair of shine can work wonders (Alunah’s Awakening The Forest).

That said, this is a good record and maybe turning up the bass on your system will help. It almost sounded a bit hissy to me. Maybe my brain is leaking air into my ears, I don’t fucking know.

That’s the only negative, though. “Beasts Of Labor” is fucking totally
punishing, the vocals going borderline death metal and the song charging along
and right into the next excellent track, “Don’t Let This Stay Here.” The drums
are totally my fave part of this band. Drummers hate to be compared to Lars,
but one thing I love about Metallica is the sort of everyman simple drumming
that almost goes off the rails in early Metallica and this has a similar
quality. It’s not super tech playing but the heart and real rock n roll and
holding onto the fucking horns of the bull as the band charges ahead is
evident in every hit of the snare. It also is the best sounding instrument on
the record along with the vocals, IMO.

This is a fun album of D-beat meets thrash meets like Judas Priest twin
guitar, a win win win win win combo of styles. Also one of the bands I’ve been
wanting to see live for quite awhile now. “Super Duty” has a killer drum and
bass intro as vocals sound like dude lost his voice forever after tracking.
It’s one of the more on point and rawer tunes on here and full of win. Just a
mid tempo but hard charging pit beast of a song.

This should def be purchased/pre ordered (HERE) but I’m gonna shave off half a star for a
few gripes and that it could’ve benefitted from being a hair shorter of a
record for maximum smash. Though the feedback drenced almost hardcore outro of
the record’s final track “Momentary Masters” is worth the wait.


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