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Album Review: Shores Of Null – Quiescence

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at 7:58 PM (PST)
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Shores Of Null‘s Quiescence continues a monster streak for Candlelight Records. Signing the Rome based band is a huge win for the label, who have been on fire lately with releases from The Wounded Kings, Shrapnel and Ihsahn all adrenalizing the current album release quarter for metal hungry maniacs. The dark and expansive sounds exhibited on Quiescence prove to be completely addictive with hints of everything from Alice In Chains to My Dying Bride and even (very) old In Flames combining for a memorable experience.

This is a total grower like The Old Dead Tree’s criminally underrated concept album The Water Fields where you are expecting it to be kinda cool and then it becomes the main thing you are listening to. As a writer for almost a decade I get a shit ton of promos. Sure, I’ll throw something I really love from an old favorite like Kylesa’s Ultraviolet that I know I am gonna go back to into my Itunes, but a lot of music I don’t have time to revisit often because between work and a constant influx of new shit to pay attention to or write about, I am swamped! Shores of Null have already defied the odds and are taking over my “Top 25 Most Played” list. The best metal can instantly move you and this has that quality in excess.

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A lot of lyrics seem to tackle strength in the face of difficult odds or death, seeking what counts amidst madness and loss. Fans of Enslaved’s more mid-tempo stuff or any era-Katatonia should eat this up. Again, it is so refreshing to find metal band’s with real songs. Much of that can be credited to vocalist Davide Straccion’s command of catchy but soulful Jerry Cantrell-esque melodies paired with deep chested growls from whoever in the band is doing the brutal stuff (it might be him also, I dunno). Tasteful guitar leads also elevate the affair all throughout the release.

The tempo shifts/dynamic from the epic “Ruins Alive” to the moving and introspective intro to the marching “Pain Masquerade” make this record kill.”Kings of Null” is sure to be one of the band’s faster anthems while “Night Will Come” is gorgeous and takes you to a place of strength inside to face the dark. The band excel at everything they try, “including inspiring melodic vocal choices. Guitars punch and take over your world in a huge, somber way akin to November’s Doom and the general production is pro and stellar but certainly metal.

“The Heap of Meaning” almost sounds like Deftone’s “Change (In The House of Flies)” during the creeping intro before settling into a headbangers groove with a spinning helicopter blade-esque drum beat and plenty of action through 5 breathtaking minutes of pure metal. The death vocals on this one especially call to mind Daylight Dies, which is NEVER a bad thing. Emiliano Cantiano’s drum performance is another highlight, always just enough but with the restraint needed to power the controlled nature of these songs (especially on this track as well as the bashing, slower “Quiescent”).

Congrats to the band on a great debut and let’s hope this is a band the metal scene supports who don’t dissapear anytime too soon like far to often happens these days. These guys have huge potential to create some masterworks in the years to come. Let’s see some new “career” bands for the next generation! I would really like these guys to be one of them that we are still talking about ten years from now.Time is a wasteland but these guys need to be in it for the long march.


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