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Album Review: Sierra – Pslip

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 at 3:10 PM (PST)
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Sierra‘s debut for the Kylesa founded Retro Futurist records lives up to the great label name on this Phillip Cope produced LP. Looking both forward and back, Sierra aim to break on through (via bad ass power trio “go for it” faith) to the other side while still wearing influences on their sleeves. The band is great but vocalist/guitarist Jason Taylor steals the show. Taylor’s guitar playing is expansive and comforting stoner prog that makes you feel warm and fuzzy but want to rage. Every once in a blue moon on here there are even some riffs that sound like Quicksand smoked a bunch of reefer.

“Little Smoke” is the most Spirit Caravan sounding tune I have heard since that great Wino led band turned in The Last Embrace, while “Into Nothing” has a bulldozer Clutch meets Pentagram feel. Sounds cool? It is. Sierra also have a great logo and cool band name, but my only complaint is that the album art and the title Pslip don’t do the music or band justice. The record name reminds me of Phish (not ok), while the album art of a pupil-less girl looking like she is ready to hump just seems kinda teenage (though I loved the new Hammercult art, which is absurd. Guess I am a hypocrite).

I guess they couldn’t call the record Slip (Quicksand kinda covered that one already). These gripes aside, I have played this a LOT. I was lucky enough to buy a copy from the band themselves when they recently played St. Vitus Bar with Kylesa and had some tour copies prior to official release, so I’ve been waiting for the rest of the metal world to start to realize how cool this band is. I’ll give it 4 stars, with only the art and title preventing it from a higher rating, in my book. I wish track number 3 “Control Folly” was the title track of the record. THAT woulda been a cool ass record name.

If you want some brilliant live sounding rock performances with killer solos, great grooves and guitar that really takes you out of the mundane and into the void, this one is for you. Along with label-mates Darkentries and the new Sunn O)))/Ulver release, 2014 is already looking pretty darn boss.

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