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Band Name Origin Wednesday: 1349

Posted by JDKleinhans on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 at 1:36 PM (PST)

Ever wonder where some bands come up with their band names?  Well, we do, and we’re sick of sitting around scratching our heads about it and we bet a lot of you Metal Rioters are sick of doing the same damn thing. So, we’re pulling our sleuth gear out to bring these heavy metal mysteries into the light and every Wednesday we’ll be pulling the curtain back to bring you sweet revelation.

This week’s origin story comes to you from the Norwegian black metal group 1349. Revelation awaits you here.

1349 derived their name from the year that the Black Death, one of the most destructive epidemics in human history, arrived in Norway. The Great Pestilence inadvertently spread to Norway when an English ship with everyone dead on board floated into Bergen, the then capital of Norway. The Black Death broke out in its most horrifying form with the vomiting of blood and spared barely more than a third of Norway’s inhabitants. Vessels were often seen drifting about on the sea to arrive on shore with crews perishing to the very last man. It took over 150 years for the population of Europe to fully recover.

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  1. johnnyx
    Johnny X4/20/2011 2:08 PM | Permalink

    F’ing gnarly. Plagues do not sound fun.

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