BLACK LABEL SOCIETY release “End of Days” video

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, November 4, 2021 at 6:50 AM (PST)
It is always a good time to be a Zakk Wylde fan, but it REALLY is lately. Not only is there the awesome news Ozzy finally has ZW on the next album again where he belongs, we have gotten a killer tour with Obituary and Prong as well as lots of new BLS music this year. And they said rock is dead!


And I mean all types of rock. Doom Crew Inc. has everything from ballads like “Love Reign Down” for the piano loving fans, with Zakk sounding almost like Joe Cocker, to intensely hard rockin’ moments like the larger than life “End of Days”! The band wisely made a video for “End of Days”, as it is a highly memorable and attention grabber that has a glorious melodic and doomy hard rock presence. Has Zakk finally written his band’s quintessential “Albatross”? Time will decide!

From BLS HQ:
You can listen to the new single and watch the video for “End of Days,” OUT NOW!
Limited edition vinyl and merch is available for pre-order, featuring a Doom Crew Inc. Deluxe Edition Box Set that includes a special picture disc vinyl variant and a hand-written, signed lyric card.


Doom Crew Inc. is available everywhere Black Friday, 2021.


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