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Book Review: Corpse Flower’s Celtic Frost ‘Morbid Tales!’ tribute

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Saturday, January 10, 2015 at 9:55 AM (PST)


Well, the wicked have been procreating! Yes, of course I have heard of the phrase graphic novel. That’s essentially what this awesome Celtic Frost tribute volume is, though the depth of the subject matter and personal tributes from a wide variety of metal’s finest like Scott Kelly, Shane Embury and Dan Lilker make it seem like a full on tome of ancient lore or band biography. Chris Reifert of Autopsy talks, for example, about the anticipation amongst Hellhammer fans for the birth of Celtic Frost, which once first heard was like ,” The reaper had come back and the soundtrack was perfect.” Ivar from Enslaved also points out that where “comeback” means usually a cheap grab for cash from nostalgia obsessed fans, Celtic Frost made a very relevant and crushing return with the great Monotheist.

Corpse Flower Records is a Michigan based label that focused mainly on “first time ever on vinyl” releases. They have handled Celan’s astounding Halo, Helen Money’s Arriving Angels and Orb Weaver’s Strange Transmissions… among others. This book and the pending tribute record (featuring Evoken, Child Bite and more) are a labor of love.  You can pick the book  up HERE.

Intellectual types as well as headbangers or visual art fans will dig the array of content, edited by Mark Rudolph. From a sort of erotic humor J. Bennet piece to Shagrat’s depiction of Tom Warrior’s Venom appreciation to Fenriz of Darkthrone vowing to never stop throwing Celtic Frost riffs into songs, it’s a long strange dark trip, with many moments of renewal (like Warrior himself). Perhaps this is a strange comparison, but like the stunning A Light That Never Goes Out, an essential read for fans of The Smiths, this book leaves you wanting to dig deep into the music discussed.

To see a trailer for the book and a great page shot, see BELOW.



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