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Dark Funeral finally finds new singer in Nachtgarm

Posted by jessepac on Thursday, June 30, 2011 at 11:07 AM (PST)

NachtgarmBlack Metal masters Dark Funeral were shaken to their core when longtime vocalist Emperor Magus Caligula left the band last year, but after an intense search, the band is happy to announce his replacement: 30-year old Nachtgarm.

Guitarist Lord Ahriman had this to say about the addition:

“I think I can speak for everyone in the band and say that besides completely knocking us down with the strength of his vocals and wide register, what truly blew us away was his presence, energy and the amazing spirit he showed during the final audition. He just came into the rehearsal room, found and took his rightful spot. And then just set the whole place on hellfire! It’s really hard to explain ‘that’ certain feeling one is looking for, but once you get it, you just know that you’ve found the right man for the job. And that is something we all got ‘deluxe.’ No doubt about that! Mankind has no idea what is coming upon them. And I can’t wait to bring this maniac on tour for the world to experience Dark Funeral in the most intense and hellish way ever!

States Nachtgarm: “To me, Dark Funeral is the epitome of black metal. To be a member of this institution now, is not only a big honor for me, but is also complementing my work as a lead singer as well as my action at the front of the stage throughout the years. Consequently, I am very glad that Dark Funeral put their unholy faith in me and my abilities. As the successor of Emperor Magus Caligula, I am quite aware of the high expectations being directed to my person. However, I can assure every one of you out there, that with every breath I take I will live up to these expectations. Hands down. This is the arrival of Satan’s Empire. Now let us set this world aflame!”

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  1. Jocelyn6/4/2012 4:03 AM | Permalink

    Kollin goodall was such an AMAZING preson! I’m so glad I was in his life! 7 months may not be a long time to some people but it is when you love and care for someone like I did!! We all miss Kollin and we wish he was back on earth but then it’s okay cause we all know we will see him again and that he is watching us and keeping us safe while he is catching up with his dad!! We love you Kollin! Forever in our hearts! -3 -3 -3

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