Formative Years: 5 album picks/Part 4. Marcos Leal of Shattered Sun

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Shattered Sun became a thrash band we loved after vocalist Marcos Leal sold us on his passion for thrashin’ during an interview with Metal Riot a few years ago. We knew we had to keep an eye on this bunch. Now after a lot of growth and touring the band are back with The Evolution of Anger next month (Pre Order HERE).

Marcos stops by again today to participate in our new formative years column with five records that changed his own life, as surely as his own band has made a difference for someone from a new generation. Check out his picks and Shattered Sun’s new video for “Burn It Down” BELOW!

5. Ill Nino- Revolution 

This was my first introduction to the band. I instantly related to Cristian’s vocals and the bands Latin feel. I listened to this album religiously in high school and learned every word off of it. It came full circle for me when we were able to tour with them and I had the honor of performing “Rip Out Your Eyes” every night with the band. No lie, the first night I did it I cried a little just cause as I was head banging and I looked up and all the dudes in the band were headbanging with me. It was like I got in a time machine and jumped back to when I was a kid singing their songs in the mirror.    Amazing feeling I will never forget.

4- Korn – Follow The Leader 

When I was growing up Korn was the band!!!   When this album came out it was like the band I was a super fan of just got catapulted into mainstream success. I used to race home every day from school to see Korn beat the fuck outta the Backstreet Boys on TRL every day.  I remember unwrapping the CD and hearing “It’s On” for the first time and thinking ,’holy shit the game just changed!’ It accompanied me on many football and band trips and plenty of family vacations  where everyone would tell me how stupid the band name was. Who the hell thinks it stupid now ?!    Ha, lol.  

3- Metallica – The Black Album

Let’s face it all Metallica albums are great and influential and yes, even Load and Reload but this one was always special to me.  It was my first taste of metal. 

I remember in 4th grade stealing my brothers “Walkman” (Portable cassette player) and his Black album cassette to take on a school field trip. I was obsessed with the song “My Friend Of Misery.” I must have played it 1000 times that day and showed so many of my friends that the cassette tape messed up and I had to take a broken cassette back home to a pissed off brother who wanted to break my neck. From that moment on I was a metal head. 

2 – Slipknot – self titled 

This album exploded onto the scene like nothing I had ever seen before.  It was like one day everyone woke up and was a slipknot fan, but again my older brother knew it before anyone else did. My brother had attended a Pantera concert where he said they were handing out these 2 song cassette tapes of band called Slipknot.   I didn’t know this till I saw the cover with the guys in masks and it had “Spit It Out” and “Surfacing” on it. He was always going on about them and how they were his new band. I would always steal it from him any chance I could and show my Friends.     This was before the album was even out!      Once it dropped we were all hooked for life. We use to turn off all the lights and crank this album and mosh it up and trash our friends rooms, “Fuck it All Fuck this World Fuck everything that you stand for” I mean come on what kid wasn’t fuckin hooked?!  It just so happened to be the album that made me and all my friends go buy instruments.   This album made us want to start a band and headbang all day every day. This one was a life changer for me. 

1- Machine Head – Through the Ashes of empires 

This is my Number 1!!! Gotta give an honorable mention to their live album “Hellalive” because that was equally as influential. This album made me wanna pick up a microphone! Rob Flynn was always my favorite vocalist ever. All the way back to Burn My Eyes , The More things Change and  The Burning Red. I followed this band so closely everyone around me knew I was a loyal Machine Head fan and I made sure everyone knew it. I remember buying this album the day it came out and watching the video for “Imperium” and I shit you not, I decided right then and there I wanted to be a vocalist. I wanted to be just like Rob.

His style and attitude taught me how to become a front man and how to be comfortable in front of a crowd before I even had a crowd lol.    I hope I get the chance to share the stage with them one day cause that would be huge for me. I owe Machine Head and rob Flynn a lot cause I would not be here without them in so many ways.

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