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Former Coheed and Cambria bassist indicted on narcotics theft

Posted by jessepac on Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at 11:57 AM (PST)

coheed mug shotSpace bassist for prog rock band Coheed and Cambria, Micheal Todd, has been indicted for allegedly robbing narcotics from a local pharmacy hours before a concert in Mansfield, Massachusetts.

According to reports, Todd was arrested for armed robbery on July 10 shortly before the band’s performance at the Comcast Center as the support act for Soundgarden. Todd allegedly walked into the Walgreens and threatened to blow up the store with what was apparently a fake bomb unless he was given OxyContin. Todd made off with six bottles of the pain pill before police tracked the cab he escaped in. He was arrested outside Comcast Center and officially charged with armed robbery and unlawful possession of prescription narcotics.

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  1. morgan
    morganyevans8/10/2011 6:34 PM | Permalink

    i grew up with these guys and was in a band PPSP with their original drummer Nate a band called The Electric Ten Inch with Mic. Cambria is my sister and they have used my lyrics and not cvredited me over the years. Mic had a horribly bad problem and is to blame for that but they strung him along for years to keep him gigging and covered it up only until the last few years and instead of TRULY helping him kept him playing shows. Their manager sucks and helped break up At The Drive In. Have played over 100 shows with them growing up and now we never talk. They threw Mic to the wolves. $$$$$$$$$$$. Now they act shocked. Fuck you, Claudio.

  2. morgan
    morganyevans8/10/2011 6:37 PM | Permalink

    Mic used to be my best friend and haven’t talked since 2006 because I was the only one who originally tried to help him. Josh asked me to do an intervention and it never worked and then I was blacklisted for trying to save his life embarassing him publicly on Myspace in 2006 by begging him to stop dope and Claudio to stop lying about true history of band AND Mic and Josh’s problems. I told everyone something really bad would happen and now it has and they just announce how psyched they are about their next record in same breath as announcing the death knell of a member of the band who played with them 15 years. I remember Mic’s first show. Fuck you, Claudio.

  3. morgan
    morganyevans8/10/2011 6:39 PM | Permalink

    Apollo is Nate’s dog and Cambria is my sister and they are sell outs. Only Josh has tried to save himself.

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