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Injured Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman returns for “Big 4” concert

Posted by Theis Doomlund on Sunday, April 24, 2011 at 6:40 PM (PST)

It was reported last night by The Gauntlet, that injured Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman appeared on stage with Slayer during the band’s set at the “Big 4” concert in Indio, California. After Slayer’s regular set had ended, Hanneman got on stage to perform “South of Heaven” and “Angel of Death” with the rest of the band. Hanneman has been out for the past few months due to a spider bite  which left him with a crippling skin disease. Slayer decided to go on with their current tour as scheduled with the addition of Gary Holt, filling in for Hanneman. So far there have been no further updates on Hanneman’s condition, so stay tuned to MetalRiot for more news.

Check out The Gauntlet’s photos from last night of Jeff Hanneman performing with Slayer in Indio, California.

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