Interview: Enchantya (Portugal) – Rute Fevereiro talks hope, home sessions and self expression

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Enchantya are a progressive, gothic metal group from Portugal who have been growing their fan base and making a mark on the world scene. “Mother Hope”, their latest single, is a rallying cry to remember our common humanity and to not abandon our principles or forget the fragility of our shared ecosystems. In other words, this is just the song for 2020 and great to have come out of a genre that people often just associate with death worship. Enchantya is so much more than that.

It was an honor to communicate with their vocalist Rute about her band’s coping skills during Covid-19, her musical background, the metal scene in Portugal and how she is keeping hope alive with the band and fans during this time.

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Hello and how are you today? What are you doing today?

Hello, I’m doing fine. Just got back from a nice walk in Ericeira, an amazing place by the Atlantic Ocean. I hope you’re fine too.

I am well. Just came back from visiting a Sojourner Truth statue. So, I loved the positive message of “Mother Hope” and also of course the music. How did you decide this was the song to
release next as music on the heels of the great On Light And Wrath album?

Well, after being in quarantine and watching the world and people go through this process, we decided to have a song about unity and hope and about our Planet Earth, that is our home, our mother hope. This song was recorded at home for this exceptional situation and mixed and masterized by the producer of On Light and Wrath, Fernando Matias.

I love your song “Once Upon A Lie”. It has a lot of elements of what I love about your band in one song. That whole record was very well structured and elaborate but easy to connect with and feel in your soul. What was the most exciting parts of making the last album?

As you said so well, it was to express what goes on our souls and emotions. That’s always the most challenging part when writing songs and lyrics and for me, in particular, sometimes a song is a therapy. Once upon a lie is all about growing up and realizing that there are no fairytales or happy endings, because we have to fight for what we want and life is not that easy but can be incredible sometimes, beyond any fairytale.

Do you all live in Portugal? My girlfriend just did an ancestry test and learned she has a lot of ancestors from Spain and Portugal. What is it like for you being creative people there? Do you feel support in society? It seems like such a beautiful place.

What a coincidence, I’m thinking about doing an ancestry test myself! Yes, we all live in Portugal. Well, unfortunately metal and rock bands don’t get the due respect or support from society here, beside the metal community that always supports metal bands. However we are actually very creative people and we can improvise solutions, almost like “MacGyver” style, though it might not work as planned sometimes. And yes, this is a wonderful place, there is a variety of landscapes between the ocean, the country side and even in the islands from Madeira and Azores. We also have lots of historical places to visit and I do recommend Lisbon for that.

“Downfall To Power” is another Enchantya song that is one of my favorites. Power as a concept is something so many humans have been obsessed with instead of harmony. What has 2020 made you feel about the future of our human race?

The most important power is the one you get from raising from your falls, and this is the main concept of that song. Hopefully, this fall of making with the COVID-19 could bring awareness about all that is around us. Staying at home, not being able to go out, not to hug your loved ones, has made us look inside. This has been quite a ride for everyone into their own worlds. Sadly, I don’t think that this has changed that many people in order to make a better world. But, you know what they say, a single person can make the all difference.

 Do you think you may work with Gonçalo Fernandes in the future again?

Definitely, he is amazing! But he is in London studying violin, we’re not sure when he will return to Portugal.

Were you a trained as a classical vocalist or did you learn through loving symphonic metal or another way?

I had some singing lessons, not many. But I had years of electric guitar lessons. Both situations along with listening to a lot of music have brought me here. I feel that I still have so much more to learn. And I’m happy that Enchantya’s next album will reflect on those learnings on how express myself differently when I sing. Singing is all about expression and letting yourself go through emotions always based on singing techniques. I will never be perfect, nobody is, but I’m still learning so much!

Has it been good to stay connected to your fans during Covid-19 and be able to reassure some of them with hope?

Yes, definitely. This situation has connected me and us to the fans. The first step was to make the “Enchantya Home Sessions” every week, where we explain how we work, how we prepare our concerts, our guests, fans and people who are important for the band. But I also, individually, have weekly live sessions with guests on my Instagram and work for “Caminhos Metálicos”, a well-known site here in Portugal, where I have show called “A Teia Encantada” where I interview ladies from the metal music.

Thank you for the interview and stay safe.


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