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Metal Church at The Chance. 9/19/17 (Show Review)

Posted by Andrew Johann Datoush on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 1:51 PM (PST)

My family always wanted me to attend church a little bit more, so when I saw METAL CHURCH on the Chance website, I knew I had to go. It’s what my family wanted. Probably God too, and who am I to argue?

It’s been said that METAL CHURCH is the only church. Good enough if you ask me.

The date was September 9th, 2017, and the congregation huddled outside in the unseasonably chilly air outside The Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie, NY as we awaited our heroes, METAL CHURCH to arrive for the show, which also doubled as a party for Chris Caffery’s birthday. The cold air, the crack head trying to sell a fake “front row” ticket to the show, and the fact that the venue didn’t let anyone into the building for nearly an hour past the door time wasn’t enough to deter any of us. In fact, the “front row” ticket was the joke of the night for many of us as we yelled out in between songs “I got front row!” (the entire front of the stage is GA).


Photo by Eric Goodwin

METAL CHURCH took the stage, opening with the mighty “Fake Healer”. The band didn’t cover much of their XI album, but did give us “Needle And Suture” and “Killing Your Time”, both of which got a huge response. Many other classics appeared on the set, including the epic “Watch The Children Pray”, “Beyond The Black”, “Date With Poverty”, and a personal favorite, “Start The Fire” (gotta love that guitar solo and pre-chorus vocal).

Singer Mike Howe sounds better today than he did back in the 80s, which really gives the classics a new life. The band suddenly walked off the stage with little warning, and came back moments later with the birthday boy himself, Mr. Chris Caffery, who would join on stage to play the final song of the night, “Badlands”. As always, the band came out to the march table afterwards and signed all items for everyone, and took photos. Mike Howe gave a pretty good photobomb while I took a selfie with bassist Steve Unger before I got the whole band (plus Chris Caffery) to take a photo with me. If you haven’t seen a METAL CHURCH show yet, do yourself a favor and go when they come to your town. They put on a great show and they are truly appreciative of all their fans, and it shows by the way they interact with them.

Photos by Drewdas Priest except where noted.

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