Metal Riot’s Selected Spring Spectacular Slaughter 2020

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, March 12, 2020 at 5:19 PM (PST)

Drain’s CALIFORNIA CURSED is gonna wreck your world in the best way

It is a depressing time in music right now with all the Coronavirus valid concerns causing great tours from Car Bomb to GosT to Gruesome and Krisiun to be taken out behind the shed and put to bed. I figure everyone is feeling pretty down and it sucks that I can’t stop thinking about Tom Hanks having to self-quarantine back on the island with Wilson. Not far, man. Seriously though, much love to everyone.

Seems like a good time to get people psyched on some tunes they will soon be able to stream in the coming weeks once some of the best albums to listen to in early Spring drop. Here are five selections for records to check out in the coming months as we rock our woes away. We can still bond together via social media about music while we remember to please wipe our phone and tablet screens often so as not to affect elderly and immunocompromised loved ones.

Ok here are my choices for the coolest things coming out in upcoming weeks! Read more HERE.

Live Drain photo by Sam Jameson

  1. Man, the Drain album California Cursed takes spot number one with ease. I have a feeling kids are gonna be stoked as asses on beans for this like when Power Trip, Vein or even Municipal Waste made insane waves. Everyone is probably going to be jocking this and with good reason. From rad Megadeth sounding interludes like “Hollister Daydreamer” to future pit classics that skaters, crossover thrashers and hardcore fanatics alike can backflip over, this Revelation Records debut delivers in huge doses. “Hyper Vigilance” powers in like a bulldozer dropped off a building and you won’t be able to not make a tough person face and nod your head like a beast. This is Santa Cruz set to dominate the scene in 2020 with one record. They went in the studio with Producer/Engineer Taylor Young (Twitching Tongues, Code Orange), to make it. Sam Ciaramitaro (vocals) explains, “with writing California Cursed we kept it very organic and just got into a room together and tossed ideas around until we had songs that we felt were catchy, full of big riffs, and had no filler.” It drops the day before my birthday on 4/10/2020. Heck yeah.

In This Moment return with ‘Mother’ (not a Mike Pence metaphor)

2. In This Moment return with another masterful stadium ready alternative metal monster entitled Mother. Sure to be one of the big rock records of 2020, this one finds the band more confident than ever. I maintain they are one of the most ambitious and fantastic live shows in modern hard rock and they keep a tight grip on their spot near the top with this new one. Out on Atlantic/Roadrunner March 27th, fans have already had a taste via the gorgeous “The In-Between.” You are not ready for their “Fly Like An Eagle” cover. What on the surface sounds like it could be cheesy is going to actually be a stage ready smart sing-a-long crowd pleaser and is a lot of fun.  Maria Brink is one of the most theatrical and next level band-leaders in the game and her band sound 100% down for the cause. As we head towards more climate crisis, it is a good time to have a record celebrating the universal nurturer spirit, a deeper strength than blind aggression.

3. Errant is the solo project of Immortal Bird’s Rae Amitay. A multi-instrumentalist and vocal powerhouse, this EP is dope. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Pete Grossmann at Bricktop Recording in Chicago, IL and limited to 100 physical copies HERE, what are you waiting for? This is a short release but will be very satisfying and covers both haunting melodic and harsh terrain with ease and consistency. Super cool, inventive and emotional arrangements. Out April 3rd! Check out dissonant dark dream dirge “The Amorphic Burden” HERE at Heavyblogisheavy, fam.

[Errant photo by Andrew Rothmund]

It is fucking dumb that Ulcerate aren’t one of the top five biggest bands in death metal.

4. Ulcerate from New Zealand’s Stare Into Death And Be Still is another imposing as fuck skin melter. This is another masterful creation from the brainy yet physical onslaught of a sound cauldron this group of absolute musical geniuses manages to pull deeply from. They have never not completely blown my mind.

5. Myrkur’s Folkesange comes out via Relapse on March 20th and is a gorgeous record steeped in folk and feeling. This is just a beautiful collection from an ever adventurous artist. Motherhood seems to have mellowed her and opened her heart wider, as some of these songs are much warmer in feeling and tone. It’s a thrilling and all enveloping release of Scandinavian energies and leaves you feeling both bittersweet and yet hopeful.

Myrkur By Shawn Brackbill



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