New music videos from Darkane, Týr and Chimaira

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Friday, January 31, 2014 at 9:16 PM (PST)


Hey kids. Some new video metal madness for ya, hot and fresh out the box. Who still watches videos? Metal fans (and people who all watched “Blurred Lines” for the nudity)!

ChimairaTýr and Darkane have all dropped some visual riff bombs for you that are all better than any stupid Super Bowl ads you might see in the near future.

Stay metal instead and click HERE to check em out.

Týr’s “The Lay of Our Love,” is from their most recent album, Valkyrja. The song features a vocal duet with Leaves’ Eyes vocalist Liv Kristine, who joins frontman Heri Joensen and the rest of Týr in this new video. The clip was produced by Stanimir Lukic, directed by Ivan Colic, and can be seen now exclusively below.

TÝR comments on “The Lay of Our Love”: “We’ve wanted to make a CGI video for a long time, and this is our first one, so we’re obviously excited for the release and reception of the video. On top of that, the presence of Liv in the video makes it even more special. All in all we’re very pleased with the result.”

They should be. Epic, Tolkien-esque look to it and Liv is one of the top symphonic metal performers in the genre. The guitar solo and epic bridge are top notch also. The record deals with the affect woman have on men and the crazy shit we do to try and secure a place in Freya’s sexy afterlife land, so hails to that!


Up next…

Darkane’s  “Mechanicaly Divine” is Swedish melodic death masters Darkane back with a vengeance with this track from The Sinister Supremacy. Mostly a performance video, the clip nonetheless seethes with aggression and whiplash tempos/groove metal madness. The video would be kinda boring if Darkane weren’t an incredibly nasty band, but they make it rock. My fave “angry dudes in a warehouse” video will always be “Botchla” from Poison The Well’s Tear From The Red, but Darkane are pretty darn awesome.


Lastly (and my fave of the three here today) we have the still underrated Chimaira continuing to love metal and work hard as always. These dudes are the perpetual underdogs who don’t give a shit what trolls think and I give them utmost props for that (and for still going strong in 2014). Mark Hunter’s newest assembled line-up kicks ass and haters are ‘bators. “Wrapped In Violence” finds the band grimy as ever. The Crown of Phantoms track surges with menace and weird guitar textures that reminds me of when Munky from Korn was his most crazy, early on. That said, this is some brutal, metalcore. Not as vertigo inducing as “Year of the Snake” but it’s the Year of the Horse now and this shit kicks up much dust!




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