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Show Review: Junius, InAeona, Clover at BSP Kingston

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Friday, April 21, 2017 at 4:48 PM (PST)

One of the best shows I have seen in awhile made it worth it to trek out on a kind of gloomy Thursday night to the Hudson Valley, NY’s best indie concert venue BSP Kingston (I also am partial to Bearsville and The Chance for mostly other genres). There was a solid, if infrequent, metal booking of three bands who I really enjoy, Kingston’s own sludgy grimers Clover, expansive Boston space trio InAeona and the proggy mathic doom of Junius.

Of the three, I had been a fan of all of them for awhile (especially InAeona who are in my top ten fave bands in the world right now), but I’d only had the fortune of raging to Clover before. I was a bit fried from a long concert the night before in Albany, but am so glad I soldiered out to this smaller town show.



Clover were on first and the sound system really did them justice. It was the best I have ever heard them sound, everything very audible and well executed. Cutting tones, the band’s attention undivided from their communal creation and a sense of purpose even as the room was just filling it. All in all it was a smaller show due to weather and not being a weekend night, but it was awesome nonetheless. I really liked some of the infrequent softer parts Clover have incorporated.


So thrilled I met and finally saw InAeona live. Such cool people and a tremendously amazing band. While I was biased towards them as they were my faves going in, the band delivered a moving and powerful set amidst smoke and a wash of blue light that felt more like a complimentary hypnotic zone that the band’s sci-fi sounding echo and melodic distortion heavy rock filled up like an old friend. Dave’s bass sound was really booming and dope and the band sounded great even though vocalist/guitarist Bridge had a bit of a sore throat. If she hadn’t told me that before the show I don’t think I would have noticed, as it wasn’t noticeable on stage much.

“Soldier” was a highlight and one of their most emotional songs and I would recommend to anyone to catch the remaining dates of this tour. I really with that this band would blow up to be much bigger. They truly have a unique sound in a scene that is so full of many bands unwilling to find their own voice.


The new Junius album is incredible, though I also really liked Days Of The Fallen Sun. I still need to go back and dig on their earliest work. The group pulled the crowd in towards the stage as the night wore on and a little ritual of micro epic proportions warmed the room. They remind me of like Genesis playing sludge, just super smart arrangements that embrace melodic textures that make a lot of sense if you know they are Sunny Day Real Estate fans as well as Neurosis. The songs are never too self aggrandizing for their own good, however. And their merch dude used to play in this band Novena with my friend Nando who later played bass w me and Nate Kelley in a band called Pontius Pilate Sales Pitch- small world! Ha!

While the arrangements are very sophisticated you never get the sense like with some snobby bands that the band is thumbing their nose or looking down on the audience trying to be elitist. The songs are at times cold but they also invite personal and group reflection. This band, like Kowloon Walled City or Snow Burial, really have the potential to be one of the next major long term players in the scene if they keep working hard.



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