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STRATOVARIUS announce ‘Survive’ album, first single arriving

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Friday, June 3, 2022 at 5:00 AM (PST)

By FAR my favorite long running epic power metal band, STRATOVARIUS have never let me down. I would follow them around like a hippie chasing after Phish if I had any money. Looking forward to more of the sweeping and high spirited and “dare to hope” grandeur that has made this band a refuge for many from an unforgiving world. Anyway, there awesome new album announcement is here today and I am LOVING the cover art and this message from the band:

Our new (seven-letters 🙃) album “Survive” is out September 23rd and available for pre-order now!⁠

Survive is full of drama and emotion, while the core message is one of struggle, defiance, hope and victory. The single is available on all streaming platforms already and we’ll be releasing a video later today.⁠

Pre-order Survive now ➤⁠ ⁠

Listen to the Survive single ➤⁠⁠

Join the official video premiere of Survive today at 4pm CEST ➤⁠⁠

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