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THOMAS ANDREW DOYLE’s Incineration Ceremony full-length due via Yuggoth Records

Posted by Metal Riot on Thursday, May 11, 2017 at 9:53 AM (PST)
Multi-instrumentalist, song writer, and audio engineer THOMAS ANDREW DOYLE (TAD, Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth, Hog Molly) will unveil the cinematic sounds of his Incineration Ceremony full-length via Yuggoth Records. Set for release May 16th, the adventurous nine-track offering is a return to roots of sorts for DOYLE.


Spending his formative years in music playing in jazz clubs while attending school studying classical and jazz music at Boise State University, DOYLE comes forth with a symphonic take on what is going on in his head. Spawned from the dark and dreary recesses of DOYLE‘s psyche comes an immense sound of textures, rhythms, and material suitable for film and standalone listening, disquieting all who are within an earshot.


People familiar with DOYLE‘s manifestations should expect the unexpected. DOYLE‘s entry into the world of symphonic composition is no novice beginner’s attempt. Incineration Ceremony is a musical journeyman’s expression that is genuine, heartfelt, honest, uncompromising, and authoritative.

DOYLE began working on this new project last year and as the work continued he became obsessed with writing and making the work come together. About the songs DOYLE shares, “It has been a very organic process of putting this all together and I have had so much fun in the process.” Guest musician friend and composer Peter Scartabello adds additional percussion on two tracks while the artwork and layout of friend Demian Johnston puts the mood of the record into a visual representation of some of the musical content.
Preorders for Incineration Ceremony are currently available via Yuggoth Records at THIS LOCATION where you can also sample opening psalm “Silent Incineration” as well as “Bio-illogical Functions.”
Incineration Ceremony Track Listing:
1. Silent Incineration
2. Lost In Abysmal Waters
3. Desire
4. Asleep in Arrhythmia
5. Bio-illogical Functions
6. Nurtured In Grief
7. Meditations In Null
8. Born into Sorrow
9. Prognati Ignis Ignis

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