March Actual Madness Metal Variety Hour.

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, March 23, 2022 at 7:29 AM (PST)

Slaegt, 2022.

As Obi Won would say, Hello There!”

I feel like I haven’t been able to post much this month, buried in work at my day job and having also just low key started working on a new Walking Bombs record for my band. SOOO much killer shit is going on right now as well as the ton of anniversary milemarkers for classic albums that just went down. Maiden, Anthrax, Pantera, White Zombie…yadda yadda. They all had what some consider their best albums ever have anniversaries. Personally I think La Sexorcisto is the best White Zombie album ever and also that despite this awful hot take that without Jay and Sean the band during this era would have had infinitely less groove, grime and generational heavy metal riffage that defined a 90’s way to keep heavy alive. Not to mention what a beast Ivan was, the perfect drummer for that record in so many ways. Can you tell it is my favorite mainstream 90’s metal album?

I didn’t get to make a top 5 albums full aticle post for March but some killer records came out. My favorites I hope you check out this month are from Mares Of Thrace, Crowbar, Sundowning (not to be confused with the This Is Hell modern classic) , Falls Of Rauros and Slaegt. 

Also really looking forward to new Zola Jesus in May!!!

So yeah, just gonna blurb some stuff at ya. Super pressed for time and mentally fried right now but gotta keep the dream alive, baby.

June Of 44′- way too slept on these days despite being critical legends- have a new shirt to benefit Ukraine aid via UNICEF. Shirtkiller has the merch HERE. Putin is an absolute garbage person and a despot.

Onward…Bobby Lees! Great news. The Woodstock, NY (my area digs where I grew up) based blues ragers have signed to Ipecac thanks to Henry Rollins introing them. Fuck yeah. Killer band. Seen ’em live a few times and we have loved the records around here awhile now. Well deserved.

The Bobby Lees said of partnering with Ipecac: “We’re very excited to be on Ipecac Recordings! They have bands we love, and most importantly the label is run by honest, no bullshit people. They let their artists make their own decisions and we really appreciate that. It’s rare nowadays for a label to take a chance on a band that doesn’t fit in one lane. Ipecac welcomed us and that challenge with open arms. They seem to be a label that fights for the misfits and the bands that have their own pulse. As soon as we met them, we knew this album found its home.”

Peep the new shit!

The Sound Of Scars Life Of Agony doc is out. Go appreciate the realness.

Thanks everyone for reading and see ya soon. Sorry for the smoosh post of 90 different things but at least you have a buffet to choose from.


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Rob Halford of Judas Priest is considered the first openly gay heavy metal star, having come out in 1998.

J’adore The Exile! The new album (links here) from the latest incarnation of stompers Mares Of Thrace is a long hoped for victory! Blackguard’s Storm and this Mares record are both recent Canada-blessed releases that somehow took nearly as long as Chinese Democracy to arrive. What does it mean, hmmm? I don’t think anything (but all were worth the wait).

The chemistry of the performances and captured takes between vocalist/guitarist Thérèse Lanz add new drummer/bassist Casey Rogers is insane. Be prepared for one of the most satisfying and Earth moving heavy musical expressions of energy in human memory.

Thérèse Lanz answers my goofy ass questions below.

Dopest news yet of 2022 for music! GOD FORBID reunion is ON!

Blue Ridge Rock Festival is gonna crush a lot of the competition this year with Thrice, Kittie, Story of the Year, Fear Factory, He Is Legend, Comeback Kid, Shadows Fall, Down and many more great bands! Just pretend corny ass Skillet isn’t playing.

“I wasn’t sure that this would ever happen but I can’t tell you how psyched I am to announce that God Forbid is reuniting to play this year’s Blue Ridge Rock Festival,” says God Forbid guitarist Doc Coyle. “These are my brothers and I can’t wait to share this with the fans who’ve been waiting.”

More info HERE.  9/8-11th is the festival.


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Album Review: GHOST – ‘Impera’

Posted by Andrew Johann Datoush on Saturday, March 12, 2022 at 5:12 AM (PST)

Ok, so I know immediately there’s going to be some haters coming my way just to say “, but GHOST isn’t Metal!”, and we get it. You’re so edgy and cool, but blow it out your ass already. GHOST genre-jumps like a motherfucker, and sometimes, that genre is “Metal As Fuck” (yeah, that’s a genre I just coined. If you don’t like it, you can bite me once Covid restrictions are up).

WALTARI and AVANTASIA aren’t metal 100% of the time, but are still well respected by metal fans, so lighten up and let yourself enjoy the music. Besides, TOBIAS FORGE has already given us death metal in the form of REPUGNANT and was a part of glam metal band CRASHDÏET for some time as well, so the dude is Metal, like it or not.

Now that that part is out of the way, I must tell you that my introduction to GHOST came a little later than many. I jumped on board in summer of 2017 when a girl I liked said to me “check this band out” before hitting play on the song “Squarehammer”. Catchy as “hell”, pun intended, and I was immediately on the square, and on the level, if you know what I mean, and I think that you do! I sought out a few more songs before I started picking up all the albums I could because I loved this band, and I’m a physical media guy who hadn’t quite jumped on the streaming idea just yet. I’m streaming a lot these days, but the physical album is always needed when I really need to immerse myself fully into a new album for reviews, which is why I waited til release day to do this.

I’ve said it a million times over, and I will die on this hill – you can’t fully appreciate a new album without physically holding it in your hand while reading lyrics and thank you notes while studying the cover art, band photos, etc. I’m old school that way. Plus, when you stream, you have nothing to bring with you when you get to meet the band and ask for something autographed. It’s nice to show the bands you love how much you support their efforts, you know? I once had BLAZE BAYLEY of all people sign like 25-30 album covers for me when he played in Poughkeepsie, NY several years back. Everything from his days in IRON MAIDEN to his most recent solo work, and he was very happy to do so!

Speaking of IRON MAIDEN and having physical albums, have you seen the cover to the new GHOST album, Impera? I mean, I’m here to review this album, so it’s probably about time I start talking about the album. What better place to start than the cover art? The cover has a bit of an IRON MAIDEN vibe to it, like the artist took inspiration from their Somewhere In Time cover, mixed with my personal favorite – The X Factor. The artwork on the inside of the booklet is worth checking out as well. Really helps set the mood for the musical journey we’re about to take. The album opens up with “Imperium”, a slow moving melodic instrumental that eventually builds its way up to “Kaisarion”, a fast paced fun tune that has a similar energy to “Squarehammer” but with a bit more of a punk vibe to it. I was feeling an almost BAD RELIGION vibe to it, ironically. Go figure. Next up is “Spillways” which kinda started off in a BON JOVI “Runaway” type of intro for a couple seconds but it quickly became a GHOST song, and one of my top favorites on the album at that.

So far, we’re off to a really strong start for the first album with the newly appointed Papa IV fronting the band. The first Papa to not be of the bloodline, and he’s killing it. Next up comes “Call Me Little Sunshine” which maybe you’ve already heard as it was released as a single about a month ago, and that is followed up by another single you may already know, “Hunter’s Moon” which was released for the soundtrack of Halloween Kills. Both killer tunes. Next song up is “Watcher In The Sky”, which sounds like it might have been BLACK SABBATH inspired. Not that it sounds like a song of theirs in particular, just that the vocal melody sounds a bit like a combination of OZZY and DIO inspired styles while the main riff has an almost Tony Iommi flair in many parts.

The next track, “Dominion” is a slow, doomy sounding organ track which acts as a mood transitional track, as the next song to come is “Twenties”, which is pretty much the heaviest track on the album, guaranteed to grab you “by the hoo-hahs”, as the lyrics will tell you. After that grab, naturally it’s time for the ballad. “Darkness At The Heart Of My Love” serves as that ballad, and it does not disappoint. That’ll be one to have the lighters out at the live show for sure.

“Griftwood” follows, and if this one makes it into the live set, I could see a lot of call and response singing with the crowd happening. “Bite Of Passage” is next which is a very short guitar instrumental that leads into the final song on this offering, “Respite Of The Spitalfields” which sounds almost CANDLEMASS inspired to a degree, which isn’t surprising as before becoming Papa IV, Cardinal Copia did an excellent cover of METALLICA’s “Enter Sandman” with members of CANDLEMASS. There’s another part in the song that feels partially inspired by the instrumental section of WHITESNAKE’s “Still Of The Night”, but again, I stress it doesn’t sound like the song, just that it could have been inspired by it.

It’s all a very original album, chock full of bangers where everything feels like it belongs right here on this album. It’s “very nice, very evil” as Danhausen would say. Huge fan of this album. It’s definitely in my top 5 GHOST albums, but that’s kind of a given since it’s the 5th album, but all joking aside, I’ll rank it as my second favorite album. Tough to beat Opus Eponymous, ya know? That said, I must advise you not to pray for much of anything for the next few weeks, because instead of listening to prayers, Jesus will likely be listening to Impera, and I can’t blame him, because this album slaps like a motherfucker, so blast it at home and hope it doesn’t leave too many handprints across your ass!

Over the top pioneers RAMMSTEIN have a new album called Zeit due on April 29th. Sure to be one of the biggest splashes in heavy music this (or any) year, the title track offers quite the crescendo after a ballad-like sense of controlled calm.

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BATTLE BORN announce EP re-issue and tour plans

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, March 10, 2022 at 7:24 AM (PST)

Following their recently inked deal with Prosthetic Records, Southampton, UK’s BATTLE BORN have today announced plans to reissue their debut self-titled EP on CD via the Los Angeles based label on May 6. Originally released in 2020, Battle Born serves as an introduction to the bands intensely fun brand of power metal. New material from BATTLE BORN will be revealed in the coming months.

Speaking on the reissue, BATTLE BORN comments: “We’re proud to be re-releasing our debut EP, Battle Born, via Prosthetic Records – with a fresh remaster and a brand new bonus track, Hammer of Might!  We wrote Hammer of Might in the same sessions as the other tracks originally released on the EP, so it seemed like the perfect inclusion for the first step on our new path with Prosthetic.”

Revisit BATTLE BORN‘s self-titled debut here.

Accompanying the news of Battle Born‘s reissue, the band have shared additional show dates for their upcoming UK Ride for Heavy Metal tour – now including two warm up shows in the band’s hometown of Southampton as well as Bournemouth.

BATTLE BORN‘s UK Ride for Heavy Metal tour dates:
6 May – Firehouse – Southampton
7 May – Anvil Rockbar – Bournemouth
20 May – New Cross Inn – London
27 May – Frog and Fiddle – Cheltenham
29 May – The Bullingdon – Oxford
31 May – Corporation – Sheffield
1 June – Ivory Blacks – Glasgow
2 June – Satans Hollow – Manchester
3 June – The Station – Cannock
4 June – Underground – Plymouth
5 June – Golden Lion – Banstaple

EYEHATEGOD Spring Tour 2022 announced

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, March 10, 2022 at 7:06 AM (PST)

Gravel throated sewer blues pirates EYEHATEGOD have announced a string of dates (for after their Clutch tour) with an array of co-conspirators. The tour will be including Bat, Come To Grief, (who just announced their debut album) , Escuela Grind and Snafu. This will, to put it simply, ensure a killer combo no matter which date(s) you attend. Having recently seen Escuela Grind demolish a small crowd in Poughkeepsie, I can say that this is gonna certainly rule.

Dates HERE. 


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Presented by SWAMP Booking, the Berlin-based noise rock-meets-hard rock trio MAGGOT HEART have announced dates for the third leg of their 2022 “Zero Hour Tour”. This time it’s a slew of European summer dates co-headlining together with two of Norway’s finest: Okkultokrati and Nekromantheon.

MAGGOT HEART are also confirmed for this year’s edition of the legendary Roadburn Festival in the Netherlands. You can watch their performance for the 2021 digital edition here. The festival commented:

Their 2020 album, Mercy Machine catapulted them further forwards, in terms of songwriting and the impact that their gritty sounds have had on the Roadburn community. We can think of no better company than theirs to kick off Roadburn 2022. This is exactly the raw energy and pulsating melody that we’ve been craving during the barren months that we’ve endured lately.

All upcoming 2022 dates below with more TBA, pre-sale tickets on sale here.


10/3 Zukunft, BERLIN DE

30/3 Alte Meierei, KIEL DE

31/3 Loppen, COPENHAGEN DK w/Obnoxious Youth

1/4 1000Fryd, AALBORG DK w/Obnoxious Youth

2/4 Bla, OSLO NO w/Obnoxious Youth, Okkultokrati

3/4 The Abyss, GOTHENBURG SWE w/Obnoxious Youth

5/4 Femman, UPPSALA SWE w/Obnoxious Youth

6/4 Geronimos, STOCKHOLM SWE w/Obnoxious Youth

8/4 Vastavirta-Klubi, TAMPERE FIN w/Obnoxious Youth

9/4 Kuudes-Linja, HELSINKI FIN w/Obnoxious Youth

10/4 Torvi, LAHTI FIN w/Obnoxious Youth

12/4 Plan B, MALMÖ SWE w/Obnoxious Youth

13/4 Bambi Galore, HAMBURG DE

20/4 Roadburn Festival, TILBURG NL

2/6 Mystik Festival, GDANSK PL

16/6 Urban Spree, BERLIN DE w/Nekromantheon, Okkultokrati

17/6 Akademia Club, WROCLAW PL w/Nekromantheon, Okkultokrati

18/6 Kapu, LINZ AT w/Nekromantheon, Okkultokrati

19/6 Jubez KARLSRUHE DE w/Nekromatheon, Okkultokrati

21/6 Het Bos, ANTWERP BE w/Nekromantheon, Okkultokrati

22/6 DB’s, UTRECHT NL w/Nekromatheon, Okkultokrati

23/6 Mag4, BRUSSELS BE w/Nekromantheon

24/6 Le Klub, PARIS FR w/Nekromatheon

25/6 Rock in Bourlon Festival, FR

26/6 Patronaat, HAARLEM NL w/Nekromatheon, Okkultokrati

MANTAR sign with Metal Blade!

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, March 9, 2022 at 8:21 AM (PST)

German sludge and grungers MANTAR are one of the hands down coolest and most explosive bands in rock. Good news for fans…they have just signed with Metal Blade!

After the self-released cover EP Grungetown Hooligans II (2020), the band is currently finishing up the work on their 4th studio album, slated for a summer 2022 release. Keep your eyes peeled for more news to follow soon!

The band comments: “As a band with a strong DIY background it was very important to us to work with a true independent label that not only respects but encourages our artistic freedom and visions as a band. Physical products still mean everything to us and Metal Blade is still one of the top players in that game. With a dedicated team of true music fans and enthusiasts in Europe and in the US we are happy to have found a new home for our band and motivated worldwide partners for new Mantar tunes.

Photo credit: Matthis Van der Meulen


VHS¥DEATH is the genre fluid, dark and gothic tinged borderless experimental project of Natalie Wardle (She/They). We checked in with the restlessly inventive UK based creator about the new Corrupted Geisha EP, one of my favorite things so far this year. I know as a writer it is my purported purpose to tell you WHY I like it, but music is also experiental.

For myself, I feel that there is a very wide open palette in play here and it is exciting to not know where a release is going to bring you track to track but being thrilled to trust the artist in the twists and turns/mind warp. There is also a sort of dancing around the edges of limitations, like journaling a transmogrification of pain as messenger to shackle shedding revelatory process via samples, sound collage and just bad ass music that makes you want to get down, freak out and dare to feel things…even if that feeling is vertigo, a chill up your spine, certain doom or the contradictions of human conditions.

Read more BELOW.

March has entered the chat and finds me extremely busy, so I haven’t had a lot of time to update the main site. There have been a few rad posts on our Instagram with live images and video of bands like Overkill, Prong, Escuela Grind , Sickbay, Cranial Damage and more HERE. 

I have even been too busy to dig enough into the new Crowbar recod, fml. But I have been checking out the new Mares Of Thrace promo and that is a revelation of brilliance. Another record that is fun as fuck is the Bigfoot inspired The Hierarchical Ecological Succession: Welcome to the Food Chain album from Troglodyte that just dropped!

Bigfoot and death metal! What the fuck is not to love! The kick drum is insanity. If that is Bigfoot playing drums no wonder he leaves footprints everywhere because shit sounds like you are being trampled on by a butt ton of stampeding Bigfeets!

Also, they have a song called “Found Guilty In A Wrongful Death Lawsuit For Shooting A Man Wearing A Bigfoot Costume”, which is hysterical. Get on board with the cryptozoological search for the perfect metal beast HERE!

Chris Wilson
Mike Flores
Brandon Mitchell
Michael Langner
Jeff Sisson

PLAGUE YEARS tour with SOMNURI kicking off

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, March 3, 2022 at 12:24 PM (PST)

pic by Rian Staber

Detroit-based death thrashers PLAGUE YEARS will return to the stage this March on a US co-headlining tour with Brooklyn sludge metal unit Somnuri. The trek runs from March 4th through March 24th.

Comments guitarist Eric Lauder, “After a month long tour with Exhorder and Take Offense, we realized all we want to do is tour! We are very excited about hitting the road with Somnuri. Come witness the heaviness we will bring every night. All Will Suffer.”

See all confirmed dates below.

PLAGUE YEARS w/ Somnuri:
3/04/2022 Cobra Lounge – Chicago, IL
3/05/2022 Eagles Club 34 – Minneapolis, MN #
3/06/2022 Bottleneck – Lawrence, KS
3/07/2022 7th Circle – Denver, CO
3/08/2022 Loading Dock – Salt Lake City, UT
3/10/2022 Den Of Sin – Sacramento, CA
3/11/2022 Golden Bull – Oakland, CA
3/12/2022 Chain Reaction – Anaheim, CA
3/13/2022 Underground – Mesa, AZ
3/15/2022 White Swan – Houston, TX
3/16/2022 Paper Tiger – San Antonio, TX
3/17/2022 Boozers – Corpus Christi, TX
3/19/2022 Sidneys Saloon – New Orleans, LA
3/20/2022 Boggs – Atlanta, GA
3/22/2022 Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
3/24/2022 Kingsland – Brooklyn, NY

Saw over on NEKROGOBLIKON‘s Insta page that there is a big, juicy tour announcement for you knuckleheads today. Girth, goblins, green grass and Gwahhh! Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10 AM local time. Killer package. Let’s goooo! Here’s a little tour video announcement from your lords and masters.

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Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, March 1, 2022 at 5:44 PM (PST)

Well, what can I say but I am a happy little pickle today because my probably favorite thrash band got Dave Lombardo back on drums for the first time in years! That’s right, Thrash gods TESTAMENT can continue most of The Gathering line up’s blazing chemistry AND it would also be killer to hear Dave play on newer classics like “Native Blood” and “Children of the Next Level”. And while we love James Murphy, you all know Skolnick and Dave is gonna be so sick. If only Dave McKean would come back and do some art, haha. I just hope they also take a crack at “True Believer” live, a personal fave.

Chuck Billy declares “I’ll state the obvious, We are more than overwhelmed to welcome back Dave Lombardo to play drums with Testament. We are so excited to share the stage again with Lombardo. Dave added immense power when he joined the band for The Gathering (release), and we are ecstatic to see what new flavor he will bring back to Testament.”


Dave Lombardo stated, “This is a long-awaited reunion that was bound to happen. Once upon a time, we created a thrash masterpiece. I have no doubt that our musical chemistry will pick up exactly where we left off. I love the Testament family and am very excited to be joining them once again. Pure brutality awaits.”


Eric Peterson expresses, “Having Dave Lombardo join us again feels like we are picking up where unfinished business had left off. There is a silver lining to every cloud and working again with Dave calls for us to celebrate with our horns held high expresses, “Having Dave Lombardo join us again feels like we are picking up where unfinished business had left off. There is a silver lining to every cloud and working again with Dave calls for us to celebrate with our horns held high!”
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A few days ago I got into it with a Season Of Mist bigwig for their dumb claim that it was virtue signaling for scenesters to call known NSBM flirting DRUDKH overtly nationalist years ago when the above shirt came out. They probably now want to reprint to grift on during the Ukraine crisis, but that is not the worst part. Fucking don’t act like Hate Forest was never a thing. Don’t assume that people are idiots and don’t know the band glorified the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, a formation from World War II that committed ethnic cleansing.

This is not hearsay. Also, I unfollowed you. Maybe you banned me afterwards. Idk or care. Fact is, fucking duh. I never even outright called them Nazis, I just cut through your gaslighting. You chose that word, lmao. If the boot fits!

I get it, they had some sweet riffs over the years. Who fucking cares. Don’t use the invasion and a humanitarian crisis to gaslight and try to whitewash (pun intended) the reputation of one of your roster’s sketchiest bands. And yeah, don’t try to act like I am just virtue signal addicted either. I have friends in Ukraine and the rest of that part of the world right now and am also an Estonian American and know very well (my dad fled Stalin) how scary and shitty Russian aggression can be. Solidarity with the people and not with bullshit.

Also, as for the “you don’t know them” argument…maybe they should do some fucking interviews then sometime and have some accountability instead of you giving them cover. Sick of this level of misdirection in the metal scene. Eat my whole ass.



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