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Presented by SWAMP Booking, the Berlin-based noise rock-meets-hard rock trio MAGGOT HEART have announced dates for the third leg of their 2022 “Zero Hour Tour”. This time it’s a slew of European summer dates co-headlining together with two of Norway’s finest: Okkultokrati and Nekromantheon.

MAGGOT HEART are also confirmed for this year’s edition of the legendary Roadburn Festival in the Netherlands. You can watch their performance for the 2021 digital edition here. The festival commented:

Their 2020 album, Mercy Machine catapulted them further forwards, in terms of songwriting and the impact that their gritty sounds have had on the Roadburn community. We can think of no better company than theirs to kick off Roadburn 2022. This is exactly the raw energy and pulsating melody that we’ve been craving during the barren months that we’ve endured lately.

All upcoming 2022 dates below with more TBA, pre-sale tickets on sale here.


10/3 Zukunft, BERLIN DE

30/3 Alte Meierei, KIEL DE

31/3 Loppen, COPENHAGEN DK w/Obnoxious Youth

1/4 1000Fryd, AALBORG DK w/Obnoxious Youth

2/4 Bla, OSLO NO w/Obnoxious Youth, Okkultokrati

3/4 The Abyss, GOTHENBURG SWE w/Obnoxious Youth

5/4 Femman, UPPSALA SWE w/Obnoxious Youth

6/4 Geronimos, STOCKHOLM SWE w/Obnoxious Youth

8/4 Vastavirta-Klubi, TAMPERE FIN w/Obnoxious Youth

9/4 Kuudes-Linja, HELSINKI FIN w/Obnoxious Youth

10/4 Torvi, LAHTI FIN w/Obnoxious Youth

12/4 Plan B, MALMÖ SWE w/Obnoxious Youth

13/4 Bambi Galore, HAMBURG DE

20/4 Roadburn Festival, TILBURG NL

2/6 Mystik Festival, GDANSK PL

16/6 Urban Spree, BERLIN DE w/Nekromantheon, Okkultokrati

17/6 Akademia Club, WROCLAW PL w/Nekromantheon, Okkultokrati

18/6 Kapu, LINZ AT w/Nekromantheon, Okkultokrati

19/6 Jubez KARLSRUHE DE w/Nekromatheon, Okkultokrati

21/6 Het Bos, ANTWERP BE w/Nekromantheon, Okkultokrati

22/6 DB’s, UTRECHT NL w/Nekromatheon, Okkultokrati

23/6 Mag4, BRUSSELS BE w/Nekromantheon

24/6 Le Klub, PARIS FR w/Nekromatheon

25/6 Rock in Bourlon Festival, FR

26/6 Patronaat, HAARLEM NL w/Nekromatheon, Okkultokrati

MANTAR sign with Metal Blade!

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, March 9, 2022 at 8:21 AM (PST)

German sludge and grungers MANTAR are one of the hands down coolest and most explosive bands in rock. Good news for fans…they have just signed with Metal Blade!

After the self-released cover EP Grungetown Hooligans II (2020), the band is currently finishing up the work on their 4th studio album, slated for a summer 2022 release. Keep your eyes peeled for more news to follow soon!

The band comments: “As a band with a strong DIY background it was very important to us to work with a true independent label that not only respects but encourages our artistic freedom and visions as a band. Physical products still mean everything to us and Metal Blade is still one of the top players in that game. With a dedicated team of true music fans and enthusiasts in Europe and in the US we are happy to have found a new home for our band and motivated worldwide partners for new Mantar tunes.

Photo credit: Matthis Van der Meulen

RIP Mark Lanegan, restless bard of lonely places

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, February 23, 2022 at 6:25 AM (PST)

As anyone remotely rock minded with the internet knows by now, Mark Lanegan has passed. The inspired troubadour and shadow delving poet was 57 and leaves a huge impact in his wake. Like a Tom Waits or a Bukowski, Lanegan could bring you into the seedy life with his evocative and descriptive turns of phrase while also having so much “feel” to his croon. The guy could be smooth and gravelly at the same time and hypnotize anyone, steal the show on a QoTSA album chock full of talent and commanded respect with rare grace.

His voice made you feel like someone knew what it felt like to find a real friend in a cold world.

In a time when so many artists seem willing to cut corners, take the easy way out or just not have any dignity or gravitas, when flash in the pan gimmicks and unearned braggadocio is rewarded over talent…it is sad to see someone go whose life work was a beacon of inspiration.

Variety has a great round up of some of his career best tunes HERE.

I hate writing memorial articles because they feel so insufficient, technically are news but feel vulture-like when we need time to pass to absorb it all as well but…well, it also feels even worse to NOT acknowledge a loss to me. Screaming Trees and the grunge movement were such an embedded part of my youth and I have such a deep and profound respect and thanks for many of the people part of that who radically inspired me and made me want a life of rock n roll as more than a trend. I can only describe the revelations they made me have as maybe what it was like for someone to read On The Road for the first time, albeit set to a Seattle grungy chord instead of jazz. The sheer minimalist brilliance of Bubblegum has also grown to be and remains my favorite Dark Mark record, just a stunner top to bottom on how to do all killer, not overstaying welcome tunes that all bang and have depth.

I’ll break this off with a humorous excerpt from an excellent Diffuser interview w Mark by James Stafford from 2014:

Do you see yourself more as a lyricist, composer, or right there in the middle with both having equal weight?

I consider myself to be an out of work breakfast cook, though I haven’t had to do that work in a long time. Nah, whenever I’m asked for occupation on a visa application or passport, I just say singer.


pic by Mike Wuthrich

After a five-year wait for new music, RUBY THE HATCHET are premiering the track ‘1000 Years’ from their new EP Live at Earthquaker, their first outing for Magnetic Eye Records. The three-track set is scheduled for release on April 22, with pre-sales HERE.

The chemistry between the group is at an all time high and is truly a wonder to behold in the video below. It makes me really miss the electric bond between members of a live band:

Live at Earthquaker features early organic and raw versions of two brand-new songs recorded entirely live at EarthQuaker Devices headquarters in Akron, Ohio during the band’s US tour with KADAVAR, with the cherry on top being the physical format debut of their raucous version of URIAH HEEP’s 70s anthem ‘Easy Livin’’. The EP’s two new songs will reappear in fully-produced recordings on the New Jersey riff-rockers’ new studio album that has been announced for 2022.

The video clip for ‘1000 Years’ was recorded live and produced at EarthQuaker Devices.

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Manuel Gagneux

Hello and hope everyone had a blessed Imbolc. February has arrived and we are moving through some deeper air sign goodness after a delightful and hopeful new moon in Aquarius. It is a good time to flex the imagination and allow some brilliant music to help you expand your horizons. I just treated myself to some expensive CBD coffee that I definitely deserve and am thankful to have a day off and time to dive into some releases with you.


Seremonia are the band who are dropping the record I am most excited for this month (maybe all year, fuck it). The thrilling Neonlusifer was well worth the wait. This well established and endlessly creative psych band color outside the rules and have managed to add a new additional chapter to their previous legacy that they can be proud of. From the rocking and upbeat, retro enhanced title track to the eight minute brain birthing dirge of “Raskasta vettä” to the manic and almost art punky “Tuolle puolen auringon”, the group’s twists and turns are a genuine trip and a lot of fun. Yet another amazing release from a Finland based act. The chromatic and sensual, the boogie, the boogie-man, the veils of perception parting…it all plays a role. SO fucking pumped on this. 

Zeal and Ardor remains one of the most unique and interesting groups in rock. The S/T new record from and company drops Feb. 11th and finds the group continuing to carve into their niche while also continuing one of the most impressive “hot streaks” of banger after banger in modern rock/metal. Fresh off a stint with Opeth and Mastodon on the road, Z+A are reaching more ears than ever. The project always felt confident but now it is positively rock solid. “Feed The Machine” refines the soul and social commentary of previous releases into one of the most merciless yet thilling examples of their juxtapositions yet, the metal nastier and the melodic parts even more moving. This song will absolutely destroy most venues. “Hold Your Head Low” is another standout, pushing the dynamics more than ever and really showcasing the band is quite capable of flexing, but in a way that is in service to the musical spell. The haters who called it a gimmick just look pathetic.

Author and Punisher have always evolved and stunned, now building up an impressive footprint which someday could sit right alongside some of the all time greats of industrial like Skinny Puppy and Front 242 if Tristan stays on his grind. Seems like the band has no intention of slowing down on Krüller and the gears will keep turning. Judging by the exciting “Glorybox” cover, the rulebook has been thrown even further out the window. Good news for fans of dystopian and atmospheric outsider music…even at the outfit’s most accessible yet. The Brad Boatright mastering ensures the drone machines hit harder than ever and really help showcase the highs and lows. Love to see a Confines, Gridfailure, A+P show at Vitus sometime…putting that out there for the universe.

Transcending Obscurity artists VORGA create fierce and colorful black metal of galactic proportions. Their look kind of reminds me if Hollywood Undead took DMT and emerged from a long chrono sleep where Immortal and Star Trek were played next to their ears to stimulate the submerged mind. They sort of sound like that too, but without the rap rock part, lol.

We are talking sinister yet melodically compelling black metal that traverses many a nebulous and vast space inside before culminating in the “Death Manifesting”. This will spark both the imagination and likely some marijuana cigarettes as well. Adam Burke (Imperialist) provides the album artwork.

The End Is The Beginning from trumpet extraordinaire Mac Gollehon is a great addition to Nefarious Industries ethos of pushing quirky, anarchic, freak fringe or punk informed post-modernist jazz fuckery. Gollehon has played on thousands of records including many gold and platinum releases. His pedigree is long and imposing, from Mighty Sparrow to Duran Duran to Bowie to Onyx to Blondie to free noise jazz. It would cause glee in any avid music fan to read and makes you want to digest his life story immediately.

On The End Is The BeginningGOLLEHON works as a multi-instrumentalist, providing trumpet, cornet, trombone, percussion, keyboards, guitars, bass, vocals, and more. The End Is The Beginning was engineered, recorded, and mixed by David Brenner (Gridfailure) who adds field recordings, samples, and visuals. The record was mastered by Dan Emery at Black Matter Mastering (Kool Keith, Lost Dog Street Band, Dälek) and completed with photography by Tyler Adams.

This record just feels like you are deeply breathing in the street, similar to how Mingus could just drop you right into the action and the traffic like you had stepped through a movie screen. There is motion and emotion paired with a dizzying technical skill that never succumbs to ruining the overall , the mark of the greatest level of talent possible.

Mac reflects, “I would compare this EP’s creation to reverse-engineering. After a cool photo session with Tyler, I sent the photos to David; he suggested I write some music reflecting the character of the photos. I agreed it was a great idea and composed several sequence motifs; I pulled out the score pad and had it completed by the end of the day like a film score deadline. Using device, process, and tonal subset organization, visual intuition referencing influences from early ‘70s crime films was my start. Don Ellis’ The French Connection, Lalo Schifrin’s Dirty Harry suite, David Shire’s The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, and Ennio Morricone’s works were influential reference points.”

He continues, “Being a solo EP, I tracked all instruments. We scheduled four days of the most intense humidity the Summer had to offer but successfully tracked and mixed with David at The Compound. Just as in reverse-engineering, the photos served as the initial model of inspiration. Next, the design recovery, orchestrating the structure for resolve and de-solve. And finally, analysis recovery by eliminating – or in some cases highlighting – errors in the process, such as an occasional lucky accident.”

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Sitting here thinking at 8am about what directions I would like to take the blog this year and as I sip my coffee I have some political thoughts to unload. I am gonna do more “journaling” type entries here this year again instead of merely commenting on or posting press releases only like many blogs. Life is too short to not use your platforms (and that goes for both shoes and avenues of public engagement).

Joe Biden, when speaking on the first anniversary of the January 6th MAGA moron temper tantrum, gave a still rather tepid speech that pundits acted like was some testosterone fueled Superbowl championship. He should have actually spoken in even more firm terms about the white supremacist backed disinfo campaign that led manipulated, but still not off the hook, people to try to overturn the results of the election. The GOP have long counted on voter suppression and the blame game to distract from the failure of trickle down and their eternal grift, couched in false “freedom” lingo to people who believe foolhardy populist jargon from greaseballs who are just as or more elitist than the people they are attacking.

In addition to ending poverty so as to stop crime the right way, passing actually meaningful environmental reform,  erasing student and medical debt, protecting the courts and ending corporate lobbying, the left has sorely needed to combat corporate oligarchy as WELL as the growing white supremacy context erasing of the right. As we speak DeSantis is trying to stop critical race theory. Enough is enough.

The semblance of a tattered democracy is all we have. We can’t finally get around to talking about it after the same lukewarm unity blabber. We do need compassion and to zoom out and see one another in this life, but that doesn’t mean accepting false narratives or not pointing out evil agendas either for the sake of a false sense of calm while Mitch and Trump and all the other fuckheads plot. We can have boundaries.

And Biden is not exactly a real friend or ally either. He is doing a shit job on the environment, he just bailed out the fucking MEAT industry (just as corny and unethical as Trump caping for coal) and is frankly an out of touch napkin in the wind half the time who constantly sounds like a fucking Boomer. We needed Bernie. I personally wish Ilhan was president. Fuck all y’all. Lol.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about part of Biden’s messaging. The other day he said ,“You can’t obey the law only when it is convenient.” Real leftists should actually be wary of that, especially from an administration that still hasn’t done dick to close the horrific Guantanamo. As any Antifa activist worth their salt knows, you can’t always color within the lines to be truly effective in stopping entrenched power structures or hate groups. There are also times when it is absolutely justified to value people over property and make a statement through civil disobedience, even if it means burning some shit (sorry, King Buzzo).

January 6th wasn’t it. That was, as I think Azealia Banks or someone said, some big meth energy. Privileged clownery cosplaying as freedom fighting while upholding the status quo. And guess what, Dems? Biden is mostly the status quo as well. He is not enough for the demands of this moment.

It is pathetic that we allowed voter suppression to go on for so long that we now are even at risk of losing mail in ballot protections and barely ever fought against gerrymandering and the limited poll places in swing states.

Anyway, I want to talk to you about a new Tull song! Yes, Jethro Tull. The thorn in the side of many a bitter Metallica fan and a band I always was semi-indifferent too because back when I was mad at Claudio from Coheed for personal reasons I thought he always overhyped them, but I used to also hate on the Grateful Dead and now I love them. Time sweetens some tea, so they say. I love being woken up to things.

I am a more sober and less grudge bearing person these days and believe everyone has karma to sort through (as long as they actually do it), and I am certainly the most open minded I have ever been about music. Turns out old Claud was right and Tull do have their moments of ruling. I mean, I love Blood Ceremony and those Incubus songs that had flute and shit, so whatever. Cambria, my sister, played flute. It’s all good. Hail the pipes of Pan.

The Zealot Gene will see a January 28th, 2022 release on Inside Out Music. Loving the complex and thoughtful, well crafted and multi-layered composition – though it here and there makes some potential false equivalencies. You can still tell though that Anderson really wants to find a way through this mess. But let’s also not forget some instances of anger are justified and we can’t always be whistling happy go lucky moderates either. That is just a pile of pleasantries and toxic positivity, even though we need baseline discourse to function as a society (which is why I am for only censoring hate speech). It is also why, to back-pedal from the Big Lie, the GOP also have some members now who know they need to protect their political capital for optics.

Ian Anderson comments of the track: “The title track offers many allusions to the radical, politically-charged world of populism in leadership. As a song lyric, it sums up, for me, the divisive nature of societal relationships and the extreme views which fuel the fires of hate and prejudice, more so today perhaps, than at any time in history. Perhaps you think you know who I might have been thinking about here but, in reality, there are probably right now at least five prominent, dictatorial national figures who could fit the bill.”

Statement from Dirty Honey and Mammoth / WVH

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, January 12, 2022 at 5:54 PM (PST)


Dirty Honey

We take the health and safety of the bands, road crews, local venue staff and especially our fans very seriously.

Due to an abundance of caution regarding the recent COVID surge, we have decided to postpone the start of the YOUNG GUNS TOUR to February 20, 2022, in Denver, Colorado. Any performance that was scheduled prior to February 20th in Denver has been rescheduled until after March 5th. The shows scheduled from February 20th through to March 5th  will remain as previously announced. The show in Portland, ME originally scheduled for January 28th is canceled and all ticket holders for that event can receive a refund at point of purchase. The revised tour schedule has allowed us to add a few additional shows to the itinerary and those shows will be on sale on Friday, January 14th at 10AM local time. More information on all shows and tickets for all dates can be found at:

The revised itinerary is below:


20 Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO

21 The Complex, Salt Lake City, UT

22 Revolution, Boise, ID

24 House of Blues, Las Vegas, NV

25 Ace of Spades, Sacramento, CA


1 House of Blues, San Diego, CA

2 The Wiltern, Los Angeles, CA

4 The Marquee, Tempe, AZ

5 Fantasy Casino, Indio, CA

9 House of Blues, Dallas, TX

10 Aztec Theatre, San Antonio, TX

12 Diamond Ballroom, Oklahoma City, OK*

13 Uptown Theatre, Kansas City, MO

15 The Rave, Milwaukee, WI

16 House of Blues, Chicago, IL

18 The Bluestone, Columbus, OH

20 Roxian Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA*

23 Royal Oak Music Theatre, Royal Oak, MI

24 Danforth Music Hall, Toronto, ONT

26 Big Night Live, Boston, MA

27 Toad’s Place, New Haven, CT*

28 Webster Hall, New York, NY

30 Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ

31 The Fillmore, Philadelphia, PA


1 Rams Head Live, Baltimore, MD

3 Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA

5 The Ritz, Raleigh, NC

6 The Fillmore, Charlotte, NC

8 Marathon Music Works, Nashville,TN

9 The Plant, Dothan, AL

10 Hard Rock Orlando, Orlando, FL

* On sale this Friday, January 14, 2022

BESVÄRJELSEN cover AC/DC and thus prove life is good

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, November 17, 2021 at 6:41 PM (PST)

BESVÄRJELSEN from Sweden fuckin’ bring the vibes so hard and are simply one of the coolest bands in the modern world. Today they have seriously tipped the coolness scales even further in their favor with a solid take on a stone cold classic, “Back In Black.”

This cover is from the forthcoming MER Redux Series installment “Back in Black [Redux]. The record also features fuckin’ Red Fang, Supersuckers (!!), Heavy Temple, Earthride, Whores. and more!

Lea Amling Alazam comments: “A boyfriend gave me a ‘Let There Be Rock’ CD when I was 15 years old and I got immediately hooked”, writes the singer. “I longed to see AC/DC live, and in 2009 they were set to play in Stockholm. I sat on my skateboard outside the ticket venue for 12 hours in the shittiest weather just to get a ticket. The show was amazing, one of the best evenings in my life. Front row headbanger! When I found out that we were going to cover ‘Back in Black’, I wanted to cry, both happy and sad tears. Such an iconic, amazing rock song, and I’ve ruined it many times at karaoke. The thought of having to record it and not living up to… well, how do you even do it? I wanted to honour Brian’s bluesy vocal with a rusty stoned vibe and yeah, I don’t know, it turned out freakin’ great!”



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MAGGOT HEART announce new tour dates

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Monday, November 15, 2021 at 5:07 AM (PST)

The Berlin-based noise rock-meets-hard rock trio MAGGOT HEART are on a roll right now. They recently had two original songs featured in the critically acclaimed Swedish crime drama series Dough, and came out with some of their best work to date on the split EP with OKKULTOKRATI in September. Next month they open up for AMYL & THE SNIFFERS, as well as headline their own Berlin show before heading out on the first leg of their “Zero Hour Tour” in February 2022 – bringing with them the Danish act Offermose as support. All dates below, pre-sale tickets on sale here.


29/11 SO36, BERLIN DE w/Amyl & The Sniffers (SOLD OUT!)

3/12 Urban Spree, BERLIN DE

25/2 Zukunft, BERLIN DE w/Offermose

27/2 Alte Meirei, KIEL DE w/Offermose

28/2 Goldgrube, KASSEL DE w/Offermose

1/3 Slow Club, FREIBURG DE w/Offermose

2/3 Kapu, LINZ AT w/Offermose

3/3 PMK, INNSBRUCK AT w/Offermose

4/3 Jugendcafe, ZWIESEL DE w/Offermose

5/3 UT Connewitz, LEIPZIG DE


I loved the band SIERRA and am stoked for their fresh start of sorts as WILLOWATER. While the band are currently seeking a drummer, they have completed an EP called Loyal and have a lot of plans for the road ahead of them.

“They’re all leftover Sierra tunes, minus Ultimatum, that we wanted to make sure got completed. Our pandemic project,” Jason Taylor tells me.

Today the band announced via Facebook that Loyal is out Dec 3rd and the first single will be out later this week.


Artwork for the EP is by @10.years.time.


I am loving the art, which sort of gives me Pink Floyd vibes. Really excited to see the wheels start turning for the Willowater machine. Stay tuned!
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MASTODON have long been one of my favorite bands. I have seen them a number of times and even flew halfway across the country once to catch them play with my friend’s in KYLESA opening. It made me furious and sad today to see Brent today in multiple metal media outlets (with NONE calling him out) quoted using ‘gay’ as a negative word for touring with DISTURBED.

Whatever anyone’s opinion of Disturbed is besides the point. We are NOT gonna be in 2021 and have grown ass men in public normalizing gay as some weak or bad thing. I expected better from them, I really did. And especially it is tacky af since another member just dressed as Halford from Priest for Halloween! That would be rad if another member wasn’t using ‘gay’ as a pejorative.

“mEtAl DoESn’T CaRE AbOUt FeElings”. Cool, then FUCK YOU. I am super sick of this shit as a pansexual human being, let alone metal participant. No one will say shit cuz it is with a band with Pike and everyone will shrug it off. Fuck that, you are supposed to be leaders in the scene. Man the fuck up.

Unless they issue a formal apology I can’t support them anymore…look, I believe in growth and forgiveness and we all have needed it before in life at some point. This shit is just not cool, though. At all. The amount of lack of concern for other’s safety and privilege it takes to shrug that away is revolting. I hope Disturbed honestly say something about it as well.

UPDATE- Brann just hit me up and we spoke at length and he was very apologetic that Brent had used the word that way and didn’t want LGBTQ fans to feel unsafe. He said to me he is going to respond to my comment on their insta and address it to make queer fans feel safer. He definitely listened to me and was very respectful about it, which I appreciated. He also was respectful when I told him I was leaving this article up to advocate for not normalizing it on behalf of the queer metal community. Thank you, Brann. That means a lot. Though it looks like my original comment on their Insta might have been deleted? So I am curious how they will respond. 

I will say I told Brann I know no one wants this to happen when a new album drops but it is right to apologize to lgbtq fans and not be like All That Remains and double down on f–got or gay being cool as a pejorative. Apologizing would make us gay and bi and etc folx feel seen and so I hope the band and label don’t try to just pretend it didn’t happen. 

Sharing only one screenshot below, because I trust Brann but I don’t trust major label gaslighting damage control. The rest of our convo will remain private but he was very receptive and consoling and cool, which I appreciated. Again, I am not trying to cancel the band, rather to make sure this shit stops happening in metal and there is demonstrable growth. 

UPDATE TWO- I guess my comment wasn’t deleted on their Insta but I couldn’t find it for a minute, but Brann responded to it officially. It at least shows the other dudes in band don’t want to think they are green lighting their non lgbtq fans to normalize “GAY” as an insult. That makes a teachable moment. I certainly feel more seen as a result: 


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BLACK LABEL SOCIETY release “End of Days” video

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, November 4, 2021 at 6:50 AM (PST)
It is always a good time to be a Zakk Wylde fan, but it REALLY is lately. Not only is there the awesome news Ozzy finally has ZW on the next album again where he belongs, we have gotten a killer tour with Obituary and Prong as well as lots of new BLS music this year. And they said rock is dead!


And I mean all types of rock. Doom Crew Inc. has everything from ballads like “Love Reign Down” for the piano loving fans, with Zakk sounding almost like Joe Cocker, to intensely hard rockin’ moments like the larger than life “End of Days”! The band wisely made a video for “End of Days”, as it is a highly memorable and attention grabber that has a glorious melodic and doomy hard rock presence. Has Zakk finally written his band’s quintessential “Albatross”? Time will decide!

From BLS HQ:
You can listen to the new single and watch the video for “End of Days,” OUT NOW!
Limited edition vinyl and merch is available for pre-order, featuring a Doom Crew Inc. Deluxe Edition Box Set that includes a special picture disc vinyl variant and a hand-written, signed lyric card.


Doom Crew Inc. is available everywhere Black Friday, 2021.


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Mammoth WVH and Dirty Honey announce co-headliner

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, November 3, 2021 at 2:19 PM (PST)

“I’ll make you famous…”

Two of today’s most dynamic live bands, Mammoth WVH and Dirty Honey, are joining forces to bring their high-octane rock’n’roll out on a 30-date, co-headline North American tour. The “Young Guns” tour begins on January 21 and will see the bands alternating the closing slot. The artist tickets presale begins tomorrow at 10AM local, pre-sale password is YOUNGGUNS; the general on-sale starts Friday, November 5 at 10AM local. Log on with this link:

“We played one co-headline show with Dirty Honey back in September. As soon as the night was over, we knew this would be a great package to take across the US. We couldn’t be more excited to share the stage with them and give all of the fans an unforgettable night of rock music,” explains Wolfgang Van Halen.

Both of these “young guns” spent their summer on high-profile U.S. tours – Dirty Honey with The Black Crowes and Mammoth WVH with Guns N’ Roses. With only two live gigs under their collective belt, Mammoth WVH’s tour initiation was a baptism-by-fire, opening for the iconic Guns N’ Roses in stadiums. At the end of the tour, in Hollywood, Florida, Guns N’ Roses brought Wolfgang Van Halen back onstage to join them performing “Paradise City.”

After selling out their U.S. headline tour in June, Dirty Honey brought their sexy, bluesy rock’n’roll to amphitheaters with The Black Crowes. Vocalist Marc LaBelle grew up listening to the Crowes, so this tour was truly a dream come true. Winning over those who had primarily come to see The Black Crowes, Dirty Honey received standing ovations at the majority of the tour’s 35 shows. Not bad for a still-breaking, opening act.

The “Young Guns” tour is in support of both artist’s self-titled debut albums; Mammoth WVH and Dirty Honey, both released earlier this year. Both bands saw their debut singles – Dirty Honey’s “When I’m Gone” and Mammoth WVH’s “Distance” – occupy the #1 position on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Airplay chart. In addition, both bands’ debut albums made quite impressive bows; Mammoth WVH debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Top Rock Albums chart, and Dirty Honey – the band, totally independent with no label affiliation – claimed the #2 position on that chart.

“People who come to our shows are going to see two bands who are looking to prove that rock’n’roll is definitely very much alive and well,” said Dirty Honey’s Marc LaBelle. “We both carry the weight of that on our shoulders, and there’s a lot to prove.”

Dates for the “Young Guns” tour are as follows:


21 House of Blues, Chicago, IL

22 The Rave, Milwaukee, WI

24 The Bluestone, Columbus, OH

25 Royal Oak Music Theatre, Royal Oak, MI

26 The Danforth Music Hall, Toronto, ON

28 State Theatre, Portland, ME

29 Big Night Live, Boston, MA

30 The Fillmore, Philadelphia, PA


1 Webster Hall, New York, NY

2 Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ

4 Rams Head Live, Baltimore, MD

5 The Ritz, Raleigh, NC

6 The Fillmore, Charlotte, NC

8 Marathon Music Works, Nashville, TN

9 Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA

11 Hard Rock Orlando, Orlando, FL

12 The Plant, Dothan, AL

15 The Aztec Theatre, San Antonio, TX

16 House of Blues, Dallas, TX

18 Uptown Theater, Kansas City, MO

20 Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO

21 The Complex, Salt Lake City, UT

22 Revolution, Boise, ID

24 Ace of Spades, Sacramento, CA

25 House of Blues, Las Vegas, NV


1 House of Blues, San Diego, CA

2 The Wiltern, Los Angeles, CA

4 The Marquee, Tempe, AZ

5 Fantasy Casino, Indio, CA

Communication and conflict resolution feel deader than ever these days. Some things need to be firm boundaries in life but a lot of people are also quick to stay cynical and empathy free regardless of any room for a better outcome, and that is a drag and not likely to end well. Poison Boys have a new, very classic rock sounding Stonesy number that deals with losing a close connection and wishing you could have found some way to sort it.

This songs self-assured strut paired with a slightly hesitant sense of bittersweet inevitability was a cool refuge for me this morning when I am dealing with similar shit and also how fleeting time is. Choose your words carefully, cuz they can sting and that might be all you get. Life can be brutal enough without us adding to it.

The track features backup vocalist Dana Athens on layered soul vocals, a 70’s slide guitar in the bridge, and long-time Poison Boys touring guitarist “Sleepy Doc” Julius Lange on keys. Follow this link for more.

King Buffalo’s fourth full-length record, Acheron, will be released on December 3, 2021. The widely-hailed heavy psych outfit will have vinyl and CD preorders available on October 22, via


What will inevitably be known as ‘the cave record,’ Acheron is the second King Buffalo LP of 2021. It follows Spring’s The Burden of Restlessness and finds the Rochester, New York, trio of guitarist/vocalist Sean McVay, bassist Dan Reynolds and drummer Scott Donaldson expanding their sound once again.


Both records – and an intended third in the series to follow in 2022 – were born of the pandemic-era touring shutdown, and The Burden of Restlessness showed that in a grim theme and last-minute daring to hope for something better. Acheron – named for the “river of woe” in Greek mythology – brings the tension and disquiet of the prior offering into a new context.


To put the four extended songs of Acheron to tape, the band traveled three hours east from Rochester to Howe Caverns in NY, recording with trusted engineer Grant Husselman and videographer Adam Antalek – who worked on their Quarantine Sessions early in 2020 – to document a day-long live session in a cave. In the cave. “Underground” in the most literal sense.


It is fitting that Acheron was recorded near water. A stream flowing is audible at various points throughout the album, including at the very start of the opening title-track.


In sound, Acheron is likewise spacious and fluid. Where The Burden of Restlessness was sharper angles, Acheron doesn’t round off those edges as much as add complexity to the shape of the whole. In some ways, the wash of tone in “Zephyr” will be familiar to those who took on 2018’s Longing to Be the Mountain or the band’s 2016 debut, Orion – let alone any of the four EPs they’ve done alone the way – but in “Shadows” and “Cerberus,” the band’s intent becomes clear.


They’re not just isolating songs from a single writing period to frame different sides of their style. They’re telling a story as much about their sonic growth as about that time they loaded all their gear into a cave (no easy feat) and hit record. Acheron pushes forward from The Burden of Restlessness; still just months old received by fans as an immediate album-of-the-year contender. It takes the communion with and contemplation of the organic that’s been so much a part of who King Buffalo were before and uses it to inform who they’ve become, are still becoming.


Because the story isn’t over yet, of course, and whatever King Buffalo bring to the third chapter in this purported trilogy will have its own plot thickening to do. Acheron, with its graceful composition, patient delivery and ownership of its more intense aspects, sees King Buffalo become all the more engaging and less predictable en route to whatever it is that comes next.


Acheron was written by King Buffalo in Rochester, NY at the Main Street Armory in 2021. Produced by King Buffalo, engineered and mixed by Grant Husselman, and mastered by Bernie Matthews. The artwork was created by Ryan T. Hancock with cover fonts by Mike Turzanski and album layout by Scott Donaldson.


Acheron Tracklist: 
1. Acheron
2. Zephyr
3. Shadows
4. Cerberus


King Buffalo is: 
Sean McVay – Guitar, Vocals, & Synth
Dan Reynolds – Bass & Synth
Scott Donaldson – Drums
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