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OU (China) release “Travel” video

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Friday, March 25, 2022 at 4:51 AM (PST)

Taking a break from wondering why Skid Row is putting out something called “The Gang’s All Here” when that is clearly not the case to pivot to telling you about some cool prog metal from China. Progressive metal quartet OU (pronunciation: “O”) have announced that their debut album ‘one’ will be out on May 6th, 2022 on InsideOutMusic. Today, the band are pleased to share the album’s first single titled “Travel.” It leaps from the speakers to spin a world of colorful soundscape visions through the imagination. The band have a tremendous capacity for morphing melody, rhythms and space around them.

Pre-order “one” here:

1.       Travel 穿      00:05:54
2.       Farewell 夔   00:04:12
3.       Mountain 山  00:04:18
4.       Ghost 灵       00:03:34
5.       Euphoria 兴   00:07:19
6.       Prejudice 豸  00:04:31
7.       Dark 暗        00:07:17
8.       Light 光        00:04:05

Hailing from Beijing, China, the group combine a variety of elements and influences (Devin Townsend, The Gathering, Radiohead to name a few), to create their extremely unique sound.
Formed by drummer and songwriter Anthony Vanacore, the idea behind OU came from each member having a long history of playing in local house bands and seeking new challenges in their growth as musicians. Vanacore would go on to recruit talented guitarist and fellow house band veteran Jing Zhang, as well as highly sought-after bassist Chris Cui, with the three of them laying the initial groundwork for the song structure and creative approach. OU recruited highly talented singer Lynn Wu to front the project, who brings with her ethereal vocals that contrast with the dynamic and engaging music, delivering a powerful and soaring sound. On their debut, OU set out with only one clear goal in mind, and that was to make certain that every song had its own unique identity.


Malevolence Drop New Single/Video “Life Sentence”

Posted by Metal Riot on Thursday, March 24, 2022 at 1:04 PM (PST)

pic by Nat Wood

Last month, Malevolence announced their highly anticipated new album Malicious Intent (out 20th May) with blazing first singleOn Broken Glass, marking their place amongst metal’s heavyweights. With an impressive set of European tour dates on the horizon alongside the record of their career, 2022 is inevitably Malevolence’s year.


Today, the Sheffield 5-piece have delivered a decisive smackdown in the form of their crushing second single, ‘Life Sentence’. Accompanied by Daniel Priess’ brainchild video concept, ‘Life Sentence’ is another punishing masterpiece from these Steel-City savages.

Malevolence front-man Alex Taylor stated, “Anyone that has followed us for a while knows that Malevolence is capable of delivering a fairly wide spectrum of different sounds. Sometimes we want to write ballads, sometimes we want to write big choruses and sometimes we want to write songs that make you want to smash everything in your house to pieces. One of the hardest, darkest and most aggressive tracks from Malicious Intent, Life Sentence is dedicated to anyone that thought we had gone soft!”

March Actual Madness Metal Variety Hour.

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, March 23, 2022 at 7:29 AM (PST)

Slaegt, 2022.

As Obi Won would say, Hello There!”

I feel like I haven’t been able to post much this month, buried in work at my day job and having also just low key started working on a new Walking Bombs record for my band. SOOO much killer shit is going on right now as well as the ton of anniversary milemarkers for classic albums that just went down. Maiden, Anthrax, Pantera, White Zombie…yadda yadda. They all had what some consider their best albums ever have anniversaries. Personally I think La Sexorcisto is the best White Zombie album ever and also that despite this awful hot take that without Jay and Sean the band during this era would have had infinitely less groove, grime and generational heavy metal riffage that defined a 90’s way to keep heavy alive. Not to mention what a beast Ivan was, the perfect drummer for that record in so many ways. Can you tell it is my favorite mainstream 90’s metal album?

I didn’t get to make a top 5 albums full aticle post for March but some killer records came out. My favorites I hope you check out this month are from Mares Of Thrace, Crowbar, Sundowning (not to be confused with the This Is Hell modern classic) , Falls Of Rauros and Slaegt. 

Also really looking forward to new Zola Jesus in May!!!

So yeah, just gonna blurb some stuff at ya. Super pressed for time and mentally fried right now but gotta keep the dream alive, baby.

June Of 44′- way too slept on these days despite being critical legends- have a new shirt to benefit Ukraine aid via UNICEF. Shirtkiller has the merch HERE. Putin is an absolute garbage person and a despot.

Onward…Bobby Lees! Great news. The Woodstock, NY (my area digs where I grew up) based blues ragers have signed to Ipecac thanks to Henry Rollins introing them. Fuck yeah. Killer band. Seen ’em live a few times and we have loved the records around here awhile now. Well deserved.

The Bobby Lees said of partnering with Ipecac: “We’re very excited to be on Ipecac Recordings! They have bands we love, and most importantly the label is run by honest, no bullshit people. They let their artists make their own decisions and we really appreciate that. It’s rare nowadays for a label to take a chance on a band that doesn’t fit in one lane. Ipecac welcomed us and that challenge with open arms. They seem to be a label that fights for the misfits and the bands that have their own pulse. As soon as we met them, we knew this album found its home.”

Peep the new shit!

The Sound Of Scars Life Of Agony doc is out. Go appreciate the realness.

Thanks everyone for reading and see ya soon. Sorry for the smoosh post of 90 different things but at least you have a buffet to choose from.


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Over the top pioneers RAMMSTEIN have a new album called Zeit due on April 29th. Sure to be one of the biggest splashes in heavy music this (or any) year, the title track offers quite the crescendo after a ballad-like sense of controlled calm.

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MOONLIGHT HAZE release “Never Say Never”

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, March 1, 2022 at 5:24 AM (PST)

pic: Beatrice Demori

Symphonic rockers MOONLIGHT HAZE have a new song out! This is the newest electrifying single to be released from Animus, out March 18th via Scarlet Records. Check out melodic and tight “Never Say Never” HERE today, a single blazing confidently and with hope. A song for reaching for dreams and savoring the moment before it is gone, this is a timely tune for a torn up world where nothing is promised but the stars beckon above to every spirit.

“’Never Say Never’ gives us a lot of energy: we hope the same feeling will be delivered to everybody! It’s quite a fast and strong tune – about willpower and the effort of observing things from a different view, leading us to achieve goals that might have looked unreachable before”-
Chiara Tricarico
, frontwoman & lyricist.


WOLF release title track for ‘Shadowland’

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Friday, February 25, 2022 at 5:54 PM (PST)

Swedish Heavy Metal masters WOLF release their new single and title track for “Shadowland”, a hymn to all metal fans. The track, which contains swinging guitars, pounding bass and drums, topped with an incredibly catchy vocal melody that reminds of Ozzy Osbourne’s early career, is off the band’s9th studio effort, Shadowland, which will be released through Century Media on April 1st. Watch the video for “Shadowland”, HERE. The song can also be streamed on all major streaming platforms, HERE.

WOLF vocalist and guitarist Niklas Stalvind states,”Thank you all for giving ‘Dust’ such a warm welcome! We hope you will like the new song ‘Shadowland’ as well and give it many spins. A bit darker perhaps, and a bit more mysterious, showing another side of our new album. Nevertheless, 100% Wolf metal. Enjoy!”

The artwork was once again handled by the one and only Thomas Holm (Mercyful Fate, King Diamond).
Shadowland is available to pre-order, HERE, and is available in the following formats:

·       Black LP + Poster
·       White LP + Poster (limited to 300 / available at CM Distro)
·       Transp. Red LP + Poster (limited to 300 / available at EMP)
·       Transp. Orange LP + Poster (limited to 300 / Band exclusive)
·       Ltd. CD Digipak
·       Digital Album
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VESSEL release “Misguided” official audio

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Monday, February 21, 2022 at 5:42 AM (PST)

VESSEL invite you to wrestle with your soul today. It can be fun!

Tel-Aviv melodic heavy mettalers VESSEL have released a stomping, mid tempo cruiser called “Misguided”. The track showcses the falcon-cry of Bruno V Passy over admirable instrumental support from the band, scratching that hard to reach itch between the Slough Feg and Queensrÿche shoulder blades! Golden Robot Records continue to have a proven ear for talent.

California’s NIGHT DEMON ride on with style with their new cover of Thin Lizzy’s “The Sun Goes Down.” Probably the most enjoyable Lizzy cover I have heard this side of the time I “saw” Lemmy play “Rosalie” but was so hammered from the Russian Vodka Room with Christine from the much missed Crusher Mag that I remember like three songs from the whole show. Kids, don’t get so trashed you can’t remember the details of shows you’d kill to remember years later!

Anyway, Night Demon aced this Lizzy cover and the vocals in particular sound SO smooth and good. On March 25th the popular heavy metal act will release Year Of The Demon (not to be confused with the semi-similar name of a pretty cool band, fyi).

Jarvis Leatherby (Vocals / Bass) comments: “2020 was certainly the ‘Year of the Demon’ in so many ways! Never in our wildest imagination would we be releasing (5) 7″ singles in a calendar year, and nowhere in our fans’ imagination would one of the hardest touring bands of the last decade be sidelined (along with the rest of the world) by this virus that demonized our lives. We are proud to finally release these songs as a complete collection and include the rare B-sides that only saw the light of day on the collector’s record player. Here’s to 2022 and the future bringing us all something more to hope for. We have a lot more to come this year!”

Comprised of the band’s five standalone 7″ singles from 2020, this 10-track Century Media collection features original songs, cover tunes, and previously unheard live recordings. Pre-order your copy of Year of the Demon at: Really looking forward to it! Enjoy this top rate Lizzy cover below! Well done, fellas!

AMON AMARTH release “Put Your Back Into The Oar”

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, February 17, 2022 at 6:07 AM (PST)


Acclaimed Viking overlords and modern masters of heavy metal, Amon Amarth have today revealed their brand new, pulverising single “Put Your Back Into The Oar”, an ode to the epic Viking row. The standalone single was recorded & mixed in January 2021 at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden with producer Jens Bogren. Released via the band’s own label Victorious Music, the track was exclusively premiered on SiriusXM’s Liquid Metal yesterday and was subsequently played every hour throughout the day. Find “Put Your Back Into The Oar” on streaming platforms here and watch the accompanying music video here .


In conjunction with this epic new song, the band have also announced the release of a limited edition 12’’ picture disc and a range of special merchandise available from the band’s Victorious Merch store and EMP.


Amon Amarth comment:
“We’ve been quiet over the last 2 years, but we’ve been at home in Sweden hard at work behind the scenes. Much has been said about fans coming to our shows to have fun and doing the “epic Viking row”. Well, we thought it was a good idea to write a song about it! This one is for you, the fans, wherever you are – and may Odin guide you as you row to your destiny in uncharted seas! Enjoy the song and video while we continue to work on a new album. We can’t wait to see all you heathens soon.”


The official video also premiered today on the band’s YouTube channel. Shot in England over 3 days in October 2021, the atmospheric, cinematic video was produced by Twin V and directed by Ryan MackFall at Crashburn Media.
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pic by Mike Wuthrich

After a five-year wait for new music, RUBY THE HATCHET are premiering the track ‘1000 Years’ from their new EP Live at Earthquaker, their first outing for Magnetic Eye Records. The three-track set is scheduled for release on April 22, with pre-sales HERE.

The chemistry between the group is at an all time high and is truly a wonder to behold in the video below. It makes me really miss the electric bond between members of a live band:

Live at Earthquaker features early organic and raw versions of two brand-new songs recorded entirely live at EarthQuaker Devices headquarters in Akron, Ohio during the band’s US tour with KADAVAR, with the cherry on top being the physical format debut of their raucous version of URIAH HEEP’s 70s anthem ‘Easy Livin’’. The EP’s two new songs will reappear in fully-produced recordings on the New Jersey riff-rockers’ new studio album that has been announced for 2022.

The video clip for ‘1000 Years’ was recorded live and produced at EarthQuaker Devices.

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Manuel Gagneux

Hello and hope everyone had a blessed Imbolc. February has arrived and we are moving through some deeper air sign goodness after a delightful and hopeful new moon in Aquarius. It is a good time to flex the imagination and allow some brilliant music to help you expand your horizons. I just treated myself to some expensive CBD coffee that I definitely deserve and am thankful to have a day off and time to dive into some releases with you.


Seremonia are the band who are dropping the record I am most excited for this month (maybe all year, fuck it). The thrilling Neonlusifer was well worth the wait. This well established and endlessly creative psych band color outside the rules and have managed to add a new additional chapter to their previous legacy that they can be proud of. From the rocking and upbeat, retro enhanced title track to the eight minute brain birthing dirge of “Raskasta vettä” to the manic and almost art punky “Tuolle puolen auringon”, the group’s twists and turns are a genuine trip and a lot of fun. Yet another amazing release from a Finland based act. The chromatic and sensual, the boogie, the boogie-man, the veils of perception parting…it all plays a role. SO fucking pumped on this. 

Zeal and Ardor remains one of the most unique and interesting groups in rock. The S/T new record from and company drops Feb. 11th and finds the group continuing to carve into their niche while also continuing one of the most impressive “hot streaks” of banger after banger in modern rock/metal. Fresh off a stint with Opeth and Mastodon on the road, Z+A are reaching more ears than ever. The project always felt confident but now it is positively rock solid. “Feed The Machine” refines the soul and social commentary of previous releases into one of the most merciless yet thilling examples of their juxtapositions yet, the metal nastier and the melodic parts even more moving. This song will absolutely destroy most venues. “Hold Your Head Low” is another standout, pushing the dynamics more than ever and really showcasing the band is quite capable of flexing, but in a way that is in service to the musical spell. The haters who called it a gimmick just look pathetic.

Author and Punisher have always evolved and stunned, now building up an impressive footprint which someday could sit right alongside some of the all time greats of industrial like Skinny Puppy and Front 242 if Tristan stays on his grind. Seems like the band has no intention of slowing down on Krüller and the gears will keep turning. Judging by the exciting “Glorybox” cover, the rulebook has been thrown even further out the window. Good news for fans of dystopian and atmospheric outsider music…even at the outfit’s most accessible yet. The Brad Boatright mastering ensures the drone machines hit harder than ever and really help showcase the highs and lows. Love to see a Confines, Gridfailure, A+P show at Vitus sometime…putting that out there for the universe.

Transcending Obscurity artists VORGA create fierce and colorful black metal of galactic proportions. Their look kind of reminds me if Hollywood Undead took DMT and emerged from a long chrono sleep where Immortal and Star Trek were played next to their ears to stimulate the submerged mind. They sort of sound like that too, but without the rap rock part, lol.

We are talking sinister yet melodically compelling black metal that traverses many a nebulous and vast space inside before culminating in the “Death Manifesting”. This will spark both the imagination and likely some marijuana cigarettes as well. Adam Burke (Imperialist) provides the album artwork.

The End Is The Beginning from trumpet extraordinaire Mac Gollehon is a great addition to Nefarious Industries ethos of pushing quirky, anarchic, freak fringe or punk informed post-modernist jazz fuckery. Gollehon has played on thousands of records including many gold and platinum releases. His pedigree is long and imposing, from Mighty Sparrow to Duran Duran to Bowie to Onyx to Blondie to free noise jazz. It would cause glee in any avid music fan to read and makes you want to digest his life story immediately.

On The End Is The BeginningGOLLEHON works as a multi-instrumentalist, providing trumpet, cornet, trombone, percussion, keyboards, guitars, bass, vocals, and more. The End Is The Beginning was engineered, recorded, and mixed by David Brenner (Gridfailure) who adds field recordings, samples, and visuals. The record was mastered by Dan Emery at Black Matter Mastering (Kool Keith, Lost Dog Street Band, Dälek) and completed with photography by Tyler Adams.

This record just feels like you are deeply breathing in the street, similar to how Mingus could just drop you right into the action and the traffic like you had stepped through a movie screen. There is motion and emotion paired with a dizzying technical skill that never succumbs to ruining the overall , the mark of the greatest level of talent possible.

Mac reflects, “I would compare this EP’s creation to reverse-engineering. After a cool photo session with Tyler, I sent the photos to David; he suggested I write some music reflecting the character of the photos. I agreed it was a great idea and composed several sequence motifs; I pulled out the score pad and had it completed by the end of the day like a film score deadline. Using device, process, and tonal subset organization, visual intuition referencing influences from early ‘70s crime films was my start. Don Ellis’ The French Connection, Lalo Schifrin’s Dirty Harry suite, David Shire’s The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, and Ennio Morricone’s works were influential reference points.”

He continues, “Being a solo EP, I tracked all instruments. We scheduled four days of the most intense humidity the Summer had to offer but successfully tracked and mixed with David at The Compound. Just as in reverse-engineering, the photos served as the initial model of inspiration. Next, the design recovery, orchestrating the structure for resolve and de-solve. And finally, analysis recovery by eliminating – or in some cases highlighting – errors in the process, such as an occasional lucky accident.”

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Chicago’s raging noise metallers NEQUIENT are one of the most relentless and energetic bands in the scene right now, basically generating explosive chaos faster than an old man chugging prune juice. Darker Than Death Or Night is their latest release (it arrives in March) for Nefarious Industries and you can hear the rampaging new single “First Casualty” at the Pre-Order page HERE. Loving the very apocalyptic artwork!

DEP, Brutal Truth or Immortal Bird fans as well as anyone into frenetic, metallic hardcore with thrashing seizures, will be chuffed.

Darker Than Death Or Night Track Listing:
1. First Casualty
2. Worshippers Of The Apocalypse
3. Minotaur
4. Consensual Hallucination
5. Wrongs
6. Death Bridge
7. Eradicate The Malignancy
8. City Killer
9. Bootlicker
10. Golden Age Of The Grift

NEQUIENT has also booked a two-week US tour in support of the album surrounding its release.

NEQUIENT Tour Dates:
2/25/202022 Beer, Blastbeats, & Blasphemy @ Avenue 91 – Griffith, IN w/ Malignancy, Handsome Prick, ShitxLife, Minimum Wage Assassins
3/12/2022 NorthStar Bar & Grill – St. Paul, MN
3/13/2022 The Wisco – Madison, WI
3/18/2022 Black Circle – Indianapolis, IN
3/19/2022 Meteor Majeure – Murfreesboro, TN
3/20/2022 TBA – Atlanta, GA
3/21/2022 TBA
3/22/2022 The Rec Center – Fredericksburg, VA
3/23/2022 Century – Philadelphia, PA
3/24/2022 TBA – Brooklyn, NY
3/25/2022 Chaos Compound – Rochester, NY
3/26/2022 Annabell’s Bar & Lounge – Akron, OH
3/27/2022 The Corinthian – Cincinnati, OH

Týr announce live DVD, debut live single

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, January 19, 2022 at 3:11 PM (PST)

TÝR delivers a stunning show performed live with the Symphony Orchestra of the Faroe Islands. This special event was recorded at The Nordic House in Tórshavn, the Faroes on February 8th, 2020. This seismic live album will be available on Metal Blade Records on 2 LP (gatefold, with insert, poster, digital download), a 2 CD/DVD digi-book set with 12-page booklet, and everywhere digital music is sold on March 18th, 2022.

Working with the Symphony Orchestra was without a doubt one of the highlights of our careers,” admits vocalist Heri Joensen. “The feeling of sheer sophisticated power behind us was extraordinarily uplifting. We were awed by how well the songs worked in a symphonic setting. ‘By The Sword In My Hand’, for example, seems to take on a new life. It is based on a Nordic traditional melody, and the lyrics are about Sigmundur Brestisson, Faroese Viking chieftain who, on behalf of the king Olaf of Norway, forcibly Christianized the Faroes. We are very excited to finally release a live DVD, CD and LP, and even with the incredible new artwork by Gyula Havancsák, that excellently captures the epic atmosphere of the event. In other news, our team is working on tours, festivals and shows, so please stay tuned and patient. We hope to see you all soon!

Pre-Orders for the album are available at:

A Night at the Nordic House Track Listing:
01. Hel’s Prelude
02. Gates of Hel
03. Grindavísan
04. Sunset Shore
05. Ragnars Kvæði
06. Gavotte from Suite in G Minor
07. Blood of Heroes
08. Ramund Hin Unge
09. Hold the Heathen Hammer High
10. The Lay of Thrym
11. Tróndur í Gøtu
12. Mare of My Night
13. Turið Torkilsdóttir
14. Fire and Flame
15. Torkils Døtur
16. Ormurin Langi
17. By the Sword in My Hand
18. Álvur Kongur

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Trad and classic metal shadow weavers SANHEDRIN create music that manages to be semi-ornate while also not forgetting to rock. Metal Blade release Lights On is the very anticipated new slab from this Brooklyn outfit and is set to take the heavy metal world by storm.

Hear “Correction” today here and pre-order HERE.

On this particular track, vocalist/bassist Erica Stoltz explains, “The pandemic put the unbridled excess of humanity on hold. The reference was a play on the term ‘correction’ as used in economics. The comparison is between the slow roll of global death by virus and other man-made instantaneous destructors like atomic bombs.

Well, a lot of people have still profited plenty during the pandemic and kept promoting excess or staying more concerned about capitalism than actually helping people, but the song rocks and casts a wider view. Check it out.

Lights On Track Listing:
01. Correction
02. Lights On
03. Lost at Sea
04. Change Takes Forever
05. Code Blue
06. Scythian Women
07. Hero’s End
08. Death Is a Door


REVOLVER streams ‘Return Of The California Takeover’

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, November 16, 2021 at 10:13 AM (PST)

Earth Crisis pic by Veronika Reinert

Stream The Return Of The California Takeover HERE.


Revolver Magazine is hosting an exclusive stream of The Return Of The California Takeover, the new live LP from EARTH CRISIS, SNAPCASE, and STRIFE, in advance of the LP’s release this Friday via WAR Records.


In February of 2020, EARTH CRISIS, SNAPCASE, and STRIFE joined forces in Los Angeles for The Return Of The California Takeover; two shows paying homage to The California Takeover… Live, the classic live album featuring all three bands. Released on Victory Records in 1996, The California Takeover… Live is considered by many fans of the genre as one of the all-time best live hardcore records.


WAR Records is proud to release the audio companion to the 2020 event, with the retail version of The Return Of The California Takeover. The LP finds EARTH CRISIS, SNAPCASE, and STRIFE all in fighting form, joining forces to play sets filled with the songs that helped define 1990s hardcore. The Return Of The California Takeover is a sonic document to a very special night shared by all those in attendance.


Recorded live at the Teragram Ballroom on February 23rd, 2020, The Return Of The California Takeover was produced by Aaron Bruno of Awolnation along with Eric Stenman (Thrice, Deftones, Will Haven) co-producing, engineering, and mixing. The record was mastered by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Cavalera Conspiracy) and features artwork by Linas Garsys.


EARTH CRISIS guitarist Scott Crouse offers, “I’m really glad we were all able to get together again and give the younger folks an opportunity to see something they missed out on, and also the older people the chance to relive the good old days. The live recording really turned out great. I really think it properly captures the vibe of that night.”


SNAPCASE vocalist Daryl Taberski reveals, “The California Takeover is more than just a snapshot of ‘90s hardcore, it brings out the best in each of our bands and also our audience as well. There are a lot of laughs and camaraderie when our three bands get together, but more importantly we spark an increased energy on stage for each other.”


STRIFE guitarist Andrew Kline writes, “I am so glad that the tape was rolling, and that we were able to capture the energy and positivity of that night. The Return of The California Takeover shows were not about living in the past, but rather bringing the past full circle to the present… Having younger bands like Magnitude and Hesitation Wounds on the bill really solidified the fact that the style of hardcore that we play is still important and still running through the veins of the new generation of hardcore kids…”


The feature at Revolver adds, “In 1996, Victory Records released a soon-to-be iconic live album called The California Takeover, which featured recordings from a three-band bill in L.A. that boasted EARTH CRISIS, SNAPCASE, and STRIFE — three of the most popular and influential hardcore bands of the Nineties. The live LP took on a legendary status in the halls of hardcore, and in February 2020, it happened again. Dubbed The Return of the California Takeover, those three pillars of metallic hardcore teamed up at the Teragram Ballroom in L.A. for a night that honored their legacies and proved that all three of them still got it.”


Stream the entire The Return Of The California Takeover LP featuring EARTH CRISIS, SNAPCASE, and STRIFE early only through Revolver Magazine RIGHT HERE.


WAR Records will release The Return Of The California Takeover this Friday, November 19th, on LP, CD, and digital formats. The vinyl will be available in four variants: 300 color-in-color pressed as band exclusives, 400 on olive green available through RevHQ, BrooklynVegan, Hardtimes, Revolver, Coretex, and more, and two WAR Records exclusive pressings, with 100 on glow in the dark wax with Japanese OBI Strip and 200 tricolor California Flag pressing, all including a 24”x36” poster.


Find preorders for all formats now at the WAR Records webshop RIGHT HERE.


After their postponement over the Summer, the rescheduled California Takeover East Coast dates have been issued, rebooking the shows for May of 2022, when EARTH CRISIS, SNAPCASE, and STRIFE will bring the action to Buffalo, New York on May 13th, followed by two shows in Philly on May 14th and 15th.


EARTH CRISIS, SNAPCASE, and STRIFE California Takeover East Coast:

5/13/2022 The Town Ballroom – Buffalo, NY
5/14/2022 Underground Arts – Philadelphia, PA
5/15/2022 Underground Arts – Philadelphia, PA

The Return Of The California Takeover Track Listing:
1. Earth Crisis – Forged In The Flames
2. Earth Crisis – Constrict
3. Snapcase – Incarnation
4. Snapcase – Zombie Prescription
5. Strife – Waiting
6. Strife – Stand As One
7. Snapcase – Drain Me
8. Snapcase – Caboose
9. Strife – Lift
10. Strife – Force Of Change
11. Earth Crisis – To Ashes
12. Earth Crisis – Born From Pain
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