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Drugs of Faith premiere “Nihilists” over at BrooklynVegan

Posted by longhairedpoet on Sunday, August 18, 2019 at 10:59 AM (PST)

Virginia noise makers Drugs of Faith have premiered their newest track “Nihilists” over at BrooklynVegan earlier this week.

“Nihilists” is the first single off of the upcoming Decay 7″ EP which will be released through Selfmadegod Records in early September.

Drugs of Faith’s Decay EP marks the outfit’s first full-length studio release since 2013’s Architectural Failures. Recorded with Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations in Baltimore (Full Of Hell, Magrudergrind) and mastered by JC Griffin at Lakebottom Recording (Cloud Rat, Ceremony Of Senses, Blind Haven), Decay delivers five searing tracks.

Founding guitarist/vocalist Richard Johnson offers of the track, “‘Nihilists’ shows our love for Voivod and Demigod. It’s one of the more aggressive songs from the Decay EP.”

Drugs of Faith is comprised of vocalist/guitarist Richard Johnson (Enemy Soil, Agoraphobic Nosebleed), bassist Ivan Khilko (Immanent Voiceless, Destroyer of Worlds), and drummer Ethan Griffiths (Embra). Since its 2002 inception, the band has released an array of recordings through Selfmadegod Records, Malokul, Contaminated Tones, and more. The band has appeared in the Decibel Magazine Flexi Series, on a Godflesh tribute compilation, has recorded a split 7″ with Cloud Rat and a split 3″ CD with Antigama, and most recently issued a track on an anti-Trump compilation.

Head over to BrooklynVegan to stream “Nihilists.”

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Polish grind machine Antigama are back with an aggressive new trailer for well monickered new release The Insolent.

Preorders for multiple physical versions of The Insolent have been made available. The album is available on cassette, eco-pack/gatefold digisleeve CD, black 12″ gatefold LP, and a translucent 12″ gatefold LP, limited to 100 copies worldwide. All four versions are now available for preorder in the US via Selfmadegod’s stateside mailorder outlet, Earsplit Distro, RIGHT HERE, and internationally directly from Selfmadegod including shirt bundles HERE.

View the new album trailer for ANTIGAMA’s The Insolent at THIS LOCATION.  Short bursts of hellfire that fans of Today Is The Day, Nasum and of course Antigama will gnash teeth for will fill your ears before a ticking clock counts down the seconds with ominous anticipation.

Also be sure to check dates with one of my favorites, Drugs Of Faith, just BELOW.

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Interview: Drugs Of Faith – White Punks On Hope

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Friday, November 22, 2013 at 12:47 AM (PST)



Drugs Of Faith are one of the best take-it-or-leave-it heavy bands going today. A cultivated and honest sound, awareness of underground culture, electric presence… and they have lyrical depth to boot! Both poetic and socially engaged while full of great riffs for both rocking and grinding, DoF have yet to let me down. Richard Johnson and pals not only write great songs but Johnson also has one of the most blood curdling screams in all of music, a throaty howl that is relentless when he really lets it out beyond the general hoarse spoken shouts of most of the group’s material. But when the moment strikes and emotions peak, Richard can roar the head off any aesthetically stunted death core poseur.

I love that some stuff can still be found of solid quality in the metal spectrum that addresses social concerns, whether it be any given DoF release or, for example, the killer new Exhumed record Necrocracy.  Drugs are a band who, regardless of what I have going on, I always try and make time to cover when a new and substantial release comes out – because they just deserve it AND you owe it to yourself to hear them.

Drugs are one of the coolest, most meaningful bands out there and the good people behind CVLT Nation have just streamed the D.C. area based group’s bitching new EP Architectural Failures HERE! Give it a listen and rejoice then read this MR Exclusive with Richard Johnson right HERE.

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Virginia’s hellishly talented grind trio Drugs Of Faith may have one of the best names in rock, but until now they haven’t had a proper full length debut. Bad ass demos, EPs and splits notwithstanding, it was high time to release CORRODED on Selfmadegod Records. The album was recorded at Developing Nations in Baltimore with Kevin Bernsten at the helm, and mastered by Scott Hull of Pig Destroyer/Agoraphobic Nosebleed, plus features a guest contribution from Pig Destroyer’s JR Hayes on a cover of His Hero Is Gone’s “Hinges” anthem.

“It’s not that there is a theme to the record but it is sort of, without being cheesy, that our discourse is being corroded,” says “The Grindfather” Richard Johnson (Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Enemy Soil) about the pulverizing and clanging debut. I have to love a band like Drugs Of Faith, Unsane or even Motorhead who can create such a holy racket with just three members.  National Public Radio’s All Songs Considered blog hosted the premiere of “Hidden Costs,” the fourth track from the album here, and maybe that is what led to the recent battle to cut funding to NPR and PBS. Seriously, this band is not pulling any punches but still have an intellectual side that is as razor sharp as their riffing.

To read the Metal Riot interview with Richard (discussing CORRODED, Cloves, The X-Files, The Tea Party and more) click here.

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