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“It takes courage to confront the weaknesses we share” – Mina Caputo 

Go buy music. I’m doing my year end list early this year instead of butted right up against New Year’s Eve on the pretext that some of you might actually want to purchase albums and support bands as well as share and trade and be hippies. It is great we can share and be exposed to more music these days, which also gives us the choice to choose what succeeds, directly interfacing with our heroes and/or peers in the “scene”.

Black Friday is pure “Mob Rules” insanity at the chain stores, so why don’t you order any of the albums on my list online (or at least stream them)? This year instead of 5 best records I chose one for each of Metal Riot’s sub-genre catagories, though all are basically one form or another of heavy or edgy rock. Best music video is also included.

This year was a stunning series of highs and lows, from triumphs of death metal to huge tours to  Oderus, Wayne Static and Athon leaving us too soon (also R.I.P. Johnny Winter)!

This list is a sample of some of the best albums (or certain songs) that moved me in 2014. Songs about unity needed in this Fergusson-tense environment , songs for self growth or songs that just kicked ass.

Click HERE to read the top picks.

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“I’ve spoken out on politics and social issues a long time. I felt in a sense that I was screaming about the second step. The first step is that in and of itself, we need to rebel against tangible authority figures rather than creating intangible authority figures. Revolutionary minded people who are at the same time praying and kneeling down to something they are creating in their own heads. What hope does that give us? I find it gives us very little hope in conquering authority figures. If it’s that ingrained to us to kneel to people that we would create a ruling class that doesn’t even exist. All the concepts from religion and made up deities that actually control aspects of our lives. Some very controlling factors in our society. Whether something is “good” or “evil”, when in reality much of what happens in our lives is just natural. I don’t mean that in a way to put the stamp of approval on anything, but it is what it is. Unless you can look at it in a more scientific way, looking at issues in society through a more critical and skeptical lens, then we are always going to be reaching out for someone to save us.” – Nathan Gray

Slightly past the middle mark of I Am Heresy’s new album Thy Will is a mellower song called “Alarm”. The track doesn’t have the spitfire blend of hardcore, emo and black metal that somehow works so well when channeled by the passionate musicians in this terrific and vital group. Still, “Alarm” really sums up the themes of Thy Will. Smug bastards want to take away rights, imposing religious order and a false sense that they’ve “won against nature, disorder and time”. I Am Heresy have made the most powerful heavy record I have heard yet in 2014, a socially relevant and musically alive testament to fighting the whitewashing of America. An end to GOP witch hunts of people who are different. Raging against the dying of the light.

“Emotional Cockroach” by Tad is thumping from my stereo in a grungy, wah wah haze of rage. As I am writing this the Anti-Gay Bill SB 1062 was vetoed by Arizona governor Jan Brewer. Ted Nugent is out there somewhere calling Obama a “subhuman mongrel”. I Am Heresy are the kind of band we need in times like these, when heresy is the new critical thinking. There are some good bands doing the anti-religious, rationalist thing (Withdrawal on A389 Records come to mind), but I Am Heresy sound the most inspired. Featuring Nathan Gray from Boysetsfire on vocals and his son Simon Gray on guitar, they have launched a very special lyric video for “Seven Wolves And The Daughters Of Apocalypse” and are on tour with melancholy punk heroes of the moment Off With Their Heads.

Don’t be ashamed to speak out if you know something is wrong. Don’t buy into religious persecution shot full of holes from the get go. Crank this record up loud and rise above. To read an interview with Nathan Gray about voting, “good” vs. “evil”, black metal snobs, church tax breaks, gay rights and much, much more…click HERE.

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Album Review: I Am Heresy – Thy Will

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, February 11, 2014 at 2:07 AM (PST)

i-am-heresy-thy-will.jpg w=627&h=620

I Am Heresy have arrived anew with a thunderous Christening/Baptism of Fire.

“Year Zero in the Temple of Fire” sounds like the bassline of Frank Ocean, Kanye and Hova’s Watch The Throne track “No Church In The Wild” played really fast. Remember those Metallica riffs that crept into Wind-Up era Tomorrow Come Today in BSF, post After The Eulogy?

Some bands scream about escapism while others use black metal as a cleansing ritual of the self. I Am Heresy achieves a rare well done synthesis of crossover BM and Hardcore, Boysetsfire’s best traits stylistically  bridging the sonic gaps here. It is an unenviable task and the band materialize an admirable result. Blasting drums and monster hardcore riffs bring the brimstone.

To read more fall from grace HERE. We have no regrets.

I Am Heresy announce “Thy Will” teaser video

Posted by longhairedpoet on Monday, December 23, 2013 at 7:38 AM (PST)


Delaware/New Jersey six-piece metallers I Am Heresy have released a teaser video for their upcoming album Thy Will.

Thy Will is due out March 3 in Europe and March 4 in North America.

Check out the album teaser and more about I Am Heresy here.

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