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“When you’re young, your candle burns ( if you’re lucky ) pretty hot. You punch your friends in the shoulder cause it’s fun. Pain is still (also if you’re lucky) a theoretical and playful venture. We wanted to rock hard. We set our sights on it and we felt like it was necessary to make a good band. We were childhood friends and brothers. We also didn’t want to let each other down. That made us try harder.” – Jet

To sit here and explain Sam Black Church, one of the most influential and deadly live acts in Boston’s rich (to say the least) history of heavy music, would fall far short of doing the band justice. Let’s just say it is 12 days out (as I write this) on the $15,000 needed to help fund filmmaker and urban punk poet Duncan Wilder Johnson‘s Leave Behind A Groove In The Earth and I am more than honored just to be helping promote the fucking thing. Sam Black, there are just no words. The following piece discusses the film, the SBC legacy and much more. I can’t believe I talked to Jet and Duncan about the film. I am almost kind of star struck just to email with the dude who sang on Let in Life. I’ve interviewed Moby, Jane’s Addiction, Slayer (to name a few) and here I am like…”wow, it’s JET!!!” (gushing)

#SamBlackChurch We’ve raised $9,415 so far! THANK YOU! We’ve got 12 days to come up with another $5,585! – DWJ via Twitter

The near-complete documentary, which also includes cameos from my good rasta buddy/favorite guitar hero Dr. Know of Bad Brains (seriously, I just and Christmas dinner with that dude) and Neil of Clutch, to name a few.

This is sociology, people. If you care about the evolution of true hardcore, you need to help get this film finished! So close to the goal and it is all or nothing time!

Click HERE to read the full interview with Jet and Duncan! And to help fund the Kickstarter click HERE!

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