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Hey everyone. I was baked and listening to the SOAD meets Don Cab glory that is Lazer/Wulf this morning and thinking how primarily instrumental bands maybe have an easier time opening minds than some bands with a specific agenda, as maybe someone who is more uptight could still be moved by a certain musical passage to have their little clammed shut Chakras open and dump out some detritus. But I think also we should always be who we need to be (so long as it isn’t harmful and super problematic.) That said, I see no problem in admitting I am seeing both Dokken and the My Little Pony movie tomorrow and have no shame.

At Metal Riot we will continue to write about some things ‘tough guy’ metal dudes may never understand, from trans representation to, well, admitting it is also ok to like a band like Young Lungs and not have to blow your brains out all the time. Anyway, my life also includes cool light worky good bad good witchy stuff like plugging Globelamp’s Patreon or boosting the word on a new boutique from Grog of Die So Fluid (They have a new record dropping, btw)! Cuz metal and rock are boring without cool jewelry!

Grog, who is one of the all time coolest, says:

In the Grog boutique, you’ll find sterling silver pendants, mesmerizing stones, fun pieces made with vintage finds and beads, and a series of lace collar pieces exploring the theme I began in ‘the story of the hat’. Don’t forget everything is handmade and full of yogic goodness 🙂

I’m celebrating by donating an exclusive piece called ‘Prevail’ to the Die So Fluid PledgeMusic campaign to help raise funds for the album release and tour. So the title is fitting!

The necklace is an absolute favourite of mine, it was the centrepiece of my last collection, but I liked it so much I withdrew it from the shop to wear in photos, videos and out on the town. Now I’m passing it on to a good home in the name of rock!

Every piece I create is unique and this is an opportunity to acquire something show-stopping, very personal to me, and one-of-a-kind, whilst contributing to the band on Pledge.

Exclusive jewellery item ‘Prevail’ by Grog.

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Die So Fluid release new song “Bittersweet”

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Friday, March 31, 2017 at 1:17 PM (PST)

Die So Fluid , one of our fave hard rock bands, have released a new tune. “Bittersweet” is the first song from new album and premiered first on HERE. One Bullet From Paradise is the album title for the L.A./London based act, the first since the tragic passing of longtime drummer Al Fletcher. This one kind of reminds me of a stompy L7 riff if it was more gothic pop. Very confident fun mixed with the band’s usual flirtation with darkness and enjoyable performances. It also features the lyric ,”I like girl scout cookies made from girl scouts”, which is kind of amazing.

Says popular singer Grog: Bittersweet is an alter ego who came to life as I wrote the song. Part me, part fictional, she embodies all the stuff I like about many of my fave female tv, film and graphic novel characters. She makes a statement about embracing yourself as you are, thorns n all. She’s kick ass but not psycho, sexy and clever, fun and darkly deep. She parties hard and rocks her talents hard.”

I love this band and Grog also makes jewellery sometimes. I got my mom, who has dementia, one of her necklaces and she wears it almost every day still. Anyway, check this jam out and show them some support as they get through a hard time and yet continue to celebrate living strong in the moment!

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Die So Fluid are a favorite on this site. Why? Because…well, they are fucking amazing. The goth rockers killed it on their 2xLP The Opposites Of Light  (which we rated quite highly). Now they have a new clip for the song “Landslides”, originally premiering at Bloody Disgusting. It’s a more fluid than die type of song, a desert dream of vocalist Grog’s slippery vocals (perhaps one of the catchiest voices in rock) and killer instrumental work from everyone in the trio.

Check it out HERE and get your fever dream on.

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Album Review: Die So Fluid – The Opposites Of Light

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, April 24, 2014 at 2:58 PM (PST)


The Opposites of Light by Die So Fluid is a 16 song journey composed of two complimentary halves.The 2x album is positively overflowing with creativity and unique choices. Even the cover art calls to mind the haunting, more adult film adaptation of Where The Wild Things Are.

There are two distinct sections on the album named ‘Shakura’ and ‘Pah’, the Solar and Lunar deities of the matriarchal Pawnee Native Americans. As you might expect, the “solar” and “lunar” or day and night qualities are reflected in the music which varies from irresistably catchy yet dirty hard rock to lush and gorgeous ballads that almost recall Siouxie & The Banshees. Lead off vampires in exile track “Black Blizzard” blew my mind when I firt heard it. One of the most hypnotic string intros of all time sets the mood before you are dropped into a marching groove and meet the impressive hook lacedyet not cloying vocals of Bassist/songstress Grog Rox. Then the massive chorus riff and soaring screams arrive and you get a rush the likes of which not felt since the ‘yeaaaah’ famous chorus of Nirvana’s “Lithium”. It’s all big chords, boomin rhythm section and passion. The dynamic range is killer, from the opening dreamy guitar of “Anubis” that evolves into a heavy pocket mid tempo rock groove like a more romantic and female led STP meets Duran Duran.

Just way smarter guitar choices than most average rock and songs you can invite into your life, as if you had any other choice to hold these babies back!

Click HERE for more.



Die So Fluid have revealed a new video for hard rock song “Comets”. I really am starting to think they can do no wrong, as “Comets” once again proves this improbable grunge glam trio just writes better songs than most bands. The opening shot of L.A. in the video is quite affecting, while the clip also shows the whole talented and unified band rocking out hard.

Says lovely riff babe, poet and general bad ass Grog Rox:

“This is an in-house video in that it was mainly directed, shot and edited by me. A super-fan and friend very generously gave me a GoPro to encourage my filming interests for Die So Fluid ( “Crime Scene'”was also an early attempt of mine) .I wanted to make a video that reflected the personal elements of “Comets” that inspired me to write it , so it’s a tribute to how it feels to ride a Triumph with your man around the streets of LA, which has still has mind blowing dreamlike qualities for a relocated English gal like me.”

Click HERE to watch the kick ass clip and rev things up.

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Die So Fluid compilation Kisses and Kicks out now

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Monday, February 3, 2014 at 8:08 PM (PST)

23fcc6bb-77d4-4257-9664-af691d4cfde2_zpsc966c1ffLondon/L.A. dark alt-hard rock band Die So Fluid have released a great career spanning compilation Kisses and Kicks. The trio’s melodic and powerful grunge/glam/metal/gothic rock hybrid is a very addictive potion. Kisses and Kicks is a great jumping on point for new fans or a treat for those who already love the group.

Turn up the rolling Badmotorfinger-esque groove and soaring vocals of “Pigsy” for a particularly MRiot recommended track.

Get your copy HERE.

Via Facebook DSF said:

Pleased to announce the release of ‘Kisses and Kicks’ now on iTunes, available shortly on Spotify! A taster album stuffed full of hot tunes, also will be on Amazon, 7 digital, Xbox music, Deezer, Google play, Nokia music, e music, blinkbox, Vervelife, Omnifone, Medianet, and more……..

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Die So Fluid
Oh good, I thought it was just me that thought it weird when these bands get described as ‘melodic’ but it’s the same fucking, unmemorable, melody that they’re all singing.Lack of balls and the wrong motivation. They don’t want to be real musicians just pop stars. And they’re encouraged by labels who want pop stars and not musicians too. When you start out you’re happy to have written a song, and then as you progress your standards are raised and you find you’re throwing out songs that don’t come up to par. It should always be a challenging and stimulating process.-Grog (Vox).

It is with pleasure Metal Riot discusses “The Opposites Of Light” pending release with Grog from Die So Fluid. To read the interview click HERE.

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