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Islander are a band close to my heart and it was cool to learn today they’ve covered R.E.M., another of my favorite bands. They are one of the great live bands in the game right now and their cover of R.E.M.’s “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine),” is their first bit of music released since signing to Better Noise Music. The band took a break from writing their upcoming album to cover this timely track, in recognition of the worldwide pandemic and the toll it has taken on the Carvajal family. The band’s brothers, Mikey and Chris Carvajal, wanted to use the track to raise funds for a cause close to their (and their Aunt’s) hearts.

It’s interesting because I saw R.E.M. on the Monster tour and it was amazing how they made a big venue feel so intimate and personal. Interestingly enough, I saw Islander a few times and they have somehow made every show seem often more energetic and huge than headliners they are out with. Very different style of music in general, but both had or have the power to make any moment feel loaded with import.

The world is being hit hard by COVID-19. Our hearts especially go out to the NYC community and everyone struggling right now. Our Aunt/Tia Lolin is one of the many that have passed away because of this terrible virus. So this effort to raise funds is dedicated to her huge heart and love for her neighbors. She was always thinking of others before herself. In honor of Tia Lolin, a portion of proceeds from this track will go to the NYC Low-Income Artist + Freelancer Relief Fund to support the artists and freelancers that are struggling in her hometown of NYC. We love you, fellow artists. We love you, Tia Lolin. – Islander

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Islander release video for “Casket”

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, May 4, 2017 at 11:02 AM (PST)

Nu groove punks Islander are my favorite younger band in the rock scene going on a few years now. They just fire on all cylinders, don’t play the seventeenth stepped on version of breakdown core you’ve heard way too many times and manage to put their own spin on any genre they dip their fingers in. Each of their releases works with the next but also has distinct characteristics to mark that era.

The band have just released a new video for “Casket”, the last clip from recent speaker buster Power Under Control. You can watch the black and white clip, filmed on NASA grounds, HERE.

My only issue with the video is that I can’t imagine singer Mikey actually burying anyone like that because he is a really nice dude! Haha.

The video comes as ISLANDER prepare for some intimate club shows before joining the ‘Summer Of Serenity Tour’ alongside Korn, Stone Sour and Baby Metal. Check it out!

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Even the cynical and nu metal hating among you have to admit this tour is going to bring the serious mosh. Not only have Korn been really regaining that special weirdness they had since Brian Welch returned to the ranks, but they are bringing Suicide Silence and one of my favorite newer bands Islander in tow. Seriously, Are you rrrrreeeeaaaddddyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Maybe I’ll see some of you at Irving. Fuckin’ not ashamed of being stoked!

Dates BELOW.

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By any standard the Papa Roach and Seether tour (with up and comers Kyng and a band I often hype called Islander) has been a huge success all around. Somehow the bill, which featured a blend of nu metal and hard rock, was a blend of both PMA and mope but the bands gelled together great.

Islander opened it up, far and away my favorite younger band of the moment. I’ve interviewed them 3 times already! It was cool to finally meet the dudes in person. Like myself back when I sang for a nu-hardcore band Divest, the Islander boys have collaborated with someone from the legendary Bad Brains (arguably the first hardcore band) . The  Islander guys just seemed so psyched to be playing the big room. It reminded me of when I saw Polar Bear Club open for mighty Bad Religion in this same venue and they kind of stole the show from BR and The Bronx (both of whom I love). Islander were the hungriest band here and they killed it with NO backing tracks like some bands use these days. “Lucky Rabbit” (the song H.R. from Bad Brains sang on with them on their first EP) was intense, a post-hardcore and groove hybrid that found vocalist Mikey screaming for all the ones “slipping through the cracks in the system.” I told the band backstage they had only been beaten in year end polls for this site by a slim margin, and by the Foo Fighters. “If you’re close behind the Foo Fighters that’s not too bad,” said Mikey. “Dave Grohl still has a punk rock heart. We’re just kids who grew up on Bad Brains and Zao. I think we’re doing well. Mayhem Fest seasoned us a little bit. ”

Thanks to Islander’s label Victory Records for hooking us up with access and for supporting hard rock, metal and hard core now with a wider range. I love the old Victory era as much as anyone but this is 2015 and with people not buying records as much it is important for a label with a solid brand and passionate staff to get behind and unify a diverse roster and keep “rock” in general going strong! I’ve only ever had great experiences with Victory.

For tons of pics by Catharina Christiana and a full show review see BELOW.

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Catch Islander’s “New Wave”

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 at 11:32 AM (PST)

imgres Fusion metal Victory Records disciples Islander are back with a new video for “New Wave” (via @billboard) that finds the boys doing their thing, beach style swagger and all. It’s a more reflective and spaced out track from #violenceanddestruction , the band’s hit album.

For more, see BELOW.

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The leaders of the so called “Nu Metal” revival don’t deserve that tag, but not because it sells them short. Islander are indeed leaders and one of the best new bands on the scene, but “nu metal” was a stupid name to begin with. Korn never thought of themselves as a metal band. They always wanted to be perceived as their own entity. It’s why they covered “Mellowship in Slinky B’ by the chili Peppers when I saw them yeaaars ago at Lollapalooza, like, ’96 or something. It’s why they fuckin’ made one of their best albums The Path Of Totality when they were digging on EDM, which looked like a cash grab because of the popular EDM movement of the time, but Jonathan Davis is also a DJ now, so it isn’t a passing fad for Korn. People said they had too much hip hop or funk influence or some people thought too much metal influence, but they were never trying to replace Iron Maiden. Now some people say theirsong “Never Never”, in fact a killer pop song, is not heavy enough. Just let them be Korn! You can’t please everyone. “Y’all wanna single say…Fuck that, fuck that shit!”

Korn were just trying to create their own macrocosm within their own stylistic likes. Korn also were criticized more because they were seen as more blatantly trying to be aggresively marketed via stickers and cartoony t-shirts than, say, the artsier Deftones. Anybody remember how punks The Sex Pistols were a major label band?

Deftones got by with crictis more, one because they wrote better songs and two because they seemed more indie somehow, more connected to underground bands like Bad Brains (who got them their first big tour) and critically beloved new wave music. People blamed Rage Against The Machine for “Nu Metal”, just because they rapped. That is fucking ignorant. Rage had a social message and killer grooves. Groove in metal is not inherently bad. In fact, half these long haired old ass cracker jacks could use some. As much as I like Chris Holmes’ guitar playing over the years, moving to France to escape hip hop culture is ridiculous. One, France is pretty fucking liberal and two, the best guitar player who started rock n roll was Chuck Berry.Blackie Lawless and Mustaine becoming the more closed minded type of born again christians (I’m not against people of faith inherently) and hating on other bands who are atheists or satanic bands is ignorant. They are just proclaiming their lack of culture saavy or lack of true spiritual compassion.

I swear I am getting back to Islander in a minute, cuz they deserve it. I gotta clear the air here first though. “Nu Metal” as a genre tag allowed lesser bands to water it down, the same shit that happens in hardcore or D-beat when suddenly everyone jumps on Converge’s dick or whoever. It’s not the genre that is inherently bad. It is whether the talent, skill or execution fails to connect to people or the band is just clown shoes! Fear Factory caught shit for working with Cypress Hill years ago. That’s bullshit. The real problem should have been that both those groups are mega talented and it wasn’t the best song they could have come up with.

Click HERE for more.


Call ’em post hardcore, alternative metal or hard rock, Islander write fresh shit. The opening bass line of this new song “Coconut Dracula” alone is pretty cool, but guess what? The whole song is worth hearing! I don’t know if there are any actual coconut sucking vampires out there who somehow live off the delicious milk like vegan hipsters or if this is merely a new kind of cereal, perhaps? Islander don’t really fill us in but they want to be “someone just like you”, apparently.

“Coconut Dracula” will appear on their full length Violence & Destruction , out this summer on Victory Records. 

The song is debuting via the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival site right HERE. The band will be rocking the Victory stage all summer and are certainly one of the most interesting bands on the tour this year. This may not be heavy enough but I promise these cats are worth checking out. Fans of P.O.D. and Bad Brains (both of whom feature members who have collaborated with this young band) should check Islander  out. View the full list of Mayem  dates here.

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From the band that made both Alternative Press’ ‘100 Bands You Need To Know’ and Revolver’s ‘Most Anticipated Album of 2014’, ISLANDER is proud to announce Violence & Destruction.  These guys are a killer band, one of my newest favorites. They have huge cross-over potential, a positive outlook and high energy love for hard rock, metal, punk and reggae. Just dope dudes killin’ it.

Pre-order packages for ISLANDER’s highly anticipated Victory Records full-length debut, Violence & Destruction, are now available exclusively through Various Violence & Destruction packages, starting at $19.98, include your choice of t-shirt, tank top, crewneck sweatshirts, posters, and more. ISLANDER’s Violence & Destruction will be available everywhere on July 8th, 2014.

For your first taste of the album, head over to Alternative Press and stream the new track, “The Sadness Of Graves”.

Grab your pre-order of Violence & Destruction just in time to catch ISLANDER perform it live all summer long on the Victory Records Stage at the 2014 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. They are by far the best band on that Victory stage, trust.  Click HERE for tour dates.

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