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OG shock rocker and horror metal founder Alice Cooper has announced his early 2018 tour details. The veteran rocker still searches for inspiration in the creepy and peculiar corners of the dark side of life and recently released the successful Paranormal. It was his first album in six years and 27th overall, out via earMUSIC this past August. Paranormal features special guests like U2’s Larry Mullen Jr., who plays on 9 of the 12 new songs; Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top; Deep Purple’s Roger Glover, as well as a highly anticipated mini-reunion of the original Alice Cooper band members.

Now Alice has announced tour dates which you can see BELOW.

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King of the ghouls Alice Cooper has a frightful delight due out soon for fans, a classic TV Special and concert film on DVD from arguably his most classic era.

Alice Cooper’s Welcome To My Nightmare Special Edition DVD will be released on September 8, 2017 via Eagle Rock Entertainment. The DVD features the 1975 TV special Alice Cooper: The Nightmare, now available on DVD for the first time, along with the 1976 Welcome To My Nightmare concert film.

Aired on ABC in the US, Alice Cooper: The Nightmare showcases every song from the legendary Welcome To My Nightmare album, which had just been released at the time. With Cooper taking on the role of Steven, and Vincent Price serving as The Spirit Of The Nightmare, this special was a unique introduction to his new album, drawing fans even further into the dark fantasy.

Melding horror, theater, and rock music, Alice Cooper’s Welcome To My Nightmarewas a stage show the likes of which was never seen before. Hits and classics songs like “School’s Out”, “Only Women Bleed”, “Billion Dollar Babies”, “Welcome To My Nightmare”, “No More Mr. Nice Guy”, “I’m Eighteen”, and “Department Of Youth” were backdropped with giant spiders, skeletons, a cyclops, and the voice of horror royalty Vincent Price. This groundbreaking theatrical presentation scintillated, horrified, and thrilled audiences, delivering an experience unlike any concerts at the time. He truly brought spectators into a living (or unliving) nightmare, and they loved every minute of it.

The combination of the Welcome To My Nightmare concert film and Alice Cooper: The Nightmare TV special demonstrates the true genius of Alice Cooper. He is beyond music, and beyond horror – Alice Cooper is an experience, who continues to frighten and thrill audiences to this day.

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Movie Review: Super Duper Alice Cooper

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, May 29, 2014 at 5:57 AM (PST)

Super Duper Alice Cooper is a rare rock doc that really nails it. Coherent continuity propelled as much by visual narrative and well edited insights rather than an overly verbose sense of nostalgia, the film fires on all cylinders. This is required viewing for any would be shock rocker or performer who plans to live or play with persona. Alice Cooper is a legend if ever there was one. Some people can handle the 24/7 thing for awhile, but chances are your alter ego will eventually bite you back. There is a reason Bruce Wayne didn’t stay Batman all the time, kids.

There’s a few moments in my “career” as a rock writer that made me feel like all the blood, sweat and tears have been worth it. Getting to talk to Sylvain Sylvain the day former NY Dolls manager Malcolm Mclaren passed away was unexpected and intense. Interviewing my favorite woman in music Jennifer Herrema of Royal Trux/Black Bananas not once but twice. Talking to Jane’s Addiction. But honestly getting an advance copy of this movie and knowing I get to help get the word out on the DVD release is also pretty darn validating and feels fantastic as a long time Alice fan…ever since “Feed My Frankenstein” when I was a kid myself!

The animation,contributors, editing and of course the music is fantastic. We see the rise of the early band from their Beatle Mania influenced days as The Spiders to actually gaining infamy opening for John Lennon to Alice taking on a life beyond the scope of what the band, and probably Vincent Furnier himself, ever imagined. A standout part of the film is when Alice talks in old interview footage about how rock had gone as far as it was gonna go with guitar solos and drum solos and he was pushing it forward. If a boy is gonna go home wearing eye make-up and scare his parents, that was ok.

Click here for more of the film review (and believe me, you want to).