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BEST NEWS OF THE WEEK! The Order Of Israfel, one of our very favorite bands of medieval-esque Doom fuckers, return with their new album Red Robes. Well, tickle my Raistlin Majere black! This looks awesome and if anything it will be a thrill to hear how the band top their near perfect debut.

Headed to an Anthrax For All Kings listening party now but this news had to be shared! SO stoked!

Ladies and Gentlemen of The Order!

We are very happy to announce that our second album, ‘Red Robes’, will be released via Napalm Records on May 27th. Check out the artwork below, again done by our brilliant friend Henrik Jacobson. It will be available as a double LP and digipack CD. Both versions will include a bonus live DVD of our performance at Sweden Rock 2015.

The track listing for you BELOW.

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Tom Sutton from The Order Of Israfel may have cut his teeth in Church Of Misery, but his new band has perfected a more overall vocally melodic brand of Doom with classic appeal on their impressive Napalm Records debut full length Wisdom. This baby, Mournful Congregation’s latest and Bled White from Novembers Doom pretty much school everybody in that genre so far this year, with The Order lads really hitting a grand slam for fans of classic stuff seeped in the bong water of Deep Purple, Cathedral and many quirkier folk metal or even hints of classical and thrash influences.

Not just a retro wanna be act, the songwriting on Wisdom will pull you in like a tractor beam or a hypno-gaze from a wizard’s crystal. Voices warning you to turn back in your head go ignored as you enter into the wild magic of this Gothenburg band’s charm. It’s swirling classic rock elements and vocal harmonies merge with rivers of spilled battlefield blood and bongwater to create an impossibly heady brew.

Sweden does it yet again.

Click HERE for the interview.

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