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Septa release new, determined video for “Ropes”

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Monday, February 1, 2016 at 7:41 AM (PST)


BEHOLD! The first single from the forthcoming yet-to-be-titled third album by the Ukrainian alternative metal band Septa.

You might remember these hard working maniacs from their Walking Dead themed tune, one of the heaviest songs on our Creature Honeymoon compilation last year as well as their records The Lover and Destroyer.

Seriously, if you haven’t gotten into these guys yet, what is your exact problem? It’s one thing if you are a loser like me and content to rot in bed listening to the Allman Brothers with my dog and a growing stack of dirty laundry. But seriously, if you have any motivation to live you need to check out this adrenaline charged and experimental band who are more interesting than most of what is going on in metal’s various corners at present. Cool to see this clip already near 10,000 views.

Septa’s music is a perfect blend of mathcore and alternative rock. The two previous albums were highly praised by the critics and gained a lot of success for the band. Jón Þór Sigurleifsson of UK’s The Monolith wrote about the new song: “Whereas the Halloween song took a few listens to get into Ropes roped me in instantly. Septa’s best song since Destroyer in my opinion. Vocals have really improved, not that they were bad at all at any point but cleans are so on point in this song. Overall I’d say that Septa is really on the right track from my first listen and it seems like a nice cross section of The Lover and Destroyer.”

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I’ve become a big Septa fan in a short amount of time, so it was awesome to get the Ukraine bad boys to contribute one of their madhouse spazzy metal songs to Metal Riot’s Creature Honeymoon comp HERE. We have fittingly had waves of zombie themed song attacks every week and Septa represent the final Zombie attack, before we reveal our final monster song, the final boss of the Creature Honeymoon. Who else? Frankenstein via a tune by NY’s Geezer. But you have to wait juuust a little while longer for that one, Meanwhile headbang to the Septa tune, the screamiest and perhaps heaviest song on the compilation!

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Tyrant Of Death ,MongrelBandThe Great GoddamnFad NauseamGolden Torso (ex-Kylesa), Night Viper (ex-Church Of Misery), GET OUT. , Geezer , Tiger PissRed Neckromancer Cirrhosis and Septa will all partake in the bloody ritual that is Metal Riot’s Creature Honeymoon this Halloween. The compilation will be out on the holiday with select tracks revealed leading up to the spookiest night of the year.

Last year on pumpkin day I published a Davey Havok (Afi , Xtrmst) interview on this site and wondered how I would top the October gothy vibes of that this year. I talked to Dave Buck at our sister site Dying Scene and he was all for the comp idea. Bands soon got into it and here we are.

The compilation will feature 13 tracks based on many types of monsters from alien weed mummies to vampires to small children to gorillas and zombies, etc. The cover art by my friend Kim Zangrando came from my love for Jarboe’s Mahakali album and Penny Dreadful and a Kali-themed Bride of Frankenstein just seemed like the coolest thing in the world. Kim took my basic idea and made the awesome image above complete with rad lunar vibes.

Stay tuned starting in October for a song a week leading up to the full release on Halloween. Don’t forget to howl!!!!!


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Septa from Ukraine are occasionally rough around the edges, but that is their personality as a band more than a flaw in their music. These dudes ought to be as widely regarded as your Whitechapels or Dillingers. They actually often kind of remind me of Minus meets Dolving era Haunted, which is really fucking kind of perfect. The band also sort of seem to have a Dolving-esque panache for blending genres and milking different styles of their coolest essence in a way most bands would screw up royally or never consider.

We’re stoked to premiere “Destroyer, Pt. 3” below. The footage shows a band who BRING it live. I feel like American bands are getting so fucking wimpy or like forgetting how Rock For Light and/or Reign In Blood will always be 1,000 times cooler and comet blazing than some dumb ass mallcore. Septa keep shit real!

Pleased to also announce Septa are going to be on our pending Halloween compilation, Metal Riot’s Creature Honeymoon. As long as I can get all the bands to get their crap to me on time we will have a cool ass comp. I really hope Castrator can do it (fingers and legs crossed). Confirmed so far we have Tiger Piss, Golden Torso (ex-Kylesa), Night Viper ( w Tom Sutton), my NY hard rock band GET OUT. , Geezer and more TBA plus mighty Septa.

Meanwhile, check out this new Septa live video BELOW.

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Septa release new video for “Destroyer, Pt.1”

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at 12:41 PM (PST)


Septa from Odessa are one of the most versatile bands on the scene right now by a long shot. Just check all the movements in new single and video “Destroyer, Pt.1” alone. That sludge riff that closes the song is a monster!

This band could easily hold their own with most modern post-hardcore/metal contemporaries and rage amidst a shipyard in the new pro looking but still gritty video. Check out their recent album Destroyer HERE and our review of the album HERE. Big fan of this band.

See the new music video BELOW.

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Album Review: Septa – “Destroyer”

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Sunday, November 16, 2014 at 7:20 AM (PST)


Septa are a band from Odessa, Ukraine who reward listeners with evidence that some people are still making art out of love.A friend at Metal Injection turned me on to them and the array of styles the band command near-effortlessly seems implausible, but it’s true. 2013’s The Lover has some dreamier sections overall than the much heavier new album Destroyer, more vocally varied by far but somewhat reminiscent at times to the more lucid sounds of Philly’s great Rosetta (who incidentally are the subject of a documentary film coming out).

I was visiting Feral House’s site last night and saw the fringe and occult book company have a killer book American Grotesque out about the once highly controversial pastiche work of photography legend William Mortensen. Mortensen was way ahead of photoshop and in the heyday of Fay Wray was already making amazing explorations into the Id with tricked out photos of gorgeous naked women and various beastly creatures, a master of lighting and warping perspectives. Septa as a band are active in a time when style collage is at an all time high in the field of music and easier than ever with pro-tools, but they are doing it the old fashioned way through hard work and a major focus on songwriting.

Click HERE and read more.