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Today Rolling Stone published a ridiculous 40 Greatest Stoner Albums Ever list. They should have called it “How to not get laid ever, except for The Chronic and one or two others on here.” They had some cool reggae picks but had fucking Beach House (no offense to them) but not Sleep or Cypress Hill? Like, wtf?!!! The list was pure dirt weed for the most part.

You don’t listen to Kraftwerk stoned. I love Kraftwerk but if you did that too blazed it would be like being stuck in an Atari game and not in a fun way. And Darkside Of The Moon is a way better LSD album. And RS, much as I love them, will never help put me in the rock n roll Hall of Fame I am betting (even though I fucking rule), so I am gonna call them out on putting Jimi Hendrix at number one on pretty much every list they ever publish. I LOVE Jimi. The first time I smoked I listened to Jimi w my pal Quil (RIP) and got so high I thought I was a mouse and then prayed to all the hot girls in Jnr. High because I thought I was dying and was sad I would never see their breasts as I was still a virgin (I think?) and then Quil threw water on me and made me play Sega Genesis to maintain my shit. But c’mon…you guys put Jimi number one for everything. You had a 40 greatest guitar players list without Dr Know from Bad Brains on it and no ROIR tape on this pothead list when EVERY SKATER PUNK in the world has blazed and skated to Bad Brains!

Anyway, I fixed the list. Now, I am not gonna say this is “The Greatest EVER” because to each their own high, but I could have had every Kottonmouth Kings release on here and it would be more accurate. Shit, there is an Instagram video of my friend Darla singing “High On The Beach” by Lana that is better than most of the RS choices.

Anyway, here are my top 40 picks that I came up with in a half hour and are better. I did not put Afroman “Because I Got High” on it, but there is a lot of metal. Shit, as my dear friend Laurie Safdie said ,”They should have put the entire Man’s Ruin back releases on it.”

More BELOW and Happy four two oh, yo.

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Cephalic Carnage announces European tour dates

Posted by tyrusrunyan on Friday, June 29, 2012 at 10:49 AM (PST)

Colorado grindcore band Cephalic Carnage have announced that they will be headlining a 10 day European tour chock full of festival stops this summer. The tour will kick off in St. Polten, Austria on July 5th and bounces around the continent until ending in Neskaupstaður, Iceland. You can see the full tour dates here.

Guitarist Steve Goldberg stated the following:
“After a little downtime, we are really excited to get back to Europe for some festivals! We will be hitting up 2 new countries on this trip, Croatia and Iceland, and can’t wait to meet new friends. We have also started the writing process for our new album that will be released through Relapse hopefully sometime early next year. So far the songs are the most diverse, and some of the most challenging material we have ever written.”

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Colorado death metallers Cephalic Carnage have debuted the second video from their latest album “Misled By Certainty”, released via Relapse Records, for the song “Abraxas of Filth”, online now. The video was directed by Sean O’Connor (Genghis Tron) and filmed at the band’s rehearsal studio in Denver, CO. Click here to watch.

Additionally, Cephalic Carnage kicked off their two week European tour with label-mates Exhumed at Germany’s Way of Darkness Festival. A complete listing of tour dates can be found here.

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Exhumed has announced a Fall North American tour in support of their brand new album “All Guts, No Glory” which saw its international release last month via Relapse Records. “All Guts, No Glory” is streaming in its entirety over at BandCamp here for those that have yet to grab a copy of the album. This tour will kick-off on October 26th and include guests Goatwhore and Cephalic Carnage. The tour will also include a stop at the Goregrowler’s Ball in San Antonio, TX.

Goatwhore is hard at work on the follow up to their most successful album to date, “Carving Out The Eyes Of God.” Bassist James Harvey had to say about the upcoming tour, It has been a while since we toured with our friends in Exhumed and Cephalic Carnage. We are looking forward to having some chaos injected nights of wicked metal with them all. Things are going great in the studio with Rutan. He’s a master and definitely brings out the best in us!

Click here for a full listing of tour dates.

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Free Download: Relapse Records Sampler 2010

Posted by Tommy on Thursday, December 30, 2010 at 9:39 AM (PST)

Extreme metal label Relapse Records have released their year-end 2010 sampler. You can download it for free by going to their Facebook page.

The sampler contains tracks by Cephalic Carnage, Misery Index, Dying Fetus, and more, as well as unreleased tracks by Red Fang, and Abysmal Dawn.

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Cephalic Carnage has posted the second of four video clips shot while the band was recording their brand new album “Misled By Certainty.”  The footage was filmed by the band at Flatline Audio in Denver, CO where they recorded “Misled By Certainty” with producer Dave Otero.  The album saw its North American release in late August through Relapse Records and is currently streaming in its entirety via the band’s MySpace page.

To watch the video click here.

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Cephalic Carnage streaming entire new album “Misled By Certainty”

Posted by Lucas Riot on Thursday, August 26, 2010 at 9:31 PM (PST)

Cephalic Carnage - Misled by CertaintyCephalic Carnage are streaming their brand new full-length album “Misled By Certainty” online now via the band’s Myspace page. “Misled By Certainty” is set for an August 31st North American release date, September 6th internationally, through Relapse Records. The album is available for pre-order now including a limited edition deluxe package.
Cephalic Carnage, who have just completed the Summer Slaughter tour, will embark on a co-headlining tour of Europe with Psycroptic starting September 10th. This tour, dubbed the “Initiation of The Misled European Tour 2010’, also includes Ion Dissonance, Hour of Penance, and Dyscarnate.

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Cephalic Carnage debut new track “The Incorrigible Flame”

Posted by Lucas Riot on Thursday, August 12, 2010 at 5:33 PM (PST)

Cephalic Carnage Misled by CertaintyCephalic Carnage has posted a brand new track, “The Incorrigible Flame”, as a video teaser for their forthcoming album Misled By Certainty online now courtesy of Misled By Certainty is set for an August 31st North American release date, September 6th internationally, and is available for pre-order now including a limited edition deluxe package that includes a drink Koozey, 4-pin set, and Cephalic Carnage patch.

Read more.

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