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Atreyu’s ‘The Curse’ turns 18

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, June 29, 2022 at 3:09 PM (PST)

“I am so tired of bloodless emo boys”

Atreyu‘s sophomore record was a gateway album for a LOT of kids to get into melodic metalcore. Love it or tolerate it, this was an important release in scene history.  The band might be quite different these days, but this is a defining era for them and always will be. The Curse kicked things up a big step for Atreyu from the debut and still has plenty of songs on it that slap. You know you listen to “The Crimson” sometimes and soft cry whislt pining for Hot Topic immortality.

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Atreyu’s new album drops this weekend

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, October 11, 2018 at 8:37 PM (PST)

Just a reminder that the new one In Our Wake from blood sucking metalcore bruisers Atreyu hits streets October 12th and it is a winner. Here is the title track “In Our Wake” in case ya missed it. Much higher production value video than the early days, lol. Brandon still grand slams those catchy cleans to the moon. We stan. Like Thrice, it is good they have embraced their grandest ambitions because the songs aren’t held back and the emotion can come through without being self-conscious.

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“Do you know who you are? Part of the solution, or the one that falls?”, sings Atreyu drummer and clean vocalist Brandon Saller on a key track from the band’s return record and perhaps finest hour to date Long Live. The full, melodic and made for singalong voice of Brandon is, to be truthful, the most crucial ingredient for a tune to fully sound like Atreyu to my ears. But the whole band are firing on all cylinders as a team more than ever.

After a semi-lengthy break the band have returned with a refreshed attitude with no room for cynics. Talking to Brandon he seems as gassed up and invested in his band as the early days and insists this was not just a cash grab. He laughs when I ask who he still wants to share a stage with and honestly can’t think of many bands they haven’t played with yet. Nonetheless, the eagerness to get back to the fans and bring them a release they can all rally around is very apparent on  even the first play of Long Live.

Read more BELOW.

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Top Ten most metal classic RPG characters

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, March 19, 2014 at 9:31 PM (PST)


Kids today want to be on Instagram and listen to mall core instead of playing D&D and listening to death metal. Poseurs! You probably have never even heard of “Tasha’s uncontrollable hideous laughter”, you selfie taking tramps and bro-step dweebs!

Thankfully there is hope. Even Madonna is getting into dressing up like Game of Thrones now that she is a cool mom. Still, Game of Thrones is great and all but the lack of any real good adaptations to film or tv of classic Advanced Dungeons & Dragons worlds is pathetic. The Dragonlance cartoon was horrible and had terrible animation. The D&D movie with Jeremy Irons was a joke (and he is a great actor). Lord of the Rings is still going strong as a franchise and there are plenty of geeks who grew up on TSR/Wizards of the Coast RPG worlds like Spell Jammer, Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, Dark Sun or Greyhawk. Can we please get a good version of something from one of these properties? Make them grim and awesome! Ogres! Umber Hulks! Boobs! C’mon!!!

Anyway, in a fit of geek rage I compiled an educational list of some of the most truly metal and bad ass characters in the history of AD&D role playing worlds. I have even paired them with a character appropriate metal song for you dorks out there. Put down your girlfriends (if you have one) and pick up some twenty sided dice!

To read the top ten metal AD&D character list click HERE.

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Show Review: Atreyu/blessthefall/Chiodos-Kansas City, Missouri, November 20, 2010

Posted by NichTheHair on Wednesday, November 24, 2010 at 11:41 PM (PST)

My concert-going cohort Abigail and I set out for another evening of ear-splitting enchantment with Atreyu, blessthefall, and Chiodos at The Beaumont Club in Kansas City, Missouri. Despite quality audio engineering and mixing, the show had few diamonds to offer in an otherwise dark and bleak coal mine.

For the full separation of diamonds from the rough, click here for the review.

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Atreyu announce Congregation of the Damned tour

Posted by Lucas Riot on Thursday, August 26, 2010 at 2:55 PM (PST)

Atreyu - Congregation of the Damned tourSouthern California metalcore band Atreyu have announced they’re headlining the “Congregation of the Damned” tour. The tour, which is being sponsored in part by Monster Energy Drink, will see Atreyu topping a bill that features Bless The Fall, Chiodos, Architects and Endless Hallway.

 After months of international main stage festival performances including Download, Grasspop, among others,  the “Congregation of the Damned” tour gives fans a chance to experience Atreyu in an intimate club setting.

After the “Congregation of the Damned” tour, Atreyu will head overseas for a string of UK dates with Bullet For My Valentine and Bring Me The Horizon beginning December 6th.

Atreyu is touring in support of Congregation of the Damned, which came out in October 2009 and debuted at #18 on the Billboard Top 200 Album chart.

To see all tour dates click here.

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