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All the fuss over Future Islands is cool because it is reminding people there is an art to fronting a band.

There are a lot of limits perceived by singers these days. Everyone wants to fit into a clique or style that seems the most marketable,but what usually makes for the best music is persona. New Kids On The Block was better than half the deathcore bands today, because they had great songs that improved because they were brought out by personalities, even though the music was pretty crap. They didn’t have Chuck Billy, but cut ’em some slack. I like the old NKOTB production style but I am mad there was never a “skit” off between them and Van Halen, where each member would show a talent like show and tell. I mean, you have to care about the music ALSO. That is crucial.

Our succesful piece on the Sam Black Church reunion movie prompted me to start thinking even more than usual about the types like HR, Karyn Crisis, Dawn Crosby, Benji from Skindred who just wouldn’t take no for an answer and changed the world! I am so excited for the new Bane album. The next Blackguard. Bring on the new era.  Sometimes it is just as much about being yourself as inspiring the crowd, though.

Anyway, there are always iconic vocalists like Maynard, Chino, Patton, Halford. Even Davey Havok from AFI who is a better showman than half the metal bands out there combined. You are better off in rock when you BE yourself (which CAN include being like Marilyn Manson or Jimmy urine from MSI and being able to embrace costumes and satire). Then you have a chameleon Jennifer Herrema who is the queen of giving a fuck while not giving a fuck, capable of production, laying down a great show to big or small crowds and/or free association musical deconstruction of the highest order. The untouchable Peter Dolving. Legends like David Yow still producing great art, music and books. People who are engaged on many levels of the multi media verse chorus verse, tearing down the walls. Lacuna Coil’s multi-vocal attack that defies criticism and manages to subvert by writing great pop even when that side of the band alienates or intimidates “true” metalheads. I agree that the Hottest Chics Tour BS is way played out , though. It is actually holding Lacuna Coil back at this point.Then you have someone like Fernando from Moonspell who is a true poet.

The list goes thankfully on. There are a lot of passionate people, veterans and rookies, back in the scene these days.

Here are a few (6) good bad apples I dig lately. Some you may know well and others might have a new face.

Click HERE to read it.

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Godhunter team with Ryan Butler and The Compound

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 at 1:25 AM (PST)


While brutalizing Tucson-based sludgecore quintet, GODHUNTER, has amassed a plethora of independent recordings since their late 2009 inception, including several split vinyl releases, and their 2011-released Wolves EP, City Of Dust marks the band’s first official LP. The band already bears an undeniable kinship to goliaths Noothgrush, Weedeater, Bongzilla and Sourvein, yet the sprawling pending LP shows the band exploring even more depth, with more sonically-destructive tones, more diverse, melodic song structures and even acoustic strings and gravelly, clean vocal segments atop the sun-baked bed of earthmoving roared vocals and gang chants. More than simply a collection of songs amassed for the purpose of releasing an album, City Of Dust presents a fully conceptual statement, lyrically delivering a political by-the-throat theme which unravels through the bitter finale. The album’s eight anthems engulf exactly fifty minutes of brand new material, recorded with trusted cohort Ryan Butler (Landmine Marathon, Unruh) at his Arcane Digital Studios (Exhumed, Misery Index), where GODHUNTER’s Wolves EP also came to fruition.

City Of Dust will be released cooperatively between the band’s own newly-founded Battleground Records and Earsplit PR’s also recently-formed label, The Compound. The first strike will see the album disbursed on CD digipak and digital download on February 18th, 2014, followed by a limited, deluxe 12” LP version shortly thereafter. The LP’s cover artwork was created by Tucson-based artist Rudy Flores, marking his return after handling the artwork for Wolves as well.

GODHUNTER will perform constantly and tour new areas of the country throughout all of 2014.

Click HERE to see the bitchin rad not to be fuckable with album art!

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Arizona grinders Landmine Marathon recently re-recorded two songs — “Bile Towers” and “Dead Horses” — with new vocalist Krysta Martinez (Transient) that are now available digitally worldwide.

Martinez recorded the vocals for both “Bile Towers” and “Dead Horses” remotely from Haywire Studios in Portland, OR. “The biggest obstacle,” stated Martinez, “was in making certain the tracks didn’t sound robotic because these tracks were written by Grace (Perry, former Landmine Marathon vocalist). The lyrics for the songs contain some great images and emotions. I really had to study and absorb the content quickly and fully to ensure that I could project that catharsis. Any careful listener will know that there’s some intense emotion driving these songs. It’s really important to me to do justice to the songs as they exist while still making them my own, and I loved the process of recording them.”

On her vocal technique, Martinez commented, “In the studio setting, the room is often somewhat sterile, as there’s no energy from a crowd and there’s definitely a risk of that sterility carrying over into the sound. You have to make a point to overcome that and scream and growl into the mic like you’re in terrible agony or attack mode.”

Both re-recorded tracks are now available digitally through iTunes; “Dead Horses” HERE and “Bile Towers” HERE. LANDMINE MARATHON’s next scheduled performance is alongside Napalm Death, Phobia, Macabre, Disgorge and Dying Fetus at Mexico’s Obscene Extreme festival in late March.

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Landmine Marathon release video for “Beaten and Left Blind”

Posted by mattevans on Friday, February 3, 2012 at 8:52 AM (PST)

Prosthetic Records death metal evangelists, Landmine Marathon have released a new video for Beaten and Left Blind.  The track comes from their 2011 album, Gallows.  Check here for the video.

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Cover Art Tuesday: Mastodon vs The World

Posted by jessepac on Tuesday, September 27, 2011 at 11:50 AM (PST)

How many of you Metal Rioters out there have gone to your local record store of choice and picked up a new metal album solely based on the art that graces its cover? Unfortunately, with the growth of iTunes and Pandora it seems easier and easier to overlook album cover art in general, but in the world of Heavy Metal we’re here to remind you that the art form is still alive and well!

Each Tuesday we will present to you the best album covers of the week and draw focus into what makes each cover so damn badass.This week, the metal giants Mastodon have their newest offering The Hunter and tons of other fantastic new albums are out by bands like Landmine Marathon, Machine Head, and Saxon.

Check out this week’s offering right here and vote on which cover YOU think should win “Cover Art of the Week”! Check it out!

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Warbringer announces U.S. tour

Posted by KageDrummer on Tuesday, August 16, 2011 at 2:15 PM (PST)

Thrashers Warbringer announced a U.S. tour with Lazarus A.D., Landmine Marathon, and Diamond Plate. The America Torn Asunder tour will begin October 3rd in Hollywood, California. For the full list of dates click here.

Warbringer’s  upcoming album “Worlds Torn Asunder” will be released September 27th through Century Media.

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Warbringer announce “America Torn Asunder” tour

Posted by katstat on Monday, July 18, 2011 at 12:44 PM (PST)

In support of Warbringer‘s forthcoming new album, “Worlds Torn Asunder,” set for a September 27th release via Century Media, the road warriors have announced a headlining tour beginning October 3rd. The month-long trek, dubbed “America Torn Asunder,” will take them around the country, along with support from friends Lazarus A.D., Landmine Marathon, and Diamond Plate. Over the last three years the Cali thrashers have built a reputation for their live shows and work ethic playing an average of 300 shows a year, but this will mark Warbringer’s first proper US headlining tour. Click here for a full listing of dates.

We are really excited to be going out on the first ever Warbringer headlining tour, states singer John Kevill. Many of you out there have seen us opening for a whole slew of different tours, and we felt it was finally time to go out there and do our own, doing a full-length set that will have material from all 3 of our albums. It’s looking to be pretty killer, and we hope to see all you guys raging at the shows!

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Landmine Marathon to kick off summer tour in California

Posted by jessepac on Wednesday, June 29, 2011 at 12:10 PM (PST)

Landmine MarathonOne of the most underrated bands of this decade, Landmine Marathon is working hard to get their name into your brain with a new album and a new tour. Hitting the road with veterans Toxic Holocaust will probably help, as their untitled new album via Prosthetic will hopefully be done by then and new material will spill forth like metal wine.

Bassist Matt Martinez commented: “After taking off more than a few months to write and record our next album, we are feeling very antsy to hit the road. This trip will give us the opportunity to rage with friends new and old and ‘road test’ some of our new songs!”

Click here for tour dates!

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Landmine MarathonI spend a lot of time trolling the internet and scoffing at bands who are being heaped with praise and adulation but who have the talent of dead fish in a dancing contest. It makes me want to just watch Sepultura’s “Inner Self” video on Youtube (or the Lingerie Football League, fuck it) and say to heck with new music, but that’s a temporary solution. Usually I will just hide under my desk for awhile and do meditational breathing until the hatred for the band of the week (or should I say “weak”) fades to a comfortable dull roar. If that doesn’t work I’ll grab some Mrs. Renfro’s Raspberry Chipotle Salsa and some organic corn chips and eat away the sadness like some fat girl with no prom date attacking a bucket of vanilla ice cream. Thankfully now there is hope.

Arizona’s Landmine Marathon are the band you should be checking out if you want to hear a group from the last few years who really add some excitement to the current metal scene. They may wear their influences on their sleeves but it’s really not a bad thing and the band is aggressive, tight and interesting as hell. I saw the band play Checkpoint Charlie’s in New Orleans over the summer with the super rad Black Skies and Nola’s own Mars (the latter of who’s new material is veering towards more “Sabotage” era Black Sabbath these days than the more cosmic/less whiskey Weedeater sound they used to favor). Anyway, Landmine killed it that night with the band raging through old songs and new material from one of the top (in quality) metal records of the year, the new “Sovereign Descent” (out now on Prosthetic). As heavy as a fudge tunnel collision with Napalm Death on a death metal gender fender bender, Landmine are one of today’s bands (like Chicago’s The Atlas Moth, Nevada’s Seventh Calling and New York’s monstrously grim Batillus) who are making metal that the 21st Century can be fucking proud of!

That New Orleans Landmine show really made a dent in my skull. I had already been a fan of the group but it was awesome to see them live finally and witness the onslaught of riffs matched up to vocalist Grace Perry’s roaring whiplash antics. I had interviewed Grace once previously but not about the newest record, so I tracked down guitarist Ryan Butler and got the inside score.

To read the full interview click here.

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