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SIENA ROOT present “Little Burden” music video

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Friday, June 3, 2022 at 12:48 PM (PST)

Today, Siena Root present the official video for “Little Burden.” The track is the first single from the upcoming new studio album Revelation, which is set for international release on August 19th via Metalville Records. I am feeling a little bit of Royal Thunder meets Heart vibes here, very cool.

“This is a first taste of Siena Root’s journey when introducing the more acoustic side of the Dynamic Root Rock Experience,” says the band. “The song deals with leaving the city and the experiences that come with that. ‘Little Burden’ is a song that describes the feeling of melancholy and battle one experiences when faced with the arbitrary issues of man and when burdens, however small and inconsequential, make you weary and sometimes even poisons you.”

Sometimes the little things that sting you over and over like rabid space gnats can indeed be more annoying than bigger events you just have to deal with once, I concur. Hails to this great band! Get to know them better below.

SOURCE OF RAGE sign to Metalville

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Friday, April 29, 2022 at 12:27 PM (PST)

Hildesheim’s SOURCE OF RAGE have signed with Metalville Records. The band will release Witness The Mess via the respected label on July 22nd.

Oliver Roffmann and the three brothers Marko, Thilo, and Riko Krause won the German final of the Wacken Open Air Metal Battles in 2019.

Source Of Rage’s older video “Aware” from 2021 can be checked out below.

SOLITARY have a new single out called “Abominate”, a classic sounding thrash song fans of Overkill, Sacred Reich, early Testament or Kreator could quickly find common ground with. The old school vibe is paired with impressively tight musicianship on an almost impossible level. New album The Truth Behind the Lies is set for international release on October 23rd via Metalville Records. Featuring footage from the band’s Bloodstock Open Air appearance and the working sketches of the album artwork. Loving Richard Sherrington’s hoarse and bitter vocals on this one!

The cover art for Twilight ForcesHeroes Of Mighty Magic and even some of the Falun based power metallers promo pics look like something Matt Stawicki  might have dreamed up for a fantasy game, and indeed that is the general vibe here. Twilight Force are nothing if not unabashedly celebrating power metal in all the joy, absurdity and thrills it can encompass. If that is not your thing you really should avoid this. If it is you are going to be incredibly pleased. They are likely Legolas the elf’s favorite metal band.

Each song is an adventure unto itself, almost like a stand alone game module in a greater campaign, haha. By the end of the album you feel like you have really been through many realms of adventure, as the sort of whole energy of the band seems to encapsulate this goal. I was talking to a lady friend and we couldn’t decide if they either are virgins or absolutely slay ass whilst conquering infinite realms of wonder.

The slick leads really are a highlight and pretty mind blowing on a lot of this stuff and they come off as very classical music or Yngwie compatible. Sonata Arctica (who they have toured with), Stratovarius , Sabaton or especially Rhapsody fans will be really into much of this band’s power. “Guardian of the Seas” is one of the most stirring numbers, full of crescendos, sweeping emotion, rousing vocals and some very pro execution.

“Keepers Of Fate” absolutely soars midway through the record, practically sounding like a massive choral Christmas song of triumph over lightning fast guitar heroics. Blackwald symphonic keys on many tracks really help the arrangements climb rather than being obnoxious. The title track is also really of note, the intro almost like watching a fantasy movie spring to life right in your mind’s eye. This album is fun and not for those who need everything to be super dire all the time. If you want a very well done escape with some silly but super awesome elements, the musicianship and attention to detail here is pretty phenomenal. Great job.



Megadeth fans are often torn between thrash leaning purists or those who can enjoy Risk, for example. It’s hard for bands to successfully tow the line between hard rock and more classic heavy metal elements but Archer from the West Coast are a great example of a band who manage to nail it. Great leads and riffs that’d make the snarlier side of Mustaine proud or stuff that could appeal to fans of anything from Accept to borderline Buckcherry with a much more classic heavy metal streak, Archer bring it all to the table. Their new release Culling The Weak is a great addition to the 2015 class of hard rock/metal hit list that already includes great stuff from Wildlights, Kinghitter and Royal Thunder as proof of a pulse in rock n roll leaning metal.

The trio have shared the stage with Hellyeah, Doro and other greats and held their own, as well as tapped legend Mike Clink (Guns N’ Roses, Whitesnake, Joe Cocker, Megadeth, Sammy Hagar, etc.). The result is a lively record of new songs like “World Of One” or “Belief” that could stand up aside some of metal’s most beloved anthems. The title track is at REVOLVER right HERE.

Get Culling The Weak on Amazon HERE!

Dylan Rose stops by Metal Riot to give us the good word on Culling The Weak BELOW.

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Album Review: Astral Doors “Notes From The Shadows”

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at 1:35 PM (PST)


Astral Doors newest (and 7th album!) Notes From The Shadows will appeal to any fan of classic metal like The Rods and Saxon or of course RJD (r.i.p.), who vocalist NPJ’s inflection and cadences have often been compared to over the years this Swedish band have made their mark. Nils Patrick Johansson as a vocalist likes to do those kind garble things at the end of his words like Ronnie did when he really meant it as in Dio epic moments like where Ronnie sang “You’re a rainbow…in the daaaahhhhhhhhhhk/ no sign of the morning” from near the end of that classic solo Dio song, for example. That said, Astral Doors stand firmly on their own heavy metal feet though love is displayed for the greats, of course. It is very cool they have done so many records in just over a dozen years, as many bands just don’t have that kind of output. (Tool, stop making wine and watching wrestling and get finished in the studio please, hahaha).

As in the past, Astral Doors hit hard with big heavy metal riffs and crisp dueling guitar action topoped by NPJ’s firm vocals up front. Religious and occult imagery abound, though it is a shame the cover art is so hack and silly looking it will probably make some people think this record is more sub par than it really is. That cheezy lich looking wizard and dragon on the cover could have been rendered with a lot more skill, since the band obviously care about the music on this record. Crystal Viper have also fallen under criticism recently for their deteriorating record art quality, which is a shame as they are another band who rock the heavy metal sound of yore to great effect.

Click here for more.

Album Review: Drone – S/T

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, October 16, 2014 at 5:55 AM (PST)


Drone‘s servicably solid new S/T album from Metalville is a meritable scream thrasher to look into if you need some more headbanging moments before year’s end. It is interesting in that the band sound like they mainly draw from early 00’s influences (the start of “Guilt” reminds strongly of mid-period As I Lay Dying) combined with sort of Chaos A.D.-era groove thrash. The clean vocals aren’t really vital, but they are executed honestly and with pride instead of being faked in the studio with sugary effects. The German’s started rocking in 2004 and ten years later they are like a machine. Some stuff is political but then the next song will talk about short skirts, so it is a little schizophrenic lyrically (kind of like how on Snoop Dogg’s R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta) he’d have a song about going to Church or loving his kids and the next song is “Fresh Pair Of Panties On” or “Can U Control Yo Hoe” featuring Soopafly. I used to love playing that loud driving slowly through Provincetown ). But anyway, Snoop and Drone both are multi-faceted. “Hammered, fucked & boozed” might be irreverant but it is a major party roller with some red hot punk riffing thrown in. Black Label fans will like the groove riff in the “All in, it’s time to go for broke” section of the song, a part that could have found room amidst the stompers on Order Of The Black.

The best part of this release is the artwork from Till Zettelmeier and Jonathan Stenger, illustrators who peppered the booklet with comic book-ish rather simply rendered figures alive with personality. Kind of like early Image comics type art with a dash of Sin City influence thrown in (so think a more super-heroic Jim Lee’s Deathblow, haha). Strong point in a nutshell? Drone’s are a big looming mental issue these days but this Drone will keep you hapilly distracted and rocking but also invested in the real world. “Into Darkness” anchors the record as soon as things are starting to get a tad confusing, sort of re-kickstarting the feeling that this band’s coherence is in their mutual shared energy rather than one style, though it is all metal and mainly thrash. “Into Darkness” also has the best lead section and sort of Lamb of God-esque bridge on the album. “Beatbox Within” is about the heart beat, so that’s different.  It was meant to be played live. “Hung & Over” is suddenly a hysterical kind of ballad about waking up who the fuck knows where. It leans on the 80’s for inspiration and proves that if this abnd toured with Hammercult the venues would exlode with silly insanity. But then the song ends with a real sense of feeling that is moving, a crazy feat to pull off! This album is a thrasher but also a grower. Gwar fans, check out “Rock ‘N’ Rollercoaster” for a sense of movement the (2x the beefcake these days) aliens would probably approve of. Megadeth or Prong are other obvious touchstones in the precise syncopation and gruff vocals on “How We Suffer”, which has the best drum performance on the record.

Worth investigating.

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“Medicine Man” Official Video from Riot Horse scorches

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, October 15, 2014 at 11:48 AM (PST)


Sweden is incredibly reliable when it comes to really nice vaginas and really good hard rock/punk/metal.

Some beautiful Tesla or Skynard-esque “Simple Man” acoustic/clean channel passages, hard rock riffs strong enough and bluesy enough to please Clutch, Pig Iron, Zodiac or Black Crowes fans?  American and European traditions in hard rock and blues heritage upheld with a firm handshake? Riot Horse is your band

This first official video from new jammer This Is Who We Are is an experience for old and new fans alike. Click HERE to check it out.

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Opera Diabolicus release “+ 1614” artwork and tracklist

Posted by KageDrummer on Wednesday, January 11, 2012 at 4:45 PM (PST)

Swedish doom metallers, Opera Diabolicus, have released the track list and artwork for their upcoming album “+ 1614.” The upcoming album will feature Snowy Shaw, Mats Levén, and Niklas Isfeldt. The album was also mixed and produced by Andy LaRocque at Sonic Train Studios and will feature eight tracks.

To check out the artwork and tracklist click here.

“+ 1614” will be released through Metalville Records on February 28th.

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Swedish melodic death metallers, Degradead, have announced a new DVD entitled “Live at Wacken and Beyond” which includes the band’s 2010 performance at Wacken Open Air as well as a documentary and bonus videos. The band has also released music video from this DVD for their song “Human Nature.”

To check out the video click here.

The new DVD will be released February 28th through Metalville Records.

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The Quill release “Medicine” music video

Posted by KageDrummer on Wednesday, December 7, 2011 at 4:43 PM (PST)

Swedish rockers, The Quill, have released the music video for their song “Medicine,” off their new album “Full Circle,” which is the band’s first studio album in five years. The video was shot in the Tierp Arena in Sweden.

To check out the music video click here.

The new album was released in June 2011 through Metalville Records.

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Full Album Stream: The Quill – “Full Circle”

Posted by katstat on Monday, July 25, 2011 at 12:44 PM (PST)

Swedish rockers The Quill will release their first album in over five years entitled “Full Circle” tomorrow via Metalville Records. Fans antsy to get a sneak peak can head over to for an exclusive full album stream. Just click here to check out “Full Circle” in its entirety.

In case you didn’t see it here before, The Quill also released a track-by-track breakdown of “Full Circle.” To read through it alongside a listen through of the album, just click here.

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Degradead stream new album “A World Destroyer”

Posted by Ehrila on Friday, July 1, 2011 at 2:28 PM (PST)

Swedish melodic death metallers Degradead are currently streaming their new album “A World Destroyer.” The album was released on June 28th via Metallville Records.

Listen to the album here.

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Swedish hard rockers The Quill are currently streaming the title track from their first new album in over five years over at The Obelisk . “Full Circle” is not only the title track, but also has a lot of meaning to all the members of the band as they truly feel that they have come “Full Circle” with their new line-up and new record label. Check it out right here.

With the band’s recently inked a deal with Metalville Records, “Full Circle” is set to see daylight on June 24th in Europe and July 26th in North America.

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New Music: Degradead – “Cold Blood”

Posted by Ehrila on Friday, June 3, 2011 at 6:32 AM (PST)

Swedish melodic death metallers Degradead are currently streaming a new song from their upcoming album “A World Destroyer.” The album is set for release on June 28th via Metalville Records.

You can listen to the song “Cold Blood” at this location.

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