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The structures help building a feeling of life and comprehension, but the only objective is to eventually destroy each truth that we put in place. – Emptiness

As an artist or musician, nay, as a human being…you have to be able to adapt and adjust to different experiences. In the old Planescape Dungeons and Dragons multi planar adventure roleplaying setting, in the hub city of Sigil between all the worlds there was a faction called the Society of Sensation, (“Sensates”), who believe that accumulating experiental knowledge through the senses is the only way to achieve enlightenment. The faction is cool because they know better than to only dwel in experiences of pleasure, wallowing in ignorant bliss with no personal growth. Life is multi-faceted and some of that means disslusion or pain and suffering. While we don’t want to plunge into feeling these emotions or experiences, it is more well rounded to know how you suffice to survive and grow as a person when tested, unless you swing the other way and become a full blown masochist hiding in pain.

Brussels’ Emptiness (featuring members of Enthroned), have crafted a cold, off putting work of cultivated raw experience, an exploration of the extreme on an album called Nothing But The Whole . Like Enthroned, the group are bent on pushing themselves further down paths of desolation for the sake of “the way out is through”, harnessing shadows to grow and reign as fully realized humans. Preorder the Emptiness record HERE. Though the group have been active since 1998, this new record is sure to raise their profile. It is a solitary journey into realms of the Id that are often uncharted by weaker hearts.

Click HERE for an interview with Emptiness. This is a standout release for extreme metal in 2014.

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