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Congrats to Candiria on Metal Blade signing

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Monday, September 28, 2015 at 10:21 AM (PST)


Candiria are an old favorite and we are excited to join with the voices congratulating the Brooklyn veteran urban fusion group on their new contract with Metal Blade Records. It is an inspired pairing that ought to wake up more people to the power of the band’s music. Check out a new documentary on the band HERE.

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yours truly not braking the oath with my friend Katniss and our favorite albums to 2 people 2

yours truly not breaking the oath with my friend Katniss and our favorite albums to 2 kill 2

Sarabeth from the almost too excellent Tower posted a Judas Priest song on her babely Facebook page the other night and it got me thinking how even “bad” Priest is better than everything and how I love the video for “Turbo Lover” and don’t care. It made me think how much metal or good rock n roll or hip hop deserves a fighting chance, no matter what.

Some bands  settle for less than they deserve, a few beer tickets every few months at a local show or they never have any drive and want to jerk off alone with a slice of pizza as a glove because they have no fans.It’s easy to say that giving up on metal, noise, punk, rap etc is a (non gender specific) bitch move.That’s because,essentially, this is true. It’s criminal to betray an artform that gives back and nourishes the soul in so many deep ways, though in real world ways it can eat you alive.

Watching White Lung Saint Vitus Bar NYC footage today or recently listening to Give Up The Ghost/American Nightmare’s We’re Down Til We’re Underground, I was moved by the musical power enough to register on some level thanks for these examples of recently active performers who matter. Art can be limited to a time period and still have relevance.There are many short lived, amazing bands.Or time periods we love to mull over (early Metallica, Naked Raygun or Rollins Band albums hold a place in the hearts of various humans like Dave Mustaine, Steve Albini & Scott Ian, for example.)

I’ve been enjoying Dr. Dre’s Compton album (except for the murder fantasy skit as I know lots of people love to re-enact Wu Tang skit’s or whatever and just found it a distraction from brilliant flow of rest of record as well as distasteful, but it’s not unrealistic shitilly enough).There’s part of the record where the master producer Dre mentions how he doesn’t respect whiners, to paraphrase.Cuz it is tough out there, and I legitimately feel that.

The music industry is the same way.Let’s hear from members of bands like Candiria, He Whose Ox Is Gored, Circuitry, Atriarch and more on what’s kept them going. I even asked my rapper pal Mattrix what keeps him grindin’ and rhymin’ (this is a dude who has had way more first week video plays than some established rappers).

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In great news for the metal and hardcore scene, urban fusion cross genre revolutionary wizards Candiria are back with their first new jams in years. “The Invaders” is available in 7 inch vinyl with pre-orders available now and an official digital release date of April, 29th through Rising Pulse Records.

Let’s hope this band comes back strong because their innovation, skill and some of the best live stage energy you will ever see this side of Converge is sorely missed. Candiria were at the forefront of the 90’s-00’s NYC underground, constantly educating crowds at CBGB’s and other venues while bridging the gap between tech metal, jazz, hip hop, hardcore and alternative rock. The first records even have a fair amount of death metal growling. If you don’t know these guys, drop what you are doing and go pay respects to one of the best damn bands of the modern era. I really like Veil of Maya, for example, but Candiria were the innovators who laid the groundwork. Represent!

Click HERE for info on the story behind the cover art.

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Music Video: Vinterblot – “Upon a Reign of Ashes”

Posted by SeanB on Thursday, March 1, 2012 at 10:42 AM (PST)

Italy’s own savage Pagan death metal band Vinterblot has released a video for the song “Upon a Reign of Ashes”.  The song is the first single taken from their January 2012 Rising Records release called Nether Collapse.

The video for “Upon a Reign of Ashes” was directed by Salvatore Perrone ( DevilDriver, A Day to Remember, Suicide Silence, Fleshgod Apocalypse etc.) and is inspired by Ingmar Bergman’s swedish cult movie “The Seventh Seal”.

Click here to check it out.

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