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Heavy metal provocateurs Darkthrone have been many styles, but always devoted to the metal. Now a new album is expected entitled Eternal Hails. With a title like that it is a safe bet they have not switched to Weird Al style polka comedy medleys (though I bet Fenriz could pull that off).

We look forward to another masterpiece from these grim heroes of the underground resistance.


“Five heavy dinosaurs looking in wonder and bewilderment at the stars” Fenriz

His Master`s Voice [07:17]
Hate Cloak [09:16]
Wake of the Awakened [08:24]
Voyage to a North Pole Adrift [09:24]
Lost Arcane City of Uppakra [07:02]
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Katatonia release ‘The Fall of Hearts’ track list

Posted by longhairedpoet on Monday, March 14, 2016 at 2:08 PM (PST)


Swedish progressive metallers Katatonia have released the track list for their upcoming album The Fall of Hearts.

The Fall of Hearts, Katatonia’s 10th album is out May 20 via Peaceville Records.

Check out the track list and a teaser for the album here.

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Album Review: DHG – “A Umbra Omega”

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, March 11, 2015 at 12:47 PM (PST)


DHG/Dødheimsgard‘s A Umbra Omega is a must hear experimental mind fuck that beckons with pure freedom to establish new high water marks for extreme music. Much like (I’ll get shit for writing this) the “critics be damned” attitude displayed by Liturgy on transcendental collage  The Ark Work, DHG don’t let genre constraints shackle them but do care about form , and have a lot more old school cred vs art school smarts, if that makes a difference to you. Regardless, it’s the unshackling of spirit here amidst tectonic time signature shifts, howled madman vocals from returning original co-founding member Aldrahn. Piano and saxaphone burst and funeral bloom out of the shadows of blackened, despair filled  avant garde structure. The umbra is certainly breached and the record looms like the Tower card in the tarot, foreboding change via a perhaps painful but perhaps needed rebirth.

There is no stagnation here.

This is a hard record to review. It is really an experience and the bulk of tracks except for opener “The Love Divine” stretch near fifteen minutes or more. Each song has tendrils snaking back to traditional Norwegian black metal but the scope here is insane. Where, for example, a more mainstream but mentally sophisticated black metal band like Watain have pushed the philosophy of their vision far, DHG have gone even farther than a band like Enslaved in expanding what it means to be limitless. There is still a molten core of deep soul upheavel and the empty void at the heart of these tracks, but along the way you will encounter near every emotion possible on the human spectrum. Mastodon may get praise for being progressive and trying different things (their new song for Game Of Thrones sounds like a mellow Katatonia number on a big budget), but DHG are REALLY experimenting on a whole other level.

Brilliant passages abound. At the mellow 7 minute semi-ambient mark of “Aphelion Void” you could almost be inside a  Mogwai tune, while “God Protocol Axiom” blasts furiously down the well tracked black metal path to hell before spilling into the River Styx via an emergency brake pulling industrial guitar crunch and the carnivale shouted lines “the devil hides in fractal patterns, beyond the singularity where everything you lost is waiting”. It sets a tone for madcap vertigo and a high bar. The drums tumble and get insanely busy before an almost Cure guitar line, watery and seminal, seduces the ear and carries us through melancholic death rock to disharmonic piano and strings that balk like howling furies, resisting any coherency. It’s like a drunken Bosch orgy on the burning pages of jazz, blackmetal and rock’s most outre fringes.

“Architect Of Darkness” opens with a riff akin to some of the Agonia label’s roster, a dissonant march that will please many fans of the shadows. The vocals all throughout are much more akin to strangled cries or a barking mounteback or the histrionics of Nivek Ogre or Arcturus than, say, “Freezing Moon” Mayhem’s frog vocal or a more shrieking black metal vocal. Vicotnik’s musical compositions are really out there and few bands, save Emptiness or Ephel Duath (r.i.p.) have dared to push themselves this far in recent (or any) years. You might be exhausted by the end of this record but your brain cherry will most certainly be not only popped but downright burst like one of the face hugger eggs in Alien. You’ll be shaking and left sweaty and breathing on the shores of wherever you drift to once the fog clears in the aftermath of the brutally unravelling quarrel of “Blue Moon Duel”. A great succesor to Supervillain Outcast.

DHG release “Aphelion Void” from A Umbra Omega

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Monday, February 16, 2015 at 8:21 AM (PST)


Dødheimsgard, Norway’s premier experimental extremists, are back this year in a much welcome return. Bands like Shining and Blut Aus Nord, Aborym or even Ihsahn have pushed the boundaries of what extreme metal with black metal seeds can be but DHG have a particularly unhinged and evocative brand of musical mastery within their grip.

DHG recently announced details of their fifth album, titled ‘A Umbra Omega’, set for release on March 16th on Peaceville Records, have posted a new track online. The near 15 minute “Aphelion Void” is a thrill ride of crazy vocals beholden to no limits, dissonant and haunting passages, startling instrumental turns and an overall rebellious attitude sure to please the discerning metal fan. Check out this bad motherfucker of a new song  HERE.

This is the band’s first release since 2007′ still buzz worthy Supervillain Outcast. 

Click HERE for artwork for A Umbra Omega.

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White Empress is off to a great start after an amazing beginning in 2014. We released Rise of the Empress Sept. 30th via Peaceville records and it’s been received incredibly well. We’ve spent 2014 establishing our presence as a new band, released 2 music videos, have had tons of press, reviews, interviews, played our first live dates to completely packed houses and that’s only scratching the surface of what is to come for this band! Thank you everyone for welcoming us in 2014, and in 2015 expect only bigger, better and more!! “ – Mary Zimmer

Paul Allender plus Mary Zimmer and ex-members of Coal Chamber and The Awakening made a mark on me this year, as well as many other new fans. The former Cradle Of Filth guitar player has maybe trumped himself with this new group. I interviewed White Empress earlier this late Summer and it has been great to see them exploding more as people gain awareness of their symphonic yet blackened and gothic musical icy reign.

There is already a White Empress Royal Court fan page on Facebook.

Photo by Sweeney Photography

Click HERE and get down to new live vid “The Ecstatic And The Sorrow”. It’s way too awesome, gritty and dark, growling and ethereal plus everyone is darn sexy. Kick ass metal of quality!

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Ex-Cradle Of Filth guitarist Paul Allender has returned to focus full time on White Empress, a symphonic band featuring ex- Coal Chamber and Luna Mortis members (to name drop just two more past bands of members). This, however, is a new beginning. Already creating a storm of fan excitement, the visually striking and musically arresting fury of the group is spreading like a blizzard to blanket the Earth.

We checked in with Paul to find out how he writes those kick ass riffs that made Cradle fans go crazy for so many years, the band’s Pledge music campaign and what goes on in the new frontiers charted by White Empress. Click HERE to read more!

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Katatonia drummer quits

Posted by tyrusrunyan on Friday, April 18, 2014 at 1:00 PM (PST)

katatonia logoSwedish metal band Katatonia’s drummer, Daniel Liljekvist, has announced his departure from the band. Liljekvist has been with the band since 1999 and has left on good terms to “to concentrate on my family and get a normal job that gets the bills paid.”

Daniel Liljekvist stated the following:  “I’ve been thinking about this for the last couple of months and I’ve come to the sad conclusion that i have to leave the band. It’s got nothing to do with ‘difference in views´or any other bullshit. I just cannot combine job, family and commit 100% to Katatonia. Times for musicians are rough and i’ve decided to concentrate on my family and get a normal job that gets the bills paid.

 I’ve had some of the best moments in my life the past 14 odd years together with my favorite people in the world. I’ve been all over the planet with this lot…my second family. Thank you! I’m gonna miss playing with you and I’m gonna miss hanging out with you on the road so much. And I’m gonna miss meeting all the great Katatonia fans all over the world. You know who you are. You are truly amazing! I’m not gonna miss all the freaks and idiots we’ve come across during all the years. You probably don’t know who you are. And I will not miss bad catering, shit beer and banana juice…

This is Daniel, rocking the fuck off! Cheers!”

Katatonia said the following: “We are sad and hollow to see Daniel leave our ranks, but yet his decision has our sincere understanding. Nothing lasts forever and all good things must come to an end sooner or later. Yet it makes it so much more frustrating when it happens for the wrong reasons or before reaching our terminus. Particularly, we can’t pretend the current climate has nothing to do with it, in fact this is undeniably yet another outcome of musicians struggling at the crossroads of today’s ‘scene/industry’. Tragically, this situation forces a member, brother – and our fans favourite long-time drummer – to resign from a band he sacrificed a decade and a half to build. While encouraging this topic to inevitable debate and re-evaluation, we will always be grateful for the years we shared together and we wish Daniel the best of luck in the future. It goes without saying, we part as band members, but certainly remain as friends.
On a further positive note, this will not affect any of the upcoming tour dates. The ‘Dethroned & Uncrowned – Unplugged & Reworked’ tour next month will proceed accordingly and see JP Asplund taking on percussion duties – he was the one who actually played all original percussion on Dead End Kings/Dethroned & Uncrowned albums. Stand-in drummer Daniel Moilanen (Ex-Engel) will perform on the upcoming summer festivals. Let’s welcome our helping hands, have a goodbye toast for Daniel (note that would be 11 sips for him) and keep our eyes on the horizon: new tours coming up in South America and Australia as well as the long awaited 20th anniversary ‘Last Fair Day Gone Night – Live at Koko’ DVD coming out this fall and much more…”

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Autopsy to release “Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves”

Posted by longhairedpoet on Friday, February 21, 2014 at 3:06 PM (PST)


Californian death metal stalwarts Autopsy have announced the release date of their forthcoming seventh studio album Tourniquet, Hacksaws and Graves.

The album will be released in North America on April 29 via Peaceville Records.

Read a comment from the band on the album here.

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Autopsy premiere “Mangled Far Below”

Posted by longhairedpoet on Tuesday, June 18, 2013 at 12:33 PM (PST)

Autopsy Californian death metal masters Autopsy have premiered the song “Mangled Far Below” off of their forthcoming album The Headless Ritual (Peaceville Records) via

Check out “Mangled Far Below” here.

Check out “Arch Cadaver”, a comment from vocalist/drummer Chris Reifert and The Headless Ritual track listing here.

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Darkthrone release “Lesser Men” music video

Posted by GageT on Friday, June 7, 2013 at 7:50 AM (PST)

darkthroneundergroundInfluential black metal headbangers Darkthrone have released the music video for the track “Lesser Men.” The track comes from their fifteenth studio record, The Underground Resistance, which came out back on February 26 via Peaceville. Their latest album showed the band progressing even further in their development through metal genres, displaying a more “classic” metal sound.

Check out the music video here.

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Autopsy offer free “Arch Cadaver” download

Posted by longhairedpoet on Tuesday, June 4, 2013 at 2:27 PM (PST)

Autopsy California death metal masters Autopsy are launching a The Headless Ritual mini-site and with it, offering a free download of the track “Arch Cadaver” off of their upcoming album The Headless Ritual which will be released on July 2 via Peaceville Records.

Head over to The Headless Ritual mini-site to download the new track.

Drummer/vocalist Chris Reifert had this to say of the new album:

“Expect nothing less than the monstrous brutality that Autopsy has been known to offer. Laurels will not be rested upon, trends will not be followed and mercy will not be shown. Mark your calendars for June and pick out a coffin to lie down and die in. Darkness and death await…”

Check out the video stream for “Arch Cadaver” here.

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Katatonia kicks of North American tour with Opeth

Posted by longhairedpoet on Thursday, April 18, 2013 at 3:43 PM (PST)

Photographer Linda √Ökerberg+46 (0) 70 - 755 52 27 Swedish Metallers Katatonia have announced the North American Heritage Tour with Opeth to start on April 18 in Buffalo, NY. The tour is expected to hit 30 cities.

Guitarist Anders Nystrom had this to say about the tour:

“Dear Katatoniaks of North America! You have been blessed to get another round of this truly classic bill together, because today Opeth and Katatonia, two bands who share a longtime friendship and many musical collaborations, are back on the road to cloak you with some true Swedish atmosphere across North America for the next six weeks. We’ve have also added five headlining sideshows that will see Katatonia play a full set. Check out our Facebook ( for daily updates on stage times (as a general rule we’re always on early after doors) and there you’ll also find the ticket links. More and more shows are already added to the sold out list, so we look forward to many fine evenings to come. Let the sunset choir sing again and see ya soon!”

Check out the tour dates here.

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My Dying Bride to release ‘The Manuscript’ this spring

Posted by longhairedpoet on Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 2:25 PM (PST)

My Dying Bride U.K. doom masters, My Dying Bride, are preparing to release a new EP titled The Manuscript, which is a follow up to 2012’s A Map of All Our Failures.

The band had this to say about the upcoming EP:

“Four tales of tragedy, loss and bitter vengeance greet the listener with an added assault on the emotions too, leaving the soul grey and limp. There is beauty here, but it’s carrying a dark blade.”

The Manuscript is expected to drop on May 13th via Peaceville Records.

My Dying Bride is:

Aaron Stainthorpe – Vocals
Andrew Craighan – Guitar
Hamish Glencross – Guitar
Lena Abé – Bass
Shaun MacGowan – Keyboard/Violin

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Autopsy to begin work on new album

Posted by longhairedpoet on Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 12:59 PM (PST)

autopsy2010 Death metal destroyers Autopsy are heading to the studio to track their upcoming album The Headless Ritual. The album is expected to drop via Peaceville Records.

Drummer/vocalist Chris Reifert had this to say on the upcoming album:

“Expect nothing less than the monstrous brutality that Autopsy has been known to offer. Laurels will not be rested upon, trends will not be followed and mercy will not be shown. Mark your calendars for June and pick out a coffin to lie down and die in. Darkness and death await…”

This will be Autopsy’s first album since 2011’s Macabre Eternal.

Autopsy is:

Chris Reifert – drums/vocals
Danny Coralles – guitar
Eric Cutler – guitar
Joe Trevisano – bass

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