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I loved the band SIERRA and am stoked for their fresh start of sorts as WILLOWATER. While the band are currently seeking a drummer, they have completed an EP called Loyal and have a lot of plans for the road ahead of them.

“They’re all leftover Sierra tunes, minus Ultimatum, that we wanted to make sure got completed. Our pandemic project,” Jason Taylor tells me.

Today the band announced via Facebook that Loyal is out Dec 3rd and the first single will be out later this week.


Artwork for the EP is by @10.years.time.


I am loving the art, which sort of gives me Pink Floyd vibes. Really excited to see the wheels start turning for the Willowater machine. Stay tuned!
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Not Harm’s Way like Astroworld being completely negligent to the safety of fans and then Kim Kardashian tweeting about selling make-up before any condolences, but Harm’s Way like one of the heaviest and legit hardcore bands in recent memory having an anniversary/remix edition of a modern classic:

After being out of print for years, we present the deluxe 10 year anniversary edition of Harm’s Way – Isolation. Expanded over two LPs, packaged in a heavy weight tip-on gatefold LP jacket with UV spot varnish, printed inner sleeves and a gatefold insert. Disc One features a re-master of Isolation by Colin Jordan while Disc Two features select tracks remixed & reimagined by Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu, JK Flesh), Andrew Nolan (Intensive Care, The Endless Blockade), Dylan Walker (Full of Hell, Sore Dream) and Petbrick (Igor Cavalera and Wayne Adams).

Get on it! I am especially loving the pulsing, fierce and 75 percent more Godflesh on club acid sounding Justin Broadrick remix of “Breeding Grounds”.


MASTODON have long been one of my favorite bands. I have seen them a number of times and even flew halfway across the country once to catch them play with my friend’s in KYLESA opening. It made me furious and sad today to see Brent today in multiple metal media outlets (with NONE calling him out) quoted using ‘gay’ as a negative word for touring with DISTURBED.

Whatever anyone’s opinion of Disturbed is besides the point. We are NOT gonna be in 2021 and have grown ass men in public normalizing gay as some weak or bad thing. I expected better from them, I really did. And especially it is tacky af since another member just dressed as Halford from Priest for Halloween! That would be rad if another member wasn’t using ‘gay’ as a pejorative.

“mEtAl DoESn’T CaRE AbOUt FeElings”. Cool, then FUCK YOU. I am super sick of this shit as a pansexual human being, let alone metal participant. No one will say shit cuz it is with a band with Pike and everyone will shrug it off. Fuck that, you are supposed to be leaders in the scene. Man the fuck up.

Unless they issue a formal apology I can’t support them anymore…look, I believe in growth and forgiveness and we all have needed it before in life at some point. This shit is just not cool, though. At all. The amount of lack of concern for other’s safety and privilege it takes to shrug that away is revolting. I hope Disturbed honestly say something about it as well.

UPDATE- Brann just hit me up and we spoke at length and he was very apologetic that Brent had used the word that way and didn’t want LGBTQ fans to feel unsafe. He said to me he is going to respond to my comment on their insta and address it to make queer fans feel safer. He definitely listened to me and was very respectful about it, which I appreciated. He also was respectful when I told him I was leaving this article up to advocate for not normalizing it on behalf of the queer metal community. Thank you, Brann. That means a lot. Though it looks like my original comment on their Insta might have been deleted? So I am curious how they will respond. 

I will say I told Brann I know no one wants this to happen when a new album drops but it is right to apologize to lgbtq fans and not be like All That Remains and double down on f–got or gay being cool as a pejorative. Apologizing would make us gay and bi and etc folx feel seen and so I hope the band and label don’t try to just pretend it didn’t happen. 

Sharing only one screenshot below, because I trust Brann but I don’t trust major label gaslighting damage control. The rest of our convo will remain private but he was very receptive and consoling and cool, which I appreciated. Again, I am not trying to cancel the band, rather to make sure this shit stops happening in metal and there is demonstrable growth. 

UPDATE TWO- I guess my comment wasn’t deleted on their Insta but I couldn’t find it for a minute, but Brann responded to it officially. It at least shows the other dudes in band don’t want to think they are green lighting their non lgbtq fans to normalize “GAY” as an insult. That makes a teachable moment. I certainly feel more seen as a result: 


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CULT OF LUNA have announced their new full-length album, The Long Road North, set for release on February 11th, 2022 on Metal Blade Records. The album marks as a follow-up to this years The Raging River EP, and prove that for over two decades, CULT OF LUNA have forged a sound that has grown incomparable to others – ambitious, epic, visceral, and drenched in emotion.

Pre-orders will begin on December 1st, 2021 at:

“The long road north is a long road home. A direction dictated by a call that penetrates rock and echoes through the forest,” states vocalist/guitarist Johannes Persson. “It flows over every lake, accelerated by the wind. When it reaches you, you know it’s time. Time to move forward. You don’t know where it will lead but you put the trust in it. With eyes raised towards the midnight sun it pulls you closer. The road is long and the end is uncertain.”

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Common Humanity or Covidiocracy?

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, November 3, 2021 at 10:47 AM (PST)
I finally watched The Hunt last night cuz couldn’t sleep and I LOVE Betty Gilpin and Hilary Swank. Absolutely loved the movie and thought it was one of the funniest I have seen in a long time as well as a smart send up of many relevant things. The ending twist was great and showed how expectations can be inaccurate and people can also all fall for some falsehoods no matter who they are or make poor decisions or statements under stress.  The low Rotten Tomatoes and critics rating is not a shock, sadly. Because it was actually great. Anyway, I thought it was very sharp about perceptions that distort people from seeing ANY mutual humanity.


As a non-binary AMAB person who takes estradiol and is a progressive, I also am well aware of the concept of “not uniting” with people who might want marginalized people dead, as is commonly voiced when people say we need a new Rainbow Coalition-type revolution to change things for real equity for the poor. Maga and Antifa or BLM have some incompatible fundamental bedfellow beliefs as to what they are comfortable rubbing elbows with, though ironically some of them did come together recently to protest mandates. The problem is, both sides generally see the other as wanting them dead or actually want it instead of growth or healing or no gaslighting from racists. Discussion does not work on everyone and emotional labor can lead to many a wasted effort if someone is a lost cause, but we also can’t give up hope for better communication in the world or it is all over, in any subject.


I almost went into a diabetic coma last year and part of my care since I got out of the hospital clinging to my life force like a blanket is that I need to keep my stress low. It is very hard nowadays as the entire country wants to make terrible generalizations and rip one another into pieces. I try my best to zoom out and forgive unto others and remember everyone has different concerns stressing them out into treating one another badly. I honestly say the Lord’s prayer every day for the whole fuckin’ world. I am really trying to walk a path now of doing less harm and not exploding.


I have people on both sides of the vaccination issue very dear to me, and they are not all republicans. Including on the anti vax side my friend Chaka from Burn/O9mm, including my recent ex-partner of the last 4 years Globelamp who wont get it because she is vegan and Puerto Rican (who were experimented on a lot in history by the US Government)…and yes, I do know Puerto Rico leads in vax rates. That doesn’t mean everyone with that background trusts things. She will never trust those Big Pharma companies that frankly are shit more often than not. I cannot force her to feel comfortable with potential menstrual irregularity, even if it is short term.


I am never going to kick anyone out of my life who decides not to get it for their own reasons and I also am not gonna say they shouldn’t have medical care. We shouldn’t TAX the unvaxxed more and cite medical costs as the reason when we ought to be taxing huge companies and billionaires more who created the environment where we have to even be discussing health care costs needing to supercede people’s individual choice or conditions where we couldn’t all get paid leave through the pandemic until it died off so we could just have waited it out in the first place. Fucking ELON and AMAZON could have bankrolled THAT and we wouldn’t be debating half of this shit and hating one another every day. We certainly could have trimmed our bloated endless wars ‘DeFeNSe BuDgEt’ to allow more people of all stripes to wait things out at home but you aren’t hearing anyone say that (and definitely not the GOP).

I also am gonna ask those people who do not get it as well as those who do to also try to be as safe as possible based on their choice and not parade around making fun of others or being reckless.  Because people do not have to humor you if you downplay risk and cuz end of the day…EVERYONE is afraid of some different facet of this, be it control or agendas or dying or censorship or long covid or any way you slice it. If anti vaxxers weren’t also afraid they wouldn’t care about losing their jobs, so maybe don’t call everyone sheep. Counterproductive af. Just like it is not productive for pro vax people to call every vax hesitant person names. It fucking all sucks. So everyone please stop calling one another commies and nazis and walking dead and all kinds of unhelpful crap.


Please can we also agree and know there needs to be a huge health care overhaul and emphasis on real health in this world? That also doesn’t stop transmission alone. That said, I am immunocompromised and 2x vaxxed but also believe in body autonomy in all aspects of life. Way too easy for that to go off the rails and be used as precedent in the future. And what is killing me is seeing so few people realize no one will ever all agree. We need more mutual solutions.
And I hate seeing people argue STILL that Covid can’t kill anyone unless they are “just fat or old”. So untrue. Cuz that is part of what is killing others.


People who are blaming Dems for mandates in schools also should recall that Trump had all the damn shit forced to close down anyway because of his own piss poor willful denial initial response, which led to thousands and thousands more deaths which could have been prevented, UP TO 80% OF WHICH could have potentially been avoided? 


People can’t try to find common things they can agree on at bare minimum to show compassion and trust build. For example, I was very upset to see France is gonna fucking charge people more to be tested who aren’t jabbed and others get it free. That is coercion, sorry.


I think testing needs to be free worldwide and everyone should be masking regardless of vax status. Testing availability and emphasis should have been way more prominent the entire fucking pandemic and not harder for poor people then or now. It is gatekeeping. While health officials are split on testing use for admission tickets and at jobs for multiple reasons, it certainly could have prevented things getting so bad in the first place. For some people even that is too much.


Libertarians argue often that private free market decisions should be basically akin to God’s law, despite how power accrues that way with no regulation and destroys “choice” anyway. I also am not naive enough to think Government really answers very often to the people. Look at the current quite intentional gridlock in Washington conveniently blocking meaningful economic reform for the poor and voter disenfranchisement. So you essentially have different type mafia states-either capitalism or bought off politicians- with the illusion of participation anyway. That said, we should still participate because any leverage we can get can also matter from the bottom up, especially locally. And sometimes things do get shoved through and good can triumph.


Another thing…Regardless of what one thinks of federal level mandates… private companies have a right to their own decisions and to face the consequences of that for better or worse, whether people are upset that some people lose jobs or whatever the situation. That said, I think as many choices available as possible to allow people to keep their jobs is the way to go. My ex’s step dad is a pilot and has flown countless flights safely and been tested very regularly to high standards and should not have to lose his job if he is careful enough and social distances. Airlines can afford to do shorter term and longer term test varieties on their employees.


Even with the death tolls vastly showing more danger to unvaxxed people, you still can’t pretend one size fits all and that there is never any harmful reactions to it either (regardless of how small that pool is). That said, anti vax people also need to stop downplaying long covid and pretending it is “the same as the flu”. Which can be bad enough, anyway. People also need to be able to ask questions. Treating Eric Clapton, who got vaxxed, as the anti-christ for wanting discussion is not helpful, nor is mocking his son’s death as some “gotcha” sick fucking troll response. I also think it is fair af to critique any artist who advocates for no meaningful safety precautions whatsoever.


But are we saying any kid who raises their hand in class deserves to never be called on? That is what happens on social media when shite algorithms and poor moderation flag or ban way too many things instead of just linking to more data. I am for fact checking and deplatforming actual fascists, not people with genuine questions. Especially since tons of these platforms still don’t do a good job at all policing sexism, hate speech towards lgbtq, racism and any manner of other things more long term dangerous than someone wondering aloud about menstruation changes or mandate ethical questions.


We should have had a much better rollout for testing and emphasis this whole time.  I know many people who have lost loved ones who died of different ages and body types and health levels…and denying that builds anger and resentment. Just like people making tests too expensive in many places for hesitant folx or ANYONE is to me the same as…well, how can I want socialized medicine but argue testing shouldn’t be free?! I want insulin costs for my diabetes down, y’know? Similar principal. I just see both sides of the issue doing things that will backfire on the results they want and it is a shame. Comparing it to Nazi Germany when we have a temporary mandate in some cities is grossly disproportionate and will only make divides stronger, surefire way to get pro vaccine people to say that these measures wouldn’t be needed if other people would take the pandemic seriously (but they also stopped mostly masking themselves, which is hypocritical to me regardless of vax status).


I have been to three events in the last several years and at each I made sure to be as safe as possible and also tested after the one that was indoors where I was briefly unmasked. It can mutate and everyone can transmit it and regardless of vax status and survival rates etc. someone is at risk from that . Someone who is loved. And people are also too cocky, imo.


It ALSO never was gonna inspire more trust when CDC used the July 4th shit to try to make Biden look good but in my opinion rolled back masking way too early for vaxxed only. It was reckless. It gave them an inflated sense of bravado like it was all over, just like I didn’t like how Trump politicized it and was very dishonest throughout the pandemic about a million times. Or how companies making the vax or pushing alternatives are both profiting immensely from lack of transparency of “intellectual data” or just being plain shitty, which does not inspire confidence. Or how the NYHC show in Tompkins that was rightfully controversial had tons of unvaxxed dudes not masking and acting like transmission is a joke or being ableist and contrarian, which also doesn’t help stop jack shit. This time period is causing a lot of pain and stubborn rifts in communication and I think THAT is the biggest lasting danger of all cuz that will fracture everything if it runs unchecked. One love, we need to remember that.


I also don’t think anyone of any belief should ever trust any historical event at face value and regardless of any choice, that is also never a good stance to just automatically believe anything without discourse or to put it past people to run multiple moving parts. So I get people not trusting every book by the cover. That said, I also tell the people who think it might have a chip (it doesn’t) or be eugenics that we don’t need to be chipped because we have phones and secondly that maybe the eugenics plan could be that they are also putting out a mostly safe vaccine but you are being tricked into not getting it and are being eliminated that way, no? If you are gonna dive in the pool consider every scenario, y’know? Because black and hispanic people, for example, are dying a lot from Covid.


Anyway you slice it, this time period fucking sucks. It is breaking my heart.

VENOM PRISON to release ‘Erebos’ in early 2022

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, October 20, 2021 at 9:04 AM (PST)

New VENOM PRISON news? It is about time!

The celebrated extremists have announced plans to release a new full-length titled Erebos on February 4 via Century Media Records. It will surely continue to cement their place as one of the world’s most exciting heavy bands.

“Being able to work with our dear friend Eliran on another piece of art for Venom Prison has been exciting as always. Kantor knows the band perfectly well to capture our music and poetry into a visual masterpiece every single time. ‘Erebos’ was a personal one for both Eliran Kantor and ourselves. This artwork captures the moment a young person dies inside as they are surrounded by horror. In the moment their innocence is lost and desensitization will from now on fuel the repetition of the cycle of violence in their life. This is ‘Erebos’ the one born from chaos,” states Venom Prison.


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King Buffalo’s fourth full-length record, Acheron, will be released on December 3, 2021. The widely-hailed heavy psych outfit will have vinyl and CD preorders available on October 22, via


What will inevitably be known as ‘the cave record,’ Acheron is the second King Buffalo LP of 2021. It follows Spring’s The Burden of Restlessness and finds the Rochester, New York, trio of guitarist/vocalist Sean McVay, bassist Dan Reynolds and drummer Scott Donaldson expanding their sound once again.


Both records – and an intended third in the series to follow in 2022 – were born of the pandemic-era touring shutdown, and The Burden of Restlessness showed that in a grim theme and last-minute daring to hope for something better. Acheron – named for the “river of woe” in Greek mythology – brings the tension and disquiet of the prior offering into a new context.


To put the four extended songs of Acheron to tape, the band traveled three hours east from Rochester to Howe Caverns in NY, recording with trusted engineer Grant Husselman and videographer Adam Antalek – who worked on their Quarantine Sessions early in 2020 – to document a day-long live session in a cave. In the cave. “Underground” in the most literal sense.


It is fitting that Acheron was recorded near water. A stream flowing is audible at various points throughout the album, including at the very start of the opening title-track.


In sound, Acheron is likewise spacious and fluid. Where The Burden of Restlessness was sharper angles, Acheron doesn’t round off those edges as much as add complexity to the shape of the whole. In some ways, the wash of tone in “Zephyr” will be familiar to those who took on 2018’s Longing to Be the Mountain or the band’s 2016 debut, Orion – let alone any of the four EPs they’ve done alone the way – but in “Shadows” and “Cerberus,” the band’s intent becomes clear.


They’re not just isolating songs from a single writing period to frame different sides of their style. They’re telling a story as much about their sonic growth as about that time they loaded all their gear into a cave (no easy feat) and hit record. Acheron pushes forward from The Burden of Restlessness; still just months old received by fans as an immediate album-of-the-year contender. It takes the communion with and contemplation of the organic that’s been so much a part of who King Buffalo were before and uses it to inform who they’ve become, are still becoming.


Because the story isn’t over yet, of course, and whatever King Buffalo bring to the third chapter in this purported trilogy will have its own plot thickening to do. Acheron, with its graceful composition, patient delivery and ownership of its more intense aspects, sees King Buffalo become all the more engaging and less predictable en route to whatever it is that comes next.


Acheron was written by King Buffalo in Rochester, NY at the Main Street Armory in 2021. Produced by King Buffalo, engineered and mixed by Grant Husselman, and mastered by Bernie Matthews. The artwork was created by Ryan T. Hancock with cover fonts by Mike Turzanski and album layout by Scott Donaldson.


Acheron Tracklist: 
1. Acheron
2. Zephyr
3. Shadows
4. Cerberus


King Buffalo is: 
Sean McVay – Guitar, Vocals, & Synth
Dan Reynolds – Bass & Synth
Scott Donaldson – Drums
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Riot readers, listening to Ensiferum’s excellent Two Paths and reading my email and saw that we thankfully have an update on Richie from Judas Priest. He is so talented and just two years younger than me. Glad the dude is on the mend – see below in Richie’s own words:


I’ve always been grateful for the opportunities I’ve been presented with.  I’ve always considered myself THE most fortunate man ever – to be able to play my favourite music – with my favourite band – to my favourite people around the world…

Today just being able to type this to you all is the biggest gift of all…

As I watch footage from the Louder Than Life Festival in Kentucky, I can see in my face the confusion and anguish I was feeling whilst playing ‘Painkiller’ as my aorta ruptured and started to spill blood into my chest cavity….

I was having what my doctor called an aortic aneurysm and complete aortic dissection.

From what I’ve been told by my surgeon, people with this don’t usually make it to the hospital alive…..

I was taken to nearby Rudd Heart & Lung Center and quickly went into what turned out to be a 10 ½ hour emergency open heart surgery.

Five parts of my chest were replaced with mechanical components…..I’m literally made of metal now….

It could have all ended so differently – we only had an hours set that night due to Metallica’s performance after us – and it does cross my mind if it was a full set, would I have played until total collapse…? If it hadn’t happened in such a high adrenaline situation would my body have been able to keep going long enough to reach the hospital…?

The amazing Heart & Lung Center was 4 miles away from the gig site – if it had been further away……..

We can always drive ourselves crazy with these things but I’m still alive thankfully.  Whatever the circumstances, when watching that footage, the truth is, knowing what I know now, I see a dying man…..

I’ve been moved to tears and humbled by friends, family, my fantastic band, crew and management and also you guys sending me videos and messages of love and support during the last week – I thank you all so much and although I have a recovery road ahead of me, as soon as I’m able to get up and running again, you’ll be the first to know and we’ll get back out there delivering the goods for you all….!

One last thing maniacs, this came totally out of the blue for me – no history of a bad heart, no clogged arteries etc…my point is I don’t even have high cholesterol and this could’ve been the end for me.  If you can get yourselves checked – do it for me please……     

Lots of love and see you down the front again soon….


This is from our strong falcon –  he will be flying high again just as soon as he is able….

October 6th, 2021

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Cleveland death enthusiasts 200 STAB WOUNDS have revealed the painstakingly wince inducing gory cover art of their Dr. Giggles approved debut album Slave To The Scalpel.

“Drilling Your Head”, the first single, is as unforgiving as it comes and would click well with fans of Stigmata, Skinless, Obituary and Internal Bleeding (to name a few). So yeah, it is fucking all brutesy, no cutesy.

Maggot Stomp will release Slave To The Scalpel November 12th on CD, cassette, and all digital platforms, with a vinyl edition due in early 2022. Examine preorder options HERE.

Pre Order and check out the first deranged rager HERE.

Slave To The Scalpel Track Listing:
1. Skin Milk
2. Tow Rope Around The Throat
3. Stifling Stew
4. Itty Bitty Pieces
5. Phallic Filth
6. Slave To The Scalpel
7. Drilling Your Head
8. Paths To Carnage
9. Expirated Splatter

Judas Priest postpone tour as Richie has heart issues

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, September 28, 2021 at 6:26 AM (PST)

Fresh off Louder Than Life, metal icons Judas Priest have had to again postpone 50th anniversary celebration touring after Richie Faulkner was hospitalized.

How about instead we all try wishing well a young guy who steals the show every night and who has done his best to keep the band we love fucking rolling full steam ahead for many years now.

Metal Riot has your back, Richie. Sending healing love and firepower to you, buddy.

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In November, New York City true metallers TOWER will release their sophomore studio album, Shock To The System, via Cruz Del Sur Music. The album was recorded this May and June at ArtifactAudio in Ridgewood, New York, with Sasha Stroud serving as co-producer and engineer. The album’s cover was created by Morgan Jesse Lappin.


According to vocalist Sarabeth Linden, half of the music and lyrics for Shock To The System were written during the recent lockdown attributed to the global pandemic. The result is TOWER’s most complete outing to date — a veritable metal call-to-arms that combines the band’s energetic brand of NWOBHM and classic rock into ten anthemic cuts.


“We stayed centered around our established style but took it to new levels in some places,” says Linden. “The heavy parts are heavier than before, the fast parts are faster, the slow parts are slower, and one song is around seven minutes, which we’ve never come close to previously. Musically, there are a lot of firsts on this record.”


TOWER (who are completed by the guitar tandem of James Danzo and Zak Penley and drummer James Jones) only has one previous full-length studio album to their credit, 2016’s self-titled outing. While their 2019 Tomorrow & Yesterday EP featured four songs of rocked-up metal, Shock To The System takes TOWER’s sound to the next level.


“The first album is already five years old!” exclaims Linden. “It seems so long ago now. The songs that are still in the live set, like ‘Flames’, ‘Raceway Rock’ and ‘Elegy’ are still very much in the vein of the new material. The EP was a bit more simple and aggressive, and those elements are on the album, too, but manifest in a different way. In general, we have grown a lot as a band and as individuals. We’ve matured, and it’s reflected in the music.”
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POSSESSED singer Jeff Becerra walks again after 30 years

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Monday, September 20, 2021 at 7:05 AM (PST)

Jeff Becerra, of formative death and thrash metal band Possessed, has walked again thanks to robotic legs for the first time in thirty years since an armed robbery in 1989 left him paralyzed from the chest down. In the decades since, Jeff has performed in a wheelchair and lived life that way.

The Seven Churches, Beyond The Gates and Revelations Of Oblivion main man shared a clip of himself in a medical facility during the personal moment.

Sending horns to Jeff today!

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Mr. Bungle 2021/ photo by King Buzzo

Faith No More and Mr. Bungle have canceled their upcoming performances.

A statement from Mike Patton:

“Sorry to report that due to mental health reasons, I cannot continue with the currently scheduled Faith No More and Mr. Bungle dates.

I have issues that were exacerbated by the pandemic that are challenging me right now. I don’t feel I can give what I should at this point and I am not going to give anything less than 100 percent. I am sorry to our fans and hope to make it up to you soon.

The bands’ support me in this decision and we look forward to working through this in a healthy way.”

– xMP

We want to send love to Mike, the fuckin’ GOAT, at this time. It takes a lot to be that honest about feeling subpar and to put health first. This is one way to stop stigma, to normalize that it is ok to have to sit things out if it might tip you into a spiral. One love and much respect to both bands.

The other members of Faith No More have ALSO issued a statement regarding the band’s tour cancelation:

“To say that we feel shattered by these cancellations would be a complete understatement. It has been a real challenge to return to this music after a 5 year absence, but we have been working hard for a few months now, and these last few rehearsals left no doubt that we were back to top form, which makes this statement very difficult to write.

Coming on almost two years of pandemic and lack of work, it has been heartbreaking to give our crew the news. We consider our crew like family. And then, equally importantly, we are aware of what this means to our fans, who have been patiently supporting us– hoping, as we have, for a break in this frustrating situation. Many folks have taken isolation quite hard, and patiently waited as shows have been postponed time and time again. This will be tough for them.

And yet in spite of all this, we have a family member who needs help. We believe that forging ahead with these dates would have had a profoundly destructive effect on Mike, whose value to us as a brother means more to us than his job as singer. He can count on our 100% support to do what he needs to do to get things right. Just as we also ask for your support right now.

Thank you for continuing to believe in us.”

– Bill, Jon, Mike B. & Roddy”

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Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Friday, September 10, 2021 at 6:01 AM (PST)

Some big news today which will make everyone hold tomorrow slightly less in scorn, as we learn mighty LUDICRA will reunite for NORTHWEST TERROR FEST 2022! The selection of bands thus far was already thrilling, but this puts it way over the fucking top!


NORTHWEST TERROR FEST, the Pacific Northwest’s only destination extreme music festival, announce an exclusive reunion performance from San Francisco black metal band, LUDICRA. The band, who disbanded in 2011, made this statement about their performance:

“We are pleased to announce that Ludicra will be returning to the stage at NWTF 2022. All five of us are looking forward to sharing the stage again and we hope to see you there!”

NORTHWEST TERROR FEST organizers shared the following comment about LUDICRA’s anticipated performance:

“This was a long time coming. We at NWTF have been working toward booking Ludicra since our very first edition back in 2017. A big part of the mission of our festival is to both honor and preserve the tradition of black metal from the United States in general and from the Pacific Northwest specifically – bands like Wolves in the Throne Room and Panopticon. Ludicra absolutely belongs on the Mount Rushmore of USBM. Ten years ago their live shows were the stuff of legend, the kinds of concerts that sent metal’s truest lovers streaming onto comment threads and message boards (remember those?) to say ‘I just saw my new favorite band.’ As it happens, many of the people who fell the most under their spell never had the opportunity to experience their power face to face. Giving these five tremendously talented musicians a reason to return to the stage is an honor and a privilege.”

Earlier this week, NORTHWEST TERROR FEST announced the first round of amazing bands joining in 2022:


The festival will take place over three days – June 30th to July 2nd 2022 – at two of Seattle’s premier venues, Neumos and Barboza, located in Seattle’s historic Capitol Hill neighborhood. For three days, the festival will showcase metal, hardcore punk, and experimental music from almost 40 acts from the underground and beyond.

After two years of forced hibernation due to the global health crisis, NORTHWEST TERROR FEST promises a triumphant return, with double-headlining sets each night. This edition of the festival showcases the diversity of the international extreme music scene with a renewed focus on the best of the Pacific Northwest’s bustling underground metal community.

Mayhem’s famed vocalist Attila Csihar has been on some of my favorite records but I shouldn’t be surprised he is sharing transphobic imagery given he is in a band with noted unapologetic shit troll Hellhammer (who has never walked back “adequately” numerous super fucked up racist or homophobic comments over the years). Sorry you think dressing like an evil tree is somehow more valid than actual gender identity.

The meme he shared is of some chud with a shirt that says- “Transvaccinated- I am not actually vaccinated but I identify as someone who is vaccinated”. Csihar shared it in the context of being detained in Norway because of some quarantine rules and saying it is the New World Order.

First of all, it is a total false equivalency and secondly trans people don’t deserve to be stigmatized by people who don’t understand sex and gender are both a spectrum and that viruses evolve around vaccines if given room to grow.

I believe in giving people a chance to improve in society but it is super discouraging as a trans person to see people just not give a flying fuck about the harm they are causing us. I even ended up defending myself from friends of his in the metal scene like Kim Dylla saying I was bringing my politics into a post and ignoring what her friend Atilla wrote about his situation. WELL…the issue is also that regardless of one’s stance on his “situation” he paired HIS POLITICS with a transphobic as fuck meme, so gaslighting me about it doesn’t change that photo which I can see with my own two eyes.

Even Shane from fucking Napalm Death liked dude’s post. WTAF. I feel like throwing up. I am so fucking bummed out.

And for the transphobic trolls who want to make an “own two eyes” joke here…read this and this and this.

Glad at least Cattle Decapitation and Vile Creature members and a few others besides just me told him the post was shite.

As Emma Watson notes , “Trans people are who they say they are.”

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